TUF 13: Lesnar vs Dos Santos – Episode 7 Recap


Len Bentley is annoyed that he did not get the wild card.  Bentley asks Dana White to fight Ryan McGillivray in the Finale.

Bentley tells everyone that he fought harder than everyone else and deserves the wild card.  Ryan tells Bentley that JDS said that Brock said he knee is not ready.  Bentley says he is not scared of Lesnar and would fight him.  Bentley says that Brock only coaches when the camera is on him and does not give two craps about his team.  Bentley approaches Brock and asks why he did not get the wild card fight.  Brock tells him its because of the knee.

Meanwhile, Brock is regretting picking O’Neil because he is not working hard this week.  They start preparing for the fight and Brock is giving him a bunch of tips. O’Neil says he wishes this is the Brock they got right from the start.

Back at the house, Chris Cope is screaming every morning and waking everyone up.  Shamar Bailey is really pissed off and wants to fight him.

Coaches battle:  Football challenge.  Surprise surprise – Junior Dos Santos  beat the former Minnesota Vikings training camp player.  JDS gave $100 to each opposing player and $500 for each coach, except Brock who gets nothing.

Javier Torres vs Chuck O’Neil
R1. Front kick by Torres answered with a kick by O’Neil. Chuck pushes Torres against the cage. Torres reverses and lands knees. The two break apart and Torres lands a straight left and pushes O’Neil against the cage. The two trade knees and O’Neil gets low blowed. Restart. Spinning back kick by Chuck misses. Left kick by Javier lands. Left by O’Neil lands but Javier answers with a combination. Leg kick by Chuck and a kick to Torres’ midsection. Torres goes for a single but eats some leather. O’Neil lands some more punches at the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Torres.

R2. Leg kick by O’Neil. Straight right by Chuck. Torres tosses O’Neil to the ground and gets his back. Good defense and O’Neil takes Torres down. Half guard and O’Neil goes for a Kimura and also punces Torres’ midsection. O’Neil grabs a D’Arce Choke and Torres taps out.
Chuck O’Neil submits Javier Torres by D’Arce Choke

Quarterfinal matchups. Each team has four fighters left

Clay Harvison vs Ramsey Nijem
Chris Cope vs Shamar Bailey
Chuck O’Neil vs Zach Davis
Ryan McGillivray vs Tony Ferguson

Next episode: Quarterfinals start and Ramsey and Clay fight and then Chris and Shamar.

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