TUF 13: Lesnar vs Dos Santos – Quarterfinals Recap


It’s Quarterfinals time! Today Clay Harvison vs Ramsey Nijem and Chris Cope vs Shamar Bailey will fight.

At the beginning of the show, Shamar is saying he injured his back in training. He also says he wants to choke Chris Cope’s voice box out.

JDS is training Ramsey Nijem who is Team Dos Santos’ best wrestler. Ramsey is Palestinian and he believes that is an advantage as well.

Brian Stann shows up next to give a speech to the fighters. In a different sort of product placement, the US Marines have sent him to discuss the Marines and how similar UFC fighters are to Marines. Lesnar asks him if he brought any applications for his guys to sign up.

Lesnar shows his fighters the whizzer. He feels Clay will need this to defend against Ramsey’s defense just as Carwin did to defend Brock’s first takedown.

Ramsey said he feels sick in the warmup room. Let’s see if that plays a factor.

Clay Harvison vs Ramsey Nijem
R1. Overhand right by Ramsey to start that misses. He then takes Harvison down and gets his back. Hooks in and he looses him up with some punches. He sinks the rear naked and Clay taps.
Ramsey Nijem submits Clay Harvison by Rear Naked Choke

Cope is a big underdog with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Shamar was the number one pick. Once again, Lesnar is teaching Cope the whizzer as Shamar will be going to take him down with a double.

Cope works on his Guillotine in the house with Nordin Asrih, who lost to Shamar in the first fight. They feel Shamar is one dimensional and leaves his head out ready to be Guillotined.

Chris Cope vs Shamar Bailey
R1. Left by Shamar. Big right by Bailey. Cope does not throw while they are standing but merely circles. Bailey shoots and Cope hits him in the head while Bailey tries to take him down. They break and Bailey could not take him down. Bailey pushes Cope against the cage again a couple times but Cope generally lands short strikes while Shamar just pushes until Cope escapes. Cope does not throw when they are apart and Bailey shoots again to no effect. End of round Shamar throws some knees. Top MMA News scores the very close round 10-9 Cope.

R2. Cope starts with some strikes and some are lefts that hurt Shamar. Shamar ducks under a left and lands a body shot. Straight left hurts Shamar who shoots again to little effect. Good combo by Cope lands. Another shot by Bailey is stuffed. Halfway through the round and not a takedown by Shamar. Jab by Bailey lands. Left then right uppercut lands by Bailey but Cope responds with his own. Cope stuffs another shot but ends up with his back against the cage. Jab by Cope and a shot by Bailey is stuffed again and Cope lands a bunch of punches. They break and round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cope.
Chris Cope defeats Shamar Bailey by Unanimous Decision (20-18 x 2)

Junior Dos Santos is upset by the loss but Shamar did not do much except push Cope against the cage. No damage at all.

Next episode: Two more quarterfinals. Davis vs O’Neil and Ferguson vs McGillivray

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