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The atmosphere was electric at last nights Pure Fighting Championships event at the Stockmens Pavillion in Red Deer Alberta. The card was stacked with great fights and even greater finishes. The event was well organized and the fans really got behind the in-ring auctions which raised thousands of dollars for local charities.

Top MMA News awards for the night:

  • Fight of the Night: George Belanger vs. Josh Powell – This was an unforgettable extremely well matched fight. It went to decision, but not for lack of effort to finish by both fighters. In the end, the decision could have went either way.
  • KO of the Night: Sheldon Vogt – From the opening bell it was clear that this fight was going to end violently. Both fighters were throwing and landing huge shots. Allan showed crisper striking technique overall but Sheldon closed the deal with a crushing right hand at the end of the first round.
  • Sub of the Night: Ryan Machan submitted Dave Hulett with a triangle choke from guard midway through the second round. This was a dramatic come from behind victory that had the crowd roaring with excitement. Ryan was getting picked apart by Dave in the stand-up game and was showing significant damage to his lead leg. He was dropped by a stiff left hook but recovered quickly on his back locking in a very slick triangle choke before Dave Hulett knew what hit him.

Here is Cody Bargholz’ PFC 7 play by play:

Jesse Fox vs. Mitch MacPhee
Round 1: Both fighters circle and feel each other out. Mitch lands a crushing body kick. The fighters exchange and Mitch lands a hard leg kick. The fighters clinch in the center with both fighters landing heavy knees. The fighters break and Jesse counters Mitch’s leg kick with a crushing right hand. Mitch catches Jesse’s kick and sweeps him onto his back. After taking a few shots, Mitch gets back up and the fighters resume their stand up war. Mitch is landing a ton of leg kicks but keeps eating Jesse’s counters. Mitch takes Jesse down but is reversed and Jesse finishes the round in guard landing elbows. This is a very close,  extremely action packed round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Jesse Fox

Round 2: Fighters exchange in the middle and Mitch goes back to the leg kick. The fighters clinch and exchange knees. Jesse shoots for a takedown and gets it. Mitch has a really active hips but Jesse is landing elbows from his guard. Mitch almost reverses Jesse but Jesse recovers. Jesse is playing a very disciplined top game and eventually passes to side control. Jesse recovers and attempts a triangle but can’t lock it in. Jesse moves to mount and lands a crushing hammer fist before Mitch recovers guard. Mitch gets back to his feet but Jesse is relentless and takes him down with another double leg.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Jesse Fox

Round 3: Both fighters appear fresh and ready for another fast paced round. Mitch comes in with a furious combination but doesn’t land anything flush. The fighters circle and Mitch lands an inside leg kick. Mitch knows he is behind in this fight and is turning up the pressure on Jesse. Mitch lands another crushing leg kick and follows up with a straight right. Jesse comes back with an inside leg kick of his own. Mitch goes for the leg kick again and Jesse counters with a straight right. Jesse is using a lot of head movement but he is playing it safe this round. Jesse moves in and lands a hard body kick and Mitch comes back with a four punch combination that Jesse avoids. Mitch is stalking Jesse now as the round is coming to a close and landing. Jesse blocks a high kick from Mitch but appears dazed. This was another very close round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Mitch MacPhee
Mitch MacPhee defeats Jesse Fox by Split Decisionn

Allan Munroe vs. Sheldon Vogt
Round 1: The fighters start off the round throwing bombs. Allan lands a leg kick but most of the shots missed. Allan kicks Sheldon in the can and the referee calls time. Fight resumes and Sheldon lands a hard right straight. These fighters are bringing it. Allan comes back with a one two combination. Shelden’s eye is showing damage from that straight right. Both fighters are landing straight hard combinations. Allan is mixing in body kicks as well. Sheldon opens up a cut over Allan’s other eye. Sheldon lands a hard leg kick. Allan returns the favor with two of his own. Sheldon rushes forward but Allan avoids all his punches. With less than ten seconds left in the round, Sheldon lands a crushing right hand which knocks Allan down and out. He lands one more punch on the ground before the referee moves in for the stoppage.
Sheldon Vogt defeats Allan Munroe by TKO at 4:55 of the first round.

James Haddad vs. Curtis Blackmore
Round 1: James shoots directly for a takedown and Curtis defends well. James keeps driving forward and Curtis reverses and gets mount. James rolls and Curtis takes his back and sinks his hooks in. The fighters hand fight while Curtis looks for the rear naked choke. Curtis switches to a body lock and starts cranking James’s neck. James rolls and stands up with Curtis still on his back with a tight body lock. James drops back down and is working to escape but Curtis has him really locked down. Curtis peppers James with short shots to the body while maintaining position. James almost rolls into Curtis’s guard but Curtis recovers position. With three seconds left James turns into Curtis’s guard and finishes the round on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Curtis Blackmore

Round 2: James shoots directly in for a takedown and Curtis defends again. James pins Curtis up against the cage while Curtis pummels for under hooks. The fighters exchange knees and punches to the body before James throws Curtis to the ground and lands in mount! James maintains position and lands a few peppering shots. James starts landing right hands and grinds his elbow into Curtis’ face. Curtis hip escapes to half guard and then guard and starts working for a kimura. With his arm tied up James focuses on control. Curtis gives up on the kimura and James postures up and lands a few right hands. Curtis controls James posture and the referee stands them up with ten seconds left in the round. Both fighters display some flashy spinning back and roundhouse kicks without landing.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 James Haddad

Round 3: Curtis looks exhausted but keeps pressing forward. Curtis spins and James takes his back standing and throws Curtis the ground landing in half mount. James is landing peppering shots with his right hand. James moves to side control and tries to trap Curtis’ hand with his knee. James tries to move to knee on belly but Curtis recovers half guard. James passes again. Curtis is pushing off the cage to escape but is unsuccessful. Curtis attacks the leg but James defends with ease. Curtis attacks James arm but James turns away from the arm bar and again recovers side control. Curtis is landing elbows from the bottom and James is working to improve his position. James secures mount and Curtis struggles to control James posture. James starts throwing bombs from mount but doesn’t land anything significant. Round ends with James in mount.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 James Haddad
James Haddad defeats Curtis Blackmore by Unanimous Decision

Luke Spicer vs. Wyatt MacDonald (canceled to do medical reasons)

George Belanger vs. Josh Powell
Round 1: Fighters move right into the pocket and George starts landing right away. Josh charges in after George throwing hard shots and landing. George fires back. Josh is throwing everything into his punches while George is landing quick economical combinations. Josh pushes George into the cage and secures a takedown. Josh passes into side control but George recovers and stands up. Josh takes George down again and secures his back. Josh sinks in his hooks and starts working for a rear naked choke. George rolls, stands up and shucks off one of Josh’s hooks. Josh drags George back down to the matt. George gets his feet under him and stands up. The fighters break and George lands two hard leg kicks. Josh is looking tired and George is landing at will. Josh shoots again but George defends and pushes Josh against the cage. George is landing hard knees to the body and finishes strong with a damaging flurry in the final seconds of a very close round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 George Belanger

Round 2: Josh is swinging hard but slow and George is landing leg kicks and crisp straight punches. George digs in another really hard leg kick and Josh bull rushes George swinging wide looping punches at George. George is running from Josh but isn’t hurt. Josh gets a trip takedown and moves into George’s guard. George attempts an arm bar but Josh defends and starts landing right hands. George is landing hammer fists and elbows from the bottom and attempts another arm bard. Josh eats a hard up kick and drops back into Josh’s guard. George attempts another close arm bar from the bottom but Josh escapes and winds up in George’s guard again. This was another very close round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Josh Powell

Round 3: Josh looks tired again and George lands a crushing left hook. Josh shoots in for a takedown again. This time George defends. George is landing shots at will. Josh looks out on his feet. Josh is barely standing and George is teeing off. Referee stops the action seconds short of a finish to put in Josh’s mouthgaurd. George is landing anything he wants whenever he wants. Josh shoots in for a takedown and George defends. George is hitting Josh like a bag in the gym. George pushes Josh against the cage and the referees separate the fighters. Josh is so exhausted his hands are on his knees. George moves in and lands another combination. Josh shoots and presses George against the cage. George is landing hammer fists. Josh is pinning George against the cage and George is raining down hammer fists and elbows. Josh is relentlessly pushing George against the cage. The referee separates the fighters and the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 George Belanger
George Belanger defeats Josh Powell by Split Decision

Advin Omic vs. Joel Powell
Round 1: Advin starts off with a crisp leg kick. He tries again and Joel rushes forward throwing a fury of punches. Both fighters are throwing nonstop bombs but Joel is getting better of Advin. Advin keeps throwing and is not going down. Joes continues firing away and Advin covers up with both hands. The referee moves in and stops the fight.
Joel Powell defeats Advin Omic by TKO at 1:04 into the first round

Ryan Machan vs. David Hulett
Round 1: Ryan starts stalking David and David throws a crisp inside leg kick. David is showing really good head movement and is constantly attacking Ryan’s lead leg. Ryan is trying to counter the leg kicks but David keeps slipping his punches. Ryan is moving forward but not landing. The damage to Ryan’s lead leg is starting to show. David moves in and pressures Ryan into the cage. David is landing knees to the body and head. He finishes his combination with a head kick and backs off. Ryan recovers and walks into a side kick to the body. Ryan body locks David and takes him down. Ryan is working to pass David’s guard and moves into side control. David is using the rubber guard to control Ryan’s posture but gives it up. David controls Ryan’s right hand from the bottom and goes for Ryan’s right leg but Ryan frees his hand and finishes the round with three hard rights to David’s face.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 David Hulett

Round 2: The fighters touch gloves. Ryan is moving more defensively but is still eating leg kicks. David lands a hard right hand and charges in on Ryan. Ryan shoots for a single leg. The fighters are down and up instantly. David lands a hard right hand that drops Ryan. Ryan is cut on the top of his head. David lets Ryan stand up. Ryan lands a hard right hand which dazes David. David covers up then lands a left hook of his own to drop Ryan. David follows Ryan down into his guard and Ryan almost immediately sinks in a triangle choke from the bottom.
Ryan Machan submits David Hulett by triangle choke at 2:51 of the second round

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  1. red deer fight fan says:

    Good fights. I think the judging on the first fight was a little off and I think Fox won that fight!!!
    To bad spicer’s fight cancelled was looking forward to seeing him come out on top.

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