Elite One: High Voltage Play by Play


Casino New Brunswick hosted Elite One: High Voltage in Moncton last night to a sell out crowd of over an estimated 1500 people. The card had three amateur fights and six pro fights including Eric “Butterbean” Esch fighting for the promotion’s World Super Heavyweight title.

  • Knockout of the Night-Dan Fowler
  • Submission of the Night-Jeremy Henry
  • Fight of the Night-Mike Kent vs Alderic Keith

Here is how the card went down:

Eric “Butterbean” Esch (12-8-1) vs. Dean Storey (0-0)
*** for Elite 1 MMA World Super Heavyweight Title

Round 1
The round starts with Storey hitting a jab but Butterbean goes for a jab and misses. Storey tries for a combination but then pushes and gets Butterbean against the cage but Butterbean goes for some body shots in the clinch. Storey gets some hits to the back of head. Storey is also trying to get some knee shots in but Butterbean is blocking them. The fight is still in the clinch when both guys hit with a knee but Storey hits Butterbean in the groin. The ref gives time for Butterbean to recover and it restarts in the center of the cage. Butterbean is finding his stride with the jab so Storey tries for a takedown. Butterbean stuffs it and now has Store in a guillotine. Storey punches the stomach to try and escape and one of the punches hits Butterbean again in the groin. The ref warns Storey as the round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Butterbean

Round 2
Butterbean charges in with two right jabs. Butterbean hits with a punch that knocks Storey down and the ref stops the match.
Eric “Butterbean” Esch wins the fight via TKO at 20 seconds in the 2nd round

Co-Main Event:
Steve Rogers (4-3) vs. Ricky Goodall (6-4)

Round 1
Rogers starts things off with a leg kick and is using some good head movement. Rogers charges for a takedown but Goodall moves to the side gets out of the way. Rogers decides to go back to the leg kicks and connects with a couple so Goodall throws one of his own. Rogers gets a body shot and then Goodall moves in and connects with two punches and then goes for the clinch. In the clinch, Rogers gains some control and pushes Goodall to the cage only for him to move away. Goodall then gets a hold of him sideways and hits Rogers with a knee that sends him down fast and then Goodall gets the rear naked choke in the win. Rogers is down on the floor in pain. It was hard to tell from the angle I was at but Rogers got hit on the groin and neither Goodall or the ref realized what had happened.
Ricky Goodall wins via submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:20 in the 1st round

Alderic Keith (4-0) vs. Mike Kent (3-0)
Round 1
Kent gets a punch to the face after starting the match with a leg kick. Kent pushes him against the cage and is trying for a single leg take down. Kent gets it but loses control and down on the bottom. Keith tries for a choke with one arm on Kent’s head but Kent is working to get out. Keith can’t keep a hold of his head but he throws a big knee in the process where Kent gives up his head again. Keith has one arm on him but Kent pushes him off. Keith gets another knee but Kent throws a punch before hand. Kent tries a takedown but Keith gets his head again with one arm. Keith then turns him around to gain control against the cage. Kent remains calm and goes for a take down but Keith gets another knee to the body. Kent responds to a hit with a elbow. Kent is then able to get him down and get top control. Kent then works on body punches that make a loud impact but Kent gives up his head and Keith turns him over to get top control The fight is back up with Keith landing an elbow but Kent gets a takedown to end the round. Close round but Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Keith

Round 2
Keith starts with kick with Kent getting a punch then tries to push him off. Keith goes back to using his kicks but Kent grabs a leg and is looking for a single leg take down. When Kent is trying for the single leg, Keith gets an elbow on his back. After some work, Kent gets the takedown but gives his head but Kent gets some body punches. Keith gets up and feeds Kent a elbow. Keith switches it around and the fight goes to the the mat with Keith getting elbows to the back and the head. Keith turns him down. Kent tries to sweep and Keith gets his back. Kent reverses it and gets on top to drop some punches. Kent then continues to work his punches to the body to gain full mount. Kent then gets side control Kent tries to get on top and Keith swings at him but hits the fence. Kent pushes him back against the cage. Keith gets a knee then elbow but Kent responds with his own to end the round. Again a close round to call but Top MMA News scores it 10-9 Kent

Round 3
It begins with both missing punches but then Kent gets the takedown. Kent stands up and drops punches from the top. Kent then moves to side control and gets his back trying to gets a rear naked choke. He has his hands around but can’t hold on. Keith tries to switch up but can’t. Kent starts to bide his time for some good punches. Kent is too high on his back and both stand up only to have Kent hold him against the cage. Kent switches and gets Keith’s back. After not much action, the ref stands them up. Kent goes and gets another takedown and pushes his elbows to the face and punches. Kent is now on Keith’s back and tries for a rear naked choke. Kent can’t get it but he keeps him down. He starts with some hammer fists to get a better hold. Kent looks for another rear naked choke but can’t keep a hold of it. Kent ends the round with some fists and another attempt of a rear naked choke. Top MMA news give the round to Kent 10-9
Mike Kent wins by split decision with the announcement saying 29-28, 30-29, 30-28. A close fight but still a little odd scoring by the judges.

Mike Thibideau (2-4) vs. Jeremy Henry (3-3)
Round 1
Both fighters are feeling each other out but both then push the pace with punches, Thibideau gets Henry into the corner but Henry turns back around and breaks it up. Henry pushes him back with some fists and a front kick attempt. Thibideau gets a few hits but Henry gets a big right that hurts him and then he closes in with a few knees. Thibideau does get in to give a body shot. Henry gets a right hand when Thibideau goes for a takedown. Both fighters then swing for the fences. Thibideau then gets him against the cage. Thibideau gets some knees in the clinch but Henry gets him down. Henry gets closer and throws an elbow. He gets another punch and that makes Thibideau woozy. Henry gets more punches and gets Thibideau on the cage. Thibideau pulls him and gets a takedown. Henry almost gets a choke but he stays on top and works some body shots. Thibideau is on top now working some small elbows and punches Thibideau slams him but then Henry gets a side choke in the closing seconds and gets the submission win 1 second before the round ends.
Jeremy Henry wins by Submission (Side Control)

Dan Fowler (2-3) vs. Troy Wilton (1-0)
Round 1
Both fighters are slow to start off but things picks up in flash with Fowler getting the better of the two. Fowler then knocks Wilton out for the win.
Dan Fowler wins via TKO at 52 seconds of the first round

Ryan McHatten vs Shawn Wallace
Round 1
The fight starts with Wallace getting the take down. McHatten is working off his back getting punches to the head while Wallace passes guard. Wallace gets both of them on the feet and gets a judo sweep. Wallace is eating some punches on top but drops a couple of his own. He stands up to see if there is an opening. He is trying to pass guard but no luck. Wallace using some elbows and tries to stand but is still eating punches from McHatten. Wallace moves to side control to get on top. He then gets on McHatten back trying to get a rear naked choke. Wallace lays him down to get some punches to the head to weaken him. Wallace trying to soften him up to get both arms around his neck. McHatten trying to crawl off but Wallace has his legs wrapped around him. He gets the rear naked choke but loses his grip to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wallace

Round 2
McHatten starts with a leg kick while Wallace goes for a front kick. Both start to throw punches with Wallace getting the better of the two. Wallace then pushes him against the cage but McHatten punches to the body. Wallace looks for a single leg take down. He is able to get him down but almost is caught in guillotine. Wallace gets out and work on side control. Wallace trying to turn McHatten to his back but goes back to side control then north south position. McHatten now trying to move around but Wallace gets side control. McHatten still throwing punches off his back. Wallace drops a right and looks to get his back for a rear naked choke. Wallace turns and is on his bottom but secures a triangle choke. He still has it in but can’t tighten it up. McHatten is staying calm and throwing body punches. Ref stops them and stands them back up. Mchatten gets a leg kick but Wallace misses a superman punch but falls on top for a take down to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wallace

Round 3
McHatten starts with a leg kick then goes for at takedown. He is stuffed and after a little work, Wallace gets on top. He uses leverage to slam him down. Wallace looks to get an arm bar but can’t secure it. After another move he gets the arm bar and wins by submission.
Sean Wallace wins the match via Submission (Arm bar) at 1:02 in the 3rd round

Amateur MMA:
Jeff Miller vs Matt Turple (Amateur Lightweight Title)
Round 1
Turple is controlling the center of the cage. Both fighters get a leg kick and Turple gets a good punch to the face. Miller tries a spinning back fist but misses. Both guys swing with some punches connecting. Turple throws a good combination, Miller tries and misses a spinning back fist. Turple charges in and knocks him down and the ref stops the fight but lets it continue. (Rule is apparently both knees have to be on the ground and Miller only has one) Turple goes in with Miller misses another spinning back fist. Miller then misses a leg kick. Turple controls the center of the cage.and charges in for another combination to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Turple

Round 2
Turple continues to control the center of the cage and throw his 1-2 punch combo. He then throws two hard leg kicks then Miller goes for a leg kick and Turple gets another 1-2 punch and another to push him against the cage. Turple then throws another hard leg kick. He then gets a kick to the body and a 1-2 combination. He gets a leg kick and Miller looks to be limping now. Turple continues his 1-2 punch combinations then switches to leg kicks. Turple charges in and goes after him but gets nothing except a leg kick. Miller goes for a leg kick and front kick but can’t see the opening to finish the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Turple

Round 3
Both fighters start with a leg kick. Turple then throws a leg kick and controls the center of the cage. Turple throws a left that sends Miller to the cage but lets him get back up. Miller comes in but Turple continues the punching but Miller gets some in as well. Miller goes and gets a single leg takedown. He goes for top control and tries for north/south but Turple gets up. Turple escapes but gives away centre control. A cut is now under the right eye of Miller. Miller tries for another 1-2 combination but can’t connect. With ten seconds left both fighters swing for a fury to knock each other out. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Turple
All three judges score the bout 30-27 across the board for Mike Turple

Morgan Rhynes vs Joey Durette
Round 1
Both come swinging, punching and kicking then Rhynes takes him down. He is trying to pass guard but looks for a triangle but the ref stands them up. Both go back to slugging at each other but Rhynes pushes him and clinches against the cage. Rhynes is able to get the takedown but still can’t pass guard. Ryhnes looking for some ground and pound while Durette tries to get a submission off his back. Both fighters each get in one knee with Rhynes getting some strikes to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round to Rhynes 10-9

Round 2
Ryhnes goes for a leg kick and falls. Durette goes for stand up but Ryhnes gets on his feet and grabs a takedown. He is trying to pass guard while Durette is trying to secure a submission off his back. Durette loses his hold and throws elbows to the top of the head. Both fighters continue to move on the ground with Ryhnes having control. Both fighters are throwing the odd punch. Ryhnes tries to stand and look for a show but doesn’t see an opening. Ryhnes gets some punches on top to end the round. Top MMA news scores the round for Ryhnes 10-9

Round 3
Ryhnes gets a leg kick to start the round but hits Durette in the groin. After the fight resumes, Ryhnes tries a spinning back kick and lands a few more side kicks, Durette pushes in with both getting some punches in. Ryhnes then gets the clinch and drops some knees. Durette tries for a take down but Ryhnes sweeps and gets top control. Ryhnes is on top trying to pass guard and is throwing punches to the body. Ryhnes stands up and waits, tries for a leg kick and misses, He throws another but Durette pins him against the cage. Ryhnes gets the reverse and pushes him down. He gets on top and is working the mid section for some ground and pound. Ryhnes stand on top for a few more punches to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round for Ryhmnes 10-9
Morgan Ryhnes wins the fight via decision 30-27 across the board.

Matt Amos vs Darcy McKenna
Round 1
Amos charges in but Mckenna gets him against the cage and both are in a clinch. Amos gets him against the cage but lets him off but not before a body shot. After, the two scramble to the ground but both go back to the clinch with McKenna in control. Amos getting the under hooks. Amos tries for a takedown but gets thrown off. Amos gets the cage and McKenna gets a reverse where both are getting shots in. Both getting body shots. Both fighters explode with punches. Leg kick by Amos. McKenna gets anther knee shot. Round ends in the clinches with both guys working the body. Top MMA News gives the round 10-9 McKenna

Round 2
Amos goes with leg kicks to start off but Mckenna gets some punches in before Amos tries for a takedown. McKenna pushes him against the cage and gets the clinch. He lets go and both guys get shots before McKenna pushes in the corner. McKenna tries for a body shot but he goes back in the clinch. Amos looks for a takedown and he reverses the position to get back back until the ref breaks it up. Amos goes for shot but Mckenna goes for a clinch and gets the takedown. Amos tries to get up but McKenna keeps him down with McKenna trying to pass guard. McKenna gets on top for some ground and pound to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 McKenna.

Round 3
McKenna gets control of centre of the cage. Both fighters decide to go for the clinch. Amos goes for a takedown but is stuffed. McKenna is using some dirty boxing and stuffs Amos against the cage. Mckenna sweeps the leg to get the takedown, he passes guard and goes for ground and pound to end the fight.
McKenna wins the fight via TKO (ground and pound) at 1:56 in round 3.

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  1. mike Kent says:

    Great great night of fights ! Elite put on a great show as always. They treat all the fighters great !

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  2. Congrats Mike.

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  3. BigBoi says:

    Sounds like some great fights excluding the embarassment of a main event.

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