Cage Fighting Manitoba 2 Play by Play


Top MMA News was cageside at Cage Fighting Manitoba for the second CFM card. Highlights of the night included Winnipeg’s Academy of Mixed Martial Arts going 3-0 and impressive performances by PFA Lethbridge’s Joe Keesick and the Valhalla MMA’s Adam MacDonald. Lowlight was definitely the Winnipeg crowd which delayed the fights in the cage with fights in the crowd on two occasions.

Top MMA News awards for the night:

  • Fight of the Night – Ian White vs Ryan Boux
  • KO of the Night – Alex Popov for his huge KO over Brandon Hrychshyn
  • Sub of the Night – Mike O’Neill with a Triangle which he transitioned to Arm Bar to coax a Tang Thongpheng tap out.

Here is the night’s play by play.

Mike O’Neill vs Tang Thongpheng
R1. Clinch up and O’Neill slaps a triangle right away on Tang. Tang tries to punch his way out but O’Neill transitions to an arm bar. Thongpheng is forced to tap out.
Mike O’Neill submits Tang Thongpheng by Arm Bar in Round 1, 0:40

Ryan Boux vs Ian White
R1. Shot by Boux right away puts White on his back. White has him tied up pretty well and tries to wall walk. White grabs an arm and is looking to reverse with a kimura. Boux escapes and punches. White turns his back, Boux lands more rights, and White gets back to his feet with Boux on his back. Boux gets his hooks in and is going for the RNC but White arm fights him off, escapes and gets Boux’s back. Position is reversed and White has the RNC attempt. Boux faces White but does not like being full mounted and gives his back again. Back to full mount and Boux tries to escape but doesn’t. Round ends with White punching from back control. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 White.

R2.The two trade but miss wildly. White lands and lands and lands uppercuts, jabs, straights, you name it. The two tumble to the ground with White on top in side control landing the odd left. More lefts and Boux is just in the turtle position when the referee steps in.  Well matched fight.
Ian White defeats Ryan Boux by TKO (GNP) in Round 2, 1:32

Henry Rowsell vs Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz
R1. The two meet. The Iron Pol immediately takes Rowsell down. Takes Rowsell’s back, puts him in a body lock triangle. Rowsell taps to a Rear Naked Choke.
Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz submits Henry Rowsell by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:27
Mariusz calls out Martin Trendota after the fight.

Joe Keesick vs Lee Gaudet
Fighters are announced but no doctor is cage side. Fighters wait in the cage getting cold for over five minutes.  This needs to be addressed by CFM as it happened in CFM 1.   Just do not announce fights until the doctor is cageside.
R1. Right by Keesick at the start followed up by some good knees. Keesick with the Thai plum and feeding Gaudet knees. Hard left by Joe who pushes Goudet against the cage. More knees by Keesick but Gaudet lands a nice body kick, answered with same by Keesick, but Gaudet lands a head kick. The two hit the canvas where Keesick gets top position and punches from full guard. Keesick passes to side and then lands a full mount. Gaudet turns his back after absorbing enough punishment and Keesick goes for the RNC and subs Gaudet.
Joe Keesick submits Lee Gaudet by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:00

Mike Glover vs Louis Fisette
R1. The two trade jabs and Glover lands a right. Leg kick by Fisette and the two trade. Thai plum by Fisette and repeated knees hurt Glover who finally falls to the cage. Fisette in full guard of Glover. Crucifix by Fisette who lands left punches repeatedly. Ref steps in to stop the onslaught.
Louis Fisette defeats Mike Glover by TKO(Strikes) in Round 1, 1:47

A brawl in the crowd delays things for 10 or 15 minutes. Two big Heavyweights tearing it up.  Security, which includes a small woman at least 200 lbs lighter than the combatants, wants no part of breaking it up.

Aaron Shmyr vs Martin Trendota
R1. Leg kick by Trendota and the two hit the ground. North south position and Trendota works his way onto Shmyr’s back. Trendota loosens him up with punches and then goes for the RNC. More punches by Shmyr from back mount. Martin locks on the RNC and forces the tap.
Martin Trendota submits Aaron Shmyr by RNC in Round 1, 1:31
Trendota says Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz is in for trouble when they fight.

Brandon Hrychshyn vs Alex Popov
Popov comes out to the Russian National anthem. Nice touch!
R1. Popov throws hard punches at the start after taking a leg kick from Brandon. Hrychshyn pushes Popov against the cage with underhooks. They break and Hrychshyn lands a punch. Popov throws a left and then a huge right that KOs Hrychshyn. Popov goes to follow up but the ref quickly and correctly steps in and WAMMA goes 3-0.
Alex Popov defeats Brandon Hrychshyn by KO in Round 1, 0:59

Adam MacDonald vs Brad Robinson
During fighter intros, a scuffle breaks out between a girl and a guy. Police break this up right away. Security is not around.
R1. Leg kicks by MacDonald. Right that stuns Robinson. Takedown by MacDonald and he gets to side but Robinson quickly gets back to half. Full mount and Adam is landing rights to body and head and Robinson is bleeding. Robinson tries to buck him off but MacDonald stays heavy. More rights from MacDonald as Robinson goes for an arm. Arm triangle by MacDonald now and Robinson taps out.
Adam MacDonald submits Brad Robinson by Head and Arm Triangle in Round 1, 3:48


9 Responses to “ Cage Fighting Manitoba 2 Play by Play ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Congrats to all the fighters except the ‘heavyweights’ in the crowd.

    All fighters on card should be proud of themselves today.
    The savages in the crowd should be ashamed of themselves.

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Great PBP Keith!

    I found the doctor situation weird here. It is my first time in Winnipeg, but other places I have been have two different doctors rooms, so guys who just fought don’t have to get checked out in the same room post fight. Also, the docs room was a long walk from the cage, a pain for guys who were hurt. I hear this layout is standard for Winnipeg, but a closer doc area and maybe seperate rooms could be an idea for the future

    Louis Fisette was the fighter of the nuight, great entertainment attitude, custom t shirts and a pile of fans. He was something special, can’t wait to see him fight again.

    The fan fights were BS! Stiffer secutity or more police prsence could possibly ward these hooligans off in the future.

    Trendota vs Kziazkiewicz will be a great fight. I like seeing call outs and answers at events. Builds some storyline and excitement for future shows.

    Good times and good show. I am sure they’ll get better from here.

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  3. Fisette says:

    Haha thanks Jamie home town crowd is the best. Always nice to have lots of support

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  4. Bri says:

    Who was the guy with purple hair and shorts?

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  5. Jake says:

    “Big Booty B*tches” FTW!!!

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  6. Jake says:

    Adam MacDonald suffered a broken hand after the fight. He’s in good spirits and looking forward to his next fight. Thanks to Brad Robinson for accepting the fight on short notice and CFM for giving my guys the opportunity. Thanks for the hospitality shown for Yellowknife guys is much appreciated!

    Big ups to WAMMA and Lindsey Hawkes for providing corner for Adam MacDonald. Thanks to MAD for the surprise visit and morale boost before the fights.

    Congratulations to Ian White and Dragon’s Den on their win. Impressive pro debut. Overall, great showing by all fighters who competed! Thanks to Fulltime Fighter for the sponsorship!!!

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  7. Jamie Locke says:

    I saw Adam’s hand after the fight, definitly looked mangled! We heard about his powerful leg kicks before th bout, but they were more than we had bargained for, crazy power!

    Adam did a great job of staying heavy, even when Brad tried to use the cage for leverage, Adam stayed right on top.

    Looking forward to seeing more from Adam for sure.

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  8. BigBoi says:

    A brawl in the crowd delays things for 10 or 15 minutes. Two big Heavyweights tearing it up. Security, which includes a small woman at least 200 lbs lighter than the combatants, wants no part of breaking it up.

    Why are MMA fans such fucking jackasses?

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  9. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m going to have to say,

    beers + watching guys fight + the presence of hot girls = douchbags want to be the tough guy


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