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The stormy weather was an omen of things to come as a few hundred lucky fans filed into the Club Soda for an evening of action packed fights and that’s exactly what was delivered. Only one fight went the distance: the main event where Blake Nash caused an upset by defeating fan favorite Lenard Terrance.

Rising Star, a promotion looking for promising competitors with under five fights to their name, was in Montreal last night for their third event with six fights scheduled to take place. Seven match-ups were originally scheduled for the evening but there were some last minute changes that were made to the card.

Top MMA News awards:

  • Fight of the Night: Brett Portieous vs Seiji Sugiman-Marangos
  • Submission of the Night: Maxime Fecteau (Armbar)
  • Knockout of the Night: Christ Franck

Lenard “LT” Terrance v.s. Blake Nash
Rd 1: Main fight of the night and LT misses with a right leg kick and grazes Nash with a left head kick. LT throws a jab and Nash answers with an overhand right. Nash pushes forward with a flurry of punches that has LT backing up. LT does a good job of covering up but two uppercuts get through. LT ducks a punch and clinches against the cage but Nash has double underhooks. Nash goes for a trip and winds up in side control. He tries to pass to mount but LT rolls out from under him and they’re back to their feet. Both men are swinging. LT, using great head movement, is bobbing and weaving under Nash’s punches but he eats two knees for his trouble. They tie up against the cage and LT lands a good knee to the body. Kick to the body by Nash followed by overhand right that misses. LT answers with an overhand right of his own that has Nash wheeling backwards. LT gets a single leg takedown against the cage and finishes the round on top.
Top MMA News score the round 10-9 for Terrance

Rd 2: Good right leg kick from Nash and he seems to be the fresher of the two. LT clinches against the cage but Nash uses the wall to bounce off and he gets a right leg trip! Nash falls right into side control and immediately moves into mount position to begin dropping fists and elbows. LT manages to roll out of it and Nash moves back to side control. The fighters are stood up and LT lands a thundering overhand right. Nash answers with an uppercut but misses with a head kick and a spinning backfist. Nash lands the second headkick and the fighters tie up. Nash throws a spinning back kick to the body and LT is still stalking him. LT lands a hard knee to the body as Nash goes for a double leg but LT stuffs it and ends up on top of his opponent. They tie up and eventually are stood back up. Both men are tired and LT pushes forward landing with a left and another good knee to the body. Nash manages to get LT’s back while standing but nothing comes of it and they are separated. Both men are swinging hard. Nash connects with a flurry of punches and a knee to the head. LT answers back with two punches and a knee to the body. Nash gets a takedown against the cage and finishes the round in side control.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Nash

Rd 3: Right hand by Nash. LT looks exhausted but is still moving forward and ties Nash up against the cage. He blocks the knees coming in and gets a single leg takedown into half guard and begins to hammer away with left hands. Nash manages to push off the cage to reverse his position but LT is caught grabbing the cage. In the scramble LT ends up on top in full guard. The fighters are stood up. Nash with an inside leg kick and LT answers with a left hand. Nash pushes forward and is landing some nice combinations. LT gets the single leg against the cage and is working in his opponent’s guard. Nash manages some good strikes from the bottom and they are stood up. Nash turns it up and comes at LT with a flurry of punches and hurts him with some vicious knees to the head from the plum. Nash is working his opponent against the cage with punches and eventually gets him to the ground with an inside leg trip. LT still managing to cover up the shots to the head and they are stood up. Nash puts it all on for the end of the round and is lighting up LT with hook/uppercut combinations and knees against the cage. It goes all the way and the crowd couldn’t be happier! One hell of a fight!
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Nash
Blake Nash defeats Lenard Terrance by Unanimous Decision (29-28 for Blake Nash across the board)

Brett Portieous v.s. Seiji Sugiman-Marangos
Rd 1: Both fighters hit the ground running and the exchanges start early. Both are throwing leg kicks and coming forward with 1-2 combinations trading almost punch for punch. Portieous misses with a straight left hand and Marangos answers with an inside leg kick. Portieous leads with a right hook but is backed up by a nice combination. He lands a good outside leg kick and keeps constant pressure. He’s using his leg kicks nicely and chopping away at Marangos’ front leg. Marangos throws a head kick but it’s blocked. Marangos charges in with combinations but Portieous is countering very effectively with his right hook. Marangos throws an inside leg kick and sets up a nice head kick that lands clean. Portieous throws more leg kicks and is setting up nice combinations. Marangos lands two back to back head kicks that has his opponent egging him on. Marangos connects with a right hand but so does Portieous. What a pace! I’d hate to have to judge this one.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Portieous

Rd 2: Marangos comes out much more aggressive in this round and starts with an inside leg kick. He’s standing his ground and getting the better of the exchanges. He comes forward and lands a good uppercut against the cage. Portieous gets back to the center of the cage. He gets caught but he’s keeping the pressure on. Marangos ties up and lands a good knee to the body against the cage. Good leg kick by Portieous followed by a straight left but Marangos answers back with a right of his own. Marangos uses a combination to set up a beautiful outside leg trip and winds up in Portieous’ half guard. Using punches to soften up his opponent, he moves to mount position but Portieous pushes off the cage to roll out and gets back to his feet! Portieous connects with some right hooks and a straight left. Marangos comes forward with a combination of straight punches and ducks under a hook for a single leg takedown but ends up on the bottom. Portieous lands some good shots but decides to let his opponent back up. Each man lands his fair share of shots by the end of the round and this fight is absolute fireworks.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-10

Rd 3: Marangos staying aggressive and now pressuring Portieous who is doing a good job keeping him at a distance. Marangos ties up against the cage and throws some knees to the legs and some punches to the head. He gets a double leg against the cage and begins reigning down punches. He moves Portieous away from the cage and gets full mount. He begins dropping bombs and vicious elbows. Portieous is blocking a lot of the strikes but he can’t seem to get out of this position. After almost two minutes of punishment the referee makes the right call and stops the fight. Although Portieous was still defending himself and alert he was not improving his position.
Seiji Sugiman-Marangos defeats Brett Portieous via TKO (referee stoppage) at 3:53 of Round 3

Guillaume Vigneau v.s. Todd Stoute
Rd 1: Both fighters throwing out some feelers as they’re looking to find their range. Stoute ducks and comes up with a nice front kick to the face but misses. Vigneau throws a right head kick but Stoute evades and lands a right hand counter. Vigneau backs up and rushes for a double leg but Stoute sees it coming, sprawls and defends. Stoute is working Vigneau over against the cage and landing a few strikes. The fighters break apart and Vigneau lands a beautiful right head kick. Stoute clinches his opponent against the cage once again and connects with a hard left hand overtop that stuns Vigneau followed by some knees to the body. Vigneau gets off the wall and moves to center cage. He throws a nice left inside leg kick and then a right kick to the body but Stoute catches it and takes him down. Vigneau sweeps Stoute and ends up in his guard. Vigneau is working hard but Stoute is doing a good job at controlling his opponent’s wrists and posture.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Todd Stoute

Rd 2: Stiff jab by Stoute. Vigneau charges forward with a straight right but Stoute moves out of the way and the fighters tie up against the cage. Stoute comes over the top with a devastating right elbow that drops Vigneau. He follows up with a series of hammerfists for good measure and the referee stops the fight.
Todd Stoute defeats Guillaume Vigneau via TKO at 0:41 of Round 2

Chris Franck v.s. Emmanuel Crevier
Rd 1: The fighters meet in the middle of the cage and Franck wastes no time sizing up his opponent. He opens with a huge left hand that has Crevier backing up followed by a hard left head kick that is blocked. The fighters tie up against the cage and Franck throws Crevier to the ground. Franck is all over Crevier. He takes his back and begins dropping bombs to the body and to the head which soon has his opponent turtling up. Franck throws a knee to the body reminiscent of GSP/SERRA 2 and the referee stops the fight. It looks like the blow might have been illegal. The crowd holds their breath but the right call is made.
Chris Franck defeats Emmanuel Crevier via TKO at 0:37 of Round 1

Maxime Fecteau v.s Dave Depathie
Rd 1: Fighters exchange early as Fecteau misses with a head kick. He rushes forward with a knee and clinches up with Depathie against the cage. Fecteau throws some more knees from the clinch and takes Depathie down into his half guard. Fecteau using effective striking from the top as he manages to move smoothly into full mount position. Depathie is trying to sit up but Fecteau is controlling well and quickly transitions to an armbar, a few more shots to the head allows him to fully secure it and he gets the tap.
Maxime Fecteau defeats Dave Depathie via armbar at 3:04 of Round 1

Kyle Prepolec v.s. Keven Pellerin
Rd 1: The round starts off aggressively as Pellerin opens with a leg kick and Prepolec misses with a very nice axe kick. Pellerin charges towards Prepolec, gets him against the cage and muscles a takedown into his opponent’s guard. He throws some good elbows and is keeping the pressure on while Prepolec is looking for a triangle. Pellerin stands up and drops an axe kick to the body, à la GSP, and follows up with a good right hand and he’s back into full guard. Prepolec is quick to threaten him with an armbar attempt that he manages to extend fully. It looks tight and like it might be the end of the fight but incredibly Pellerin manages to get free! Great action! Once back on their feet, Pellerin looks a little tired from working for the escape. Prepolec lands a solid right hook and then a left head kick that drops his opponent. Prepolec follows up with some vicious ground and pound which forces the referee to stop the bout.
Kyle Prepolec defeats Keven Pellerin via TKO at 3:36 of Round 1

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