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Hey guys,

I have to say it was pretty awesome to have The Score show WRECK MMA live on their site, especially great was that there was some real good fights on the show.  Great debut live showing!!! Hopefully this leads to more and more live shows on both their site and TV channel. Hopefully The Fight Network will have more live TV events as well as some on their website.

  • Let’s start things off with a WARNING!!! I am hearing that the May 28 Toronto CEMMA show may be postponed.  The matchmaker has moved his fighters to fight in Red Deer this week.  Rumours from two sources suggest the card may happen in September.  If you are scheduled to fight on this card, contact the promotion and get the word from them and maybe get on another card like MMA Live or Slammer in the Hammer. Please email if you learn that it is postponed for sure.
  • What’s Aggression’s back up plan if Ryan Ford does not come out of the Karo Parisyan fight unscathed? Big risk.
  • Is Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford training with Adam Zugec and ZUMA for his upcoming fights? It was strange to not see MMA trainer extraordinaire Zugec not in Ford’s corner last fight.
  • Chuck Liddell will be a special guest at “Slammer in the Hammer”.  More Chuck for your MMA buck!
  • I’m hearing Shawn Marchand vs Jeremy Horn at Elite1.
  • What’s up with the MFC and their champs… Healey, Prangley, McKee, and now Lima, WOW!!!
  • Whatever happened to that guy with W-1 tattooed on his chest. SUPER LOLZ!!!
  • Look for The Fight Network to broadcast AFC live in June.
  • Am I the only one that thinks Jason Day (19-11) vs. Francis Carmont (14-7) is kind of a strange fight, like why Carmont???
  • Dan Chambers suffered a broken arm in his big victory over Farmer Brown, OUCH!
  • Is Hermes Franca still fighting for the MFC Lightweight belt??? Hermes Franca just got KOd by some 2-3 guy in Brazil, BRUTAL!!!
  • Speaking of the MFC Lightweight division, is Marcus Davis moving back up from 155lbs to 170lb to fight Pete Spratt on the upcoming MFC card? Why wouldn’t they replace Franca, who just got knocked out by a guy with a losing record, with Marcus Davis to fight Fickett for the Lightweight title?
  • Bourgeouis vs Duguay for the Elite1 Featherweight strap
  • Some strange details coming out on twitter from what I hear… did a computer voice from the future call one of the Aggression owners and not so nicely tell them to change their date? SSSSSTTRRRAAAANNGGEEE!!!
  • So I see that Victor Valimaki is scheduled to be back in action on the upcoming Aggression card, is he going to go by “The Finisher” or “The Matrix”?

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email

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  1. BigBoi says:

    Just about a jaw breaking yawn on this one, sorry.

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  2. I miss Tim Chessell

    Lets bring up some famous MMA org tats and how they worked out for the following.

    John Lober – Pancrase tattoo
    Jason St. Louis – UCC Tattoo
    Tim Chessell – W1 Tattoo

    Anybody have any others?

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Shannon Ritch has both PrideFC and Pancrase logos tattooed on him.

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  4. Dean Panas says:

    Very interesting that the Queen would know about Victor possibly being called “The Finnisher”. When Victor joined TFC he wanted to change from The Matrix. I suggested “The Finnisher” because of his Nationality. I may have figured out who the Gossip Queen is!!!

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  5. Sean Quinn says:

    I can’t believe you guys don’t know who the gossip Queen is. I figured it out a while ago.

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  6. Darren Owen says:

    Rob Bastone has a big tattoo of a sponsor on his back. “Ruined”

    On a side note I’ll pay anyone to get an AFC tattoo on them $100 and if it’s a tramp stamp or face tatt I’ll go up to $150. Ya I know I’m cheap.

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:


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  8. Mike Davis says:

    Davis vs Fickett for title is the only option I see right now and getting someone else for spratt, but could Davis make 155 this short of notice? also if they keep this fight LMAO!

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  9. cody krahn says:

    There’s no controversy going on with Adam z and Ryan, I’m actually training at Zuma right now. You can ask Ford or Zugec why he hasn’t been here, but I know they are still good friends. So you’re just ratllin’ the cage on that one GQ!

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  10. harry balls says:

    “Rob Bastone has a big tattoo of a sponsor on his back. “Ruined””
    Every tramp stamp i see on a chick essentially says that without really saying that…

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  11. BigBoi says:


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  12. Jamie Locke says:

    Rob Bastones wasn’t a tat, just permanent marker. Alot of dudes do that in boxing for their sponsors, just marker their “billboard” on their back…

    Sweet that TFN is going to be doing more live stuff! Props to AFC for getting that coverage!

    Again I should mention, that was a HUGE win for Chambers…. I want to see who’d next for him and if he can throw a decent string together. Of wins that is…

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  13. Dean, didn’t Valimaki debut as “The Finisher” vs Lew Polley and I thought he’s been using that moniker ever since?

    I never pay attention to what name he’s going by, i’m more interested in which Victor shows up each fight.

    Looking forward to his return.

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  14. Dean Panas says:

    I believe I into’d him that way against Lew. We talked about it after and he told me he decided that he didn’t want to use a nickname anymore. I do hope he decides to use it because I think it fits great. I believe his dad Mike is Finnish.

    I talked to Victor about things last week. Like you MAD I feel the vast majority of Victor’s problems in the cage are mental. I think he took the rematch with Desilet way to soon and since then he had not been the same. I really hope we see Victor back and at the top of his game.

    I’ll get an interview with him in the next couple weeks and we’ll talk about how he is doing mentally and physically.

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  15. Jason Porter, VP of CEMMA, states that the Powells are on the CEMMA card and the card is not postponed.

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  16. in the know says:

    heard it was Dave Pevelich who stuck his thumb is GSP’s ass! hahaha you know the story…..

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  17. in the know says:

    this just in,

    Dannita Goulet is the GOSSIP QUEEN! dont deny it.

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  18. in the know says:

    to all future MFC Champs, beware of douche bags! they wil NEVER be a world contender in mma due to Pavelich’s tiny penis syndrome. funny you dont see champs in other org hightailing it to, “inferior competition”. Pavelich your a douche bag fuck off!

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Keith, any new updates from Porter?

    He hired Dave Mair to make him a good card. Mair pulled together a ridiculous overpriced card that NO ONE in Brampton would pay $ to see featuring wrestlers from Texas and guys from Japan and Puerto Rico and stuff.

    Then, after wrecking the card, Mair pulls the guys he manages out the back door AND doesn’t even tell the guy who hired him that he’s quitting on him (after costing him tens of thousands in marketing and start up).

    I only put this stuff out there to save whoever Mair tries to con next from losing his shirt.

    This guy is either filthy dirty or he has no idea what he’s doing or both.

    Either way he’s dangerous to the MMA biz and everyone in it.

    At least, after this fiasco, probably no one will buy his snake oil salesman shtick.

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  20. Robin Black says:

    It just absolutely shocks me that the matchmaker Porter hired flew the coupe (and booked his fighters elsewhere) on Saturday and on Tuesday he hadn’t even told his boss. And left him hanging after costing him lotsa moula.

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  21. Dannita Lacey Goulet says:

    Bwahaha, really?? Well as flattering/funny as I think it is that someone has me in mind as the infamous “Gossip Queen” (Damn near touched cloth at the gym tonight when I was informed). I’m sorry to let you down… I AM NOT Gossip Queen! I’m Dannita Goulet and really??.. why wouldn’t I deny it? being that there’s no truth to it whatsoever. Wait a second though, who in the shampoo is this guy to claim knowledge of factual information that is 150% UNTRUE without so much as a reason to back the false statement? Sorry bud, haven’t cracked the case yet, better get back to the desk and try again. See, I have this little issue with speaking my mind even at the most inopportune times. It gets me in trouble in some cases, but I really and truly much prefer to share my opinion as myself and direct to a persons face when possible. Not hidden behind some internet undercover sleuth persona. In my opinion, I don’t get why this Queen hides behind a handle anyway… knows enough on MMA, why not take credit for what you know and many hours spent in aspect of the sport… at least that’s what I would do…
    Moving Forward…

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  22. justsayin says:

    Conflict of Interest? In this case I think it’s for the good with the site in mind. I’ll leave it at that.

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  23. rob zabot says:

    dont think aggression cares about a back up plan, sell the tickets using fords name then have him pull out, nice real class

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  24. Cody Rempel says:

    Even without Ford, Aggression would have a very solid show!

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