Haggis Basher Recaps Victory


Top MMA News‘ Don Wilson catches up with John ‘Haggis Basher’ Fraser after he defeated Eric Wilson at W1. The win was John’s fifth consecutive and gave John his second title – the first was W1 Featherweight title and the second was the WRECK Bantamweight title.

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  1. HaggisBasher says:

    Thanks for the interview, look forward to seeing
    you at the next show.
    Next interview I think I will wear a hat, the shine of that massive forhead will blind somebody.

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Fraser vs Wilson was a great fight! Fraser is going to do great things no matter who he fights next.

    I also think Eric Wilson will see alot of success in his future, what’s next for him?

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  3. Liz Manley says:

    Basher dominated. Great fight. Great interview.

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  4. Nigel Guerin says:

    I’m a fan!

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  5. Congrats again John on a great fight!

    And Jamie, as for Eric, he will be back soon and better than ever!

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a Wilson vs Wilson (Eric vs Diego)….

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  7. smash says:

    Haggis Basher needs to beat Wooley, Denis, or Hill, then he’ll be for real!

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  8. HaggisBasher says:

    I think beating Thierry Quenville showed that i am for real.

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  9. Gunner says:

    I watched Mr Basher with my own eyes, i to thought he was this mythical creature that is only only heard of jumping from viking ships and pillaging villages but then low and behold i saw him running around a Hilton hotel in a sweaty towel and then proceed to win a belt in a caged dance off with a very very tough dance partner. SO I AM A BELIEVER THAT HE INDEED IS REAL. Congrats John excellent fight was in my books the best duo dance off as far as continued excitment of the night (that i saw)

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  10. HaggisBasher says:

    Thanks Gunner glad you enjoyed the fight, your fight was one of two fights I got to see that night an it was a great battle that definately desrved fight of the night look forward to seeing you fight again.

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  11. justsayin says:

    Hill? Are you serious? Have you seen who Hill has fought? Oh ya I forgot, he is 6-0. That would prove nothing! Denis, Wooley, Delorme would at least be worth watching and would prove something.

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  12. Its time for those guys to focus on ex-WEC vets and not on Canadians.

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  13. justsayin says:

    There goes the Canadian Top Ten list!

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  14. HaggisBasher says:

    I agree keith canadian fighters are not going to get anywhere fighting each other, we need to look at fighting ex-wec/ufc fighters or other international fighters that are getting close to the big show. Need to look at world rankings and see who some of the guys are in the top 20-30 not in the big show yet and look at getting a fight with one of them.

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  15. Rob says:

    I’d like to see Haggis Basher fight Jens Pulver.

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Jens is not in the market for that kinda fight, he’s looking for a few lower level wins then he says goodbye to his fans.

    Pulver deserves that. Great career. Pioneer.

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  17. Rob says:

    Yeah, I guess that makes sense for Jens. Still a big fan of his and I think that’d be a good fight for a Canadian ready to break through to the big time.

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  18. HaggisBasher says:

    Jens would be a great fight I have always been a huge fan. I saw he needed a opponent for his next fight, that would have been a great fight to get.

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  19. PAQUETTE says:

    Both fighters showed great professionalism and experience, sometimes even exchanging laughs between barrage of punches. Great fight to watch, honor to be part of the training! BASHER making statements!

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