Chris Clements Banters on Briere, Baczynski, Baroni


Ringside Welterweight champion Chris Clements talks with Top MMA News‘ Don Wilson about a few topics including:

  • Jesse Gross’ controversial loss
  • His disappointment in his scheduled fight with the Unified Welterweight champion Travis Briere
  • A potential Ontario Ringside fight with Seth Baczynski
  • Almost fighting Phil Baroni
  • His team of fighters

5 Responses to “ Chris Clements Banters on Briere, Baczynski, Baroni ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    I like the comments Clements makes about his fight opportunities, smart and forward thinking. Actually has a plan/strategy.
    Not some dude that goes, I’ll fight anyone cuz I’m tough.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:


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  3. chris clements says:

    I have had a few people see this interview and think I am trash talking Briere. I do think I have a better skill set them him. Its not trash talk, its my opinion. I am Not saying anything bad about Travis.
    Travis is a tough guy with a lot of heart… I do not take him lightly. It should be an exciting fight. I know anything can happen this game… I have been doin it a long time. Nobody thought I was goin to take out Goulet and I did. Maybe he took me lightly. I won’t make that mistake with Travis. If I sound disrespectful I was in a bad mood during this interview due to Baroni pulling out on me. That was a fight I was really looking forward to at this point in my career. I have never been one to trash talk any fighter.

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  4. Chris… I found your interview refreshing. You just beat Goulet. You were supposed to fight Garcia and Baroni and instead you are fighting Briere. Its OK to be disappointed and show some emotion. It makes the interview much more interesting. Keep it up!

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  5. chris clements says:

    Just wanted to point out the difference between trash taliking and being honest

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