MMA Live 1 Weigh-In Photos


Karo Parisyan

Mike Fischl is in London, Ontario to catch MMA Live 1.  Here are his photos capturing the MMA Live 1 Weigh-ins.

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11 Responses to “ MMA Live 1 Weigh-In Photos ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Karo looks soft…

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Karo never looks ripped. Doesn’t matter, what matters is how he feels mentally.

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  3. i_love_beans says:

    I agree BK, always been soft, hope he’s not soft in the head or he’ll be sleeping.

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  4. harry balls says:

    sorry , soft-ER. I think Ford is going to mangle him.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    I interviewed Karo. great guy. Really passionate.

    Although I really liked him and was moved by his passion, I thought he seemed a bit, uh …distracted.

    And Ryan looked huge and confident.

    There was something really moving about Karo, but I’m calling this one for Ryan in the first couple minutes….

    But I guess you never know….

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  6. Sam says:

    Karo by Kimura!

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    The Heat

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  8. Is this going to be broadcast anywhere? I’ve heard about a 20m tape delay but can’t recall where/what site…

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  9. Just Sayin says:

    Respect to anyone who gets in a cage an or ring with anyone else and fights, but Karo I believe at this point in his career bit off a little more then he can chew. Much respect to Karo as a pioneer of the sport but, If his head isnt right I just pray that he makes it out of the event with everything intact.

    Ford is a bad dude. not the type of guy you want to come off of a long layoff and fight.

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