MFC Releases Hermes Franca


The Maximum Fighting Championship has terminated the contract of Hermes Franca as a fighter with the organization.

An immediate search is underway to replace Franca who was slated to fight Drew Fickett on Friday, June 10 at MFC 30: Up Close & Personal. Fickett’s new opponent is expected to be announced shortly.

“Mr. Franca’s legal situation is a matter in the hands of law enforcement officials and soon to be going before the courts and because of that there will not be any further comment on those allegations, but I have taken immediate action to indicate that he is no longer going to be part of my organization,” stated MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich.

“We were informed about his arrest and pending trial, and as of 10:30 a.m. MT today, he has been released. These are serious allegations that he is facing and I do not want the Maximum Fighting Championship associated in any way with these matters.”

On top of legal difficulties that were revealed today, Franca twice fought outside of the MFC while under contract with the organization.

“Mr. Franca breached his contract by fighting outside of the organization only 15 days after his bout at MFC 29, and then he fought again six days after that in Brazil and lost,” said Pavelich.

“I find his these actions to be incredibly disrespectful to my company and Mr. Franca is no longer welcome as part of the Maximum Fighting Championship.”

22 Responses to “ MFC Releases Hermes Franca ”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    about time get word on that know it was off when I heard but glad it got taken care of. Now the question is who is taking his place.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Yea Hermes getting knocked out shoulda been his release, now with the legal probs, MFC had to pull the plug and was right choice.

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  3. in the know says:

    all of a sudden Pavelbitch has a conscense? LOL Shut up idiot!

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    You know about all the Hermes stuff, too bad really, he seemed to be getting his career back on track. Now the last 30 days have turned into a disaster.

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  5. Jarrod@WSM says:

    I just read a release on about his legal situation. I wouldn’t want to be associated with him after that either.

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  6. happydaystoday says:

    pavelich has always run the cleanest show anywere

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    How bout “Hermes Killer” Eric Wisely?

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  8. Darren Owen says:

    Hunch confirmed! @happydaystoday

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  9. Just Sayin says:

    Sickening to hear about the Charges. But I find it funny that Pavelich was going to let him fight after breaching his contract an act he calls “disrepectful” to his company. So had Hermes lost to fickett would Pav have come after Hermes for breach much like Roy Jones Jr did against Big Country?

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  10. i_love_beans says:

    good job MFC on the release. Im sure the replacement will be a quality opponent. Maybe a nice young local fighter??? Maybe a past winner of the Edm 2009 fighter of the year??? 2009 perhaps??? Just a though, heres to hoping…

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  11. Mike Davis says:

    I am very interested in who is going replace, hope it is a competitive fight and no slouch.

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    A few ideas to replace Franca…

    -Alonzo Martinez (won 8 of his last 9)
    -Eric Wisely (3 of last 4, recent win over Franca)
    -Mitch Clarke (undefeated, former TFC LW Champ)
    -Junior Assuncao(6 in a row, UFC vet)

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  13. i_love_beans says:

    Assuncao would be cool but very improbable, martinez would be cool as well…I wanna see MC fighting for the title. This guy just knows how to win!!!

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  14. Bobby Karimi says:

    I thought Assuncao moved down to FW.

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  15. i_love_beans says:

    yeah that and his manager isn’t on the best of terms with MFC

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  16. Cody Rempel says:

    Now that you mention it Bobby I remember hearing that both Assuncao brothers were moving down!

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  17. Bobby Karimi says:

    Yea they are

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  18. Robin Black says:

    Mark and Scott and MFC, you handled this extremely well and with a great balance of class and decisiveness

    Nicely done gentlemen and best of luck finding a great replacement..

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  19. happydaystoday says:

    I would love to see Fickett vs Paul Kelly

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  20. Mike Davis says:

    heard rumors of Jamie Varner and Antonio McKee

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  21. Trent says:

    what exactley did Franca allegedly do?

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  22. Cody Rempel says:

    From USA Today (2011, May 19)-

    “Lightweight fighter Hermes Franca was jailed this week on accusations of sex abuse in Oregon.

    Franca, who once fought for a title belt in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, remains in Clackamas County Jail. He was arraigned earlier this week on seven counts of first-degree sexual abuse and two counts of second-degree unlawful sexual penetration, said Greg Warner, chief deputy in the Clackamas County District Attorney’s office.

    The charges stem from actions that occurred between Nov. 30 and Dec. 31, Warner said.”

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