Cage Fighting Manitoba 2 Quick Results


Keith Grienke is attending CFM 2 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Here are the quick results from the event:

Mike O’Neill submits Tang Thongpheng via Arm Bar @ :40 of Rd1

Ian White defeats Ryan Boux via TKO (Strike) @ 1:32 of Rd2

Mariusz Ksiakiewicz submits Henry Rowsell via Rear Naked Choke @ :27 of Rd1

Joe Keesick submits Lee Gaudet via Rear Naked Choke @ 3:00 of Rd1

Louis Fisette defeats Michael Glover via TKO @ 1:47 of Rd1

Martin Trendota submits Aaron Shmyr via Rear Naked Choke @ 1:31 of Rd1

Alex Popov defeats Brandon Hrycyshyn via KO @ :59 of Rd1

Adam MacDonald submits Brad Robinson via Arm Triangle @ 3:28 of Rd1



48 Responses to “ Cage Fighting Manitoba 2 Quick Results ”

  1. Blackout says:

    Shmyr was RNCd? fuck thats crap

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  2. Blackout says:

    details on the glover fight pppl

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  3. Don Wilson says:

    Blackout, the PBP will be up tomorrow… stay tuned

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  4. Kyle Baroni says:

    Wow! 7 of 8 fights finish in 1st round! Sounds like some hungry young fighters going for that win. Right on! Wish I could’ve been back in my hometown of WPG to watch live. I was in Chicago at XFO 39, great action there tonight as well.

    Take care!

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  5. Adam Lorenz says:

    Holy smokes, eight finishes in only 13 minutes of fighting! It often takes longer for eight guys to get finished.

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  6. Adam Lorenz says:

    Whoops one made it to the second round, props to those guys, 18 minutes of fighting.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    18 minutes of fighting is too short. For these starter cards you have to have 12 fights.

    Congrats to all the fighters for competing hard.

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  8. Yes, Robin agreed 12 fights would have been better, But I really had a hard time getting 8 fights on this card. Guys injuries and meds etc…
    One thing to keep in mind also, we use a smaller cage and there is no place to run. As I also remember when you fought for me it ended pretty quick , although it was a great fight!
    Jeff Monson put it best “holy shit no playing angles in this cage!!!”
    The guys came out did their best! I am 100 percent happy with that!!!! Way to go to all the fighters who came down to throw down!!!

    Thanks for the thoughts!

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  9. That last post was Gabe, just to let you know. I’m only the matchmakers wife, lol.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Gabe, I never fought for you, I fought for Tony Condello. I think you worked for him as his web guy or something. I can’t remember what your role was.

    Yes, that fight ended quick but, no, it was not a good fight. I did not perform well at all, and I did not put on a good show. Janz, my opponent looked good. But, due to my poor showing, I would certainly not classify that as a “good fight”.

    I was an inexperienced fighter, with more confidence than skill at the time. And I lost a shitty fight to a good opponent.

    Quick fights at the first level are not “good fights” in the context of top skill and high performance.

    They can often be fights where young guys get to show fire and heart. And I will always be interested in seeing that.

    Congrats to the fighters.

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  11. Fisette says:

    Personally I don’t think you can judge this card on the results. If ppl want to talk shit about these “starter fights” I think they should have at least seen the fights.
    Oh and Roblin Black vs Eric Perez… Hmmm 83 seconds. Were you still not experienced for that fight??

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  12. Fisette says:

    Not trying to be rude, CFM is a good place for young guys to go out and fight. Nothing wrong with short fights between two hungry guys.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Fisette: I was experienced, it just turned out I wasn’t very good.
    And, you may not be trying to be rude, but you are being rude.

    Look man, I think ANY place where young guys can get fights is awesome. I think CFM, and any place like that that gives 0-0 guys and 0-1 guys chances are great.

    Guys need places to fight, and I think its fantastic that new guys have a place to fight in Winnipeg.

    All I’m saying is 99% of the world wants more than 18 mins of action. To that end, a good promoter will take that into account and either have 11 or 12 fights or balance out the top with bigger fights with proven guys.

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  14. Olivia Boldt (CFM) says:

    Could not have said it better myself Fisett. All the fighters on the card put on a great show for us Winnipeg fans. We were proud to have all of you Fighters on our card.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    Gabe is working hard as a promoter and I’m sure he’ll keep making his shows better and better. One area I’m sure he’ll take into account, as a promoter who wants to give good value, is making sure he provides more minutes of action.

    Congrats again to all the fighters.

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  16. Fisette says:

    I didn’t mean it in a rude way, but sometimes fights end quick. Yes more fights would have been better, but you gotta start somewhere.

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Yep, you gotta start somewhere.

    And, when you do whether its as a fighter or a lawyer or a cop or a promoter, the way to get better is to look at what is working, what is good, and work to keep improving that. AND to look hard for areas to improve, and proudly work on that.

    It sounds like it was a good show, and I know everyone involved wants to make the next one even better. If a card is going to focus on young growing guys, more fights would be a great place to start.

    Big congrats on your first win Louis, its an amazing feeling eh? Enjoy it, then keep working hard.

    And congrats to all the fighters. Good luck on your journey.

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  18. Carrie, only the matchmaker’s wife is such a huge understatement. I am sure you, like every other spouse of a promoter/matchmaker, dedicated huge parts of your days planning, working, and supporting this event. Thanks for your efforts.

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  19. Jamie Locke says:

    A quick night for sure. too bad some of the fights didn’t make it into the later rounds.

    In all fairness, I don’t think it was Gabe’s fault, not up to him how long the fights go. And there was some decent quick entertaining finishes. I think he lost one fight prior to as well, wouldn’t have made that much of a difference, but a couple minutes.

    I think CFM needs some better security for their next show, there were some issues in the crowd that I’m not quite used to seeing. I think this was a matter of policing and security, not sure if this was the responsability of the venue or CFM. Gabe definitly recognized the deficiency and got on top of it at the end of the show, which I witnessed. The last thing anyone wants is a couple of hooligans in the crowd ruining things for everyone. I know in Nanaimo they will not serve booze anymore at mma events due to a couple jerk offs scrapping in the stands at a show a few years back. This really hurts attendance, as alot of people want to get a few beers on a Friday or Saturday night, especially at a show.

    Otherwise, think production was great, fighters were all treated well and the venue is sweet. It looks like CFM will be a great starting point for local guys, and hopefully the odd out of towner.

    I’d like to hear what the gate was, it looked like the place was filling out, but I didn’t get the chance to really check it out or surf the crowd.

    Maybe next time, more security, a couple more bouts and less douches in the corwds(at the door douch screening in effect lol).

    I had a good time, now to fly home…I miss my daughter(first time I’ve left her for more than two sleeps since she was born… AND she says DAD now!!!)

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  20. Robin Black says:

    “… AND she says DAD now!!!”

    cool man :)

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  21. Matthew says:

    Edited and Banned and Changed Name

    Keith – This stuff is pissing me off already. Not Big Boi. Same IP as Olivia Boldt (CFM).

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  22. Robin Black says:

    Are you the real Big Boi or a fake?

    BTW I can’t sing worth a shit either.

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  23. Joe Doerksen says:

    Big Boi, settle down. Let’s not go all negative today, trying to get attention. THe sun is shining, let’s all play nice

    Congrats to all the fighters from last night. I’m sure they all gave their best efforts. Fighting isn’t easy, wether the fight is over in a minute or goes the distance.

    I expected Popov to win by sub. Very impressed with the ko victory. It shows he’s becoming well rounded. I think that guy is gonna do very well in the near future.

    Again, congrats to the wamma boys. See you guys in the gym, real soon.

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  24. Just because someone suggests more fights would be a positive change does not mean people should get all bent out of shape. Almost every fan I talked to mentioned having a good time but also said it was a quick night. I would have liked more fights as well.

    Everyone agrees that Winnipeg MMA gyms, fighters, and fans benefit from CFM so lets not get all defensive.

    Popov looked great and never tried to take opponent to the ground. Fisette outclassed a tough Glover. Keesick showed off PFA Muay Thai skills just like Chase Degenhardt did the last time PFA came to Winnipeg. Adam MacDonald surprised me and showed great strength.

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  25. justsayin says:

    Olivia Boldt (CFM) says:

    May 14, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Edited and Banned and Changed Name

    Keith – This stuff is pissing me off already. Not Big Boi. Same IP as Olivia Boldt (CFM).

    Nice to see the BS getting Banned! Good Job.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    So it was Olivia Bolt who posted that? (for confused people, she pretended she was Big Boi and was rather insulting)

    Wow. A certain friend of mine might say ‘Piece of Work’.

    Why does she have CFM next to her name? Is she involved in the show somehow?

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  27. Dean says:

    More fights, longer fights etc. I was impressed at the growth from CFM 1 to last nights show. Although quick, most fights were competitive. I bet it’s hard to match guys at the 1-0, 0-1 1-1 type records. Let’s remember that CFM is NOT the CFC and it seems Gabe is cool with that. Gabe is doing well IMO. 12 fights would be better and I’m hoping he gets there. In the meantime I think the CFM offers great bang for the buck while giving guys the chance to get experience infront of crowds at the pro level. I’ve heard nightmare stories of guys not getting paid, fake 50/50 draws and other bullshit that isn’t going on at Gabes show.
    I think it would be nice to see both CFM and CFC succeed in Wpg and help mma in Canada grow even bigger than it is.

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  28. Ryan Boux says:

    Thanks to everyone who came out to the show, was a great experience for me. Tough loss and def heart breaking after after all the training but congrats to Ian White and all the fighters last night. Thank you to Gabe and Carrie for the oppertunity I hope they will bring me back for the next one.

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  29. Keith, you are right, I’m very dedicated in helping Gabe with our business, we both have the passion and the love of this sport.
    Our promotion is family run and we love it! To see all our hard work come about on that night….I don’t have words. It’s just so awesome to know I had a part to play!
    All the fighters on CFM 2 were so nice and great to deal with! I thank all the fighters and their camps! Regardless of what anyone says on this forum or anywhere else…ALL of you are awesome! I speak for all of the staff at Cage Fighting Manitoba when I say we would have any of you back for our next show!

    Just my thoughts on this whole fights ended too soon…

    Gabe had been working really hard on this card. There were at one time more fights that he was going to put together for this show.
    As all you matchmakers know, and maybe all you haters don’t know, there are allot of revisions, injuries to fighters, and fighters not getting medicals in on time that make it difficult for a matchmaker to have all the fights they wanted to get on the show. As I know Gabe tried to have more fights, just didn’t work out.
    So if you still want to complain about how there wasn’t enough fights and they ended too soon, well…that’s up to you. I guess you just have too much time on your hands and like to complain about stuff you really don’t understand because you weren’t there planning these fights and don’t know the issues that came up, I WAS!

    Thank You!

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  30. Mathew Andrushko says:

    The Name comment made by big boi from olivia boldt ip address was me Mathew! I am staying with her and I didn’t no the alias was taking, and didn’t mean any disrespect to any promotion and promoter, sorry about that

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  31. Robin,
    I started as the web guy true, but after KSOS moved on I was hired under contract as President of Operations and Matchmaker .That whole card you were on was all me… I put all those fights together myself.
    Also Olivia is my sister and works for me at CFM but that was my cuz Matt who posted that as Big Boi, and if you met my cuz Matt he is a “big boy”. He did not know the screen name was taken. After he told me he posted I read it and was lmao. Then I asked him if that was the name he always posted under, thinking it was my own cuz before chewing me out all the time..

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  32. Olivia Boldt (CFM) says:

    Robin I did not insult anyone the comments made by big boi where not mine. I would never dis any promoter or fighter that is not my attitude at all….Sorry for any offence to anyone reading the post made by a fake big boi……It is someone staying wiht me that took the alias and commented. I was at your fight for the ucw Robin and love the sport to much to make bad comments….

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  33. Jake says:

    Any links to photos of the event (weigh-ins & matches)?

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  34. booboo says:


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  35. Jake, stay tuned for pics. We could not get a photog pass but Gabriel Santos said he would send us pics. Nothing yet.

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  36. BigBoi says:

    1. I am whatever you say I am, if I wasn’t then why would I say I am?

    2. Robin lay a beating of Gabriel. If only he fought the way he posts.

    3. Whoever was pretending to be me should eat a big bag of dicks.

    4. Joseph, get back to training.

    5. Hi Gabriel.

    6. I’d say something about the card but Robin basically took all of my good points.

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  37. ^^^The Real BigBoi

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  38. BigBoi says:

    Damn skippy its the real BigBoi. Why in gawd’s name someone would pretend to be me is beyond me. I do like the theories about who I am though.

    I’ve met Joseph, he could probably tell you who I am ;-)

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  39. justsayin says:

    Quinn must be be back in town :)

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  40. Sean Quinn says:

    Quinn is right here. Matt, you need to grow up dude. You knew that was someone else’s name.

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  41. BigBoi says:

    Gawd damn people thinking this interwebs stuff isn’t serious!

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  42. Oh, the interwebs is SUPER serious:

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  43. KayZee says:

    My husband fought on this card, and it was starter fights (not his first fight by any means)… most of the guys on the card have never been in a cage, pro fight or on television for that matter. It doesn’t mean hey haven’t trained everyday, gotten their medicals, blood work and put their pride on the line.
    I give props to anyone who walked into that cage. It takes a lot to just get your ass in there!
    I can only imagin how hard it would be to match guys that have 1 or 2 fights and no video to show how things really went compared to what they remember (amid an adrenaline rush).
    Gabe and the whole CFM organization were very professional, informative and paid very fair for a starter card!
    The main thing is people go to fights for the whole experience, the fights, the walk outs, the hype. The fights were quick but also very entertaining… Which is what the fans paid for… they got it…

    Gabe and Carrie…you kept your fighters happy and entertained your fans… Mission completed.

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  44. Robin Black says:

    Y’know KayZee, you are totally right. Thank you for posting that. It really made me slow down and think.

    Great post. Thanks again.

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  45. George Carlos says:

    KayZee is bang on!! It was a great event none the less and everyone was professional other then a couple of drunk idiots in the crowd causing trouble. I know UFC Toronto had a few fights as well and look how big they are. Live Fights + Beer = Liquid Courage Fighters…LOL!! CFM put on a great event and the people in Winnipeg are lucky to have a promotion like that.

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  46. Thanks to all who get what me and my family are trying to for the sport of MMA and the fans in Winnipeg!! I love the support…. Thank you so much it means alot to us!!!


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  47. LMA Marcus hicks says:

    Gabe every show had to start somewhere. And if ur show is anything like u it will grow & be a topcanadian show. Do ur thing,no matter what no matter how good you do,there will always be haters. IMO u are a class guy & deserve success.

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