WRECK MMA: Unstoppable Play by Play


Another great night of fights for the ravenous Ottawa/Gatineau fans. Oddly, the casino was only about 3/4 full with approximately 900 people showing support to the local fight promotion. As always with Wreck MMA, charity was in full force tonight with Wreck donating the proceeds from their VIP seats to the Ryan Williams Fund. Also, Wreck MMA President Nick Castiglia makes a surprise return to the ring tonight and his fight purse will also be donated to the featured charity. Last, but certainly not least, the always game Paul Ebejer returns to the ring and will donate his fight purse to the family of Kearn Nedd, the MMA fighter who was gunned down recently while trying to stop an armed robber.

  • Fight of the Night honors goes to Nathan Gunn and Lindsay Hawkes for their exciting tilt, and a honorable mention to Dan Chambers and Craig Brown who put on an exciting 5 minute affair that was back and fourth from the get go.
  • KO of the Night goes to Mike Sledzion for his Nelmarkesque KO of the ever tough Marc Levbvre.
  • Submission of the Night goes to Segej Juskevic for his beautiful heel hook finish of UFC veteran Gideon Ray.

Eric Wilson vs. John Fraser
Rd1: Fraser quickly catches Wilson with a right hook that drops him. Fraser goes to pounce on him but Wilson attacks his leg and Fraser retreats. Fraser again catches a slow moving Wilson with two more overhands. Wilson is not circling and is making himself an easy target for Fraser. Fraser traps Wilson against the cage and easily brings the fight to the mat. Fraser works some punches from half guard. Wilson is able to grab a leg and lays back to try and finish it off. Fraser escapes danger so Wilson uses the advantage to gain top position. Fraser quickly grabs an arm but can’t lock it in. Wilson backs off and comes back in only to get caught in a triangle attempt from Fraser.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Fraser

Rd2: Once again Wilson does not circle and creates an easy target for Fraser. Fraser looks for the knee against the fence and Wilson catches it. Wilson fights for the takedown but can’t finish. Wilson goes to deliver a kick and Fraser catches it and is able to put Wilson on his back. Fraser lands in north south position and lands some knees to Wilson’s shoulders. Fraser looks for the kimura but Wilson is able to defend. Wilson regains half guard but Fraser lands some gruesome elbows from the top. Wilson is able to hook Fraser’s leg from half guard. Wilson extends and both men drop back looking for the ankle lock or heel hook. A leg battle ensues until the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Fraser

Rd3: Fraser comes out like a man possessed, misses a spinning back fist but backs Wilson into the corner with a barrage of strikes. Wilson quickly latches on a leg and puts Fraser on his back. Wilson looks for the leg again but Fraser reverses and winds up on top. Fraser takes mount then transitions to a a north south choke that forces Wilson to tap.
Fraser submits Wilson via North South Choke@ 1:30 of Rd3
***Fraser captures the vacant Wreck MMA Bantamweight Title***

Brad Cardinal vs. Jesse Gross
Rd1: Gross takes centre ring with Cardinal circling around. Gross lands a nice leg kick and Cardinal shoots in for the takedown. Gross’ balance is amazing and fights off the attempts. Gross lands a big overhand and body shot combo. Cardinal retaliates with a leg kick. Gross lands the double leg but gets caught in a triangle attempt. Gross quickly slams himself out. Cardinal lands a jab that bloodies up Gross. Gross comes back with a solid 3 punch combo that stings Cardinal. Gross is doing a great job cutting off the cage from Cardinal, when Cardinal advances he eats leg kicks and hooks. The round comes to an end as Gross lands another overhand.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gross

Rd2: Cardinal using his reach to keep Gross at bay with kicks and jabs. Gross doing a great job of standing in the pocket and landing combos. Both men exchanging at centre ring, Gross using a jab to the body to set up over hands and head kicks. Gross continues to cut off the ring from Cardinal landing solid leg kicks and punches. A big over hand puts Cardinal on his butt. Gross lets him stand back up and continues the assault. Cardinal’s jab has bloodied up Gross’ eye but Gross continues to be the aggressor. Gross really starts cutting down with leg kicks that seem to be taking their toll on the BDB fighter.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gross

Rd3: Gross stumbles at the start so the match is halted so they can clean the ring. The match is restarted and Gross catches a Cardinal kick. Cardinal lands a clean jab and hook that wobbles Gross to the mat, Cardinal jumps onto Gross and lands a few shots. He goes for a Rear Naked with no hooks on and the ref jumps in and calls the fight. Gross and fight fans are disgusted by the stoppage. In fairness, Gross looks a little glassed eyed but was not unconscious. After the post fight interviews, Wreck MMA president takes the mic and tells all the fans that he will take a look at the tape and if he deems the ending controversial, he will offer an immediate rematch at Wreck next event.
Cardinal defeats Gross via TKO (GNP) @ :30 of Rd3
***Cardinal becomes the inaugural Wreck MMA Lightweight Champion***

Markhaile Wedderburn vs. Nabil Khatib
Rd1: Wedderburn starts off using strong leg kicks on Khatib’s lead leg. Khatib commits to an overhand and is knocked backwards into the cage by a Wedderburn 2 punch combo. Wedderburn lands a powerful left hook that connects on Khatib’s chin. Khatib falls back against the cage and Wedderburn swarms with punches. Wedderburn takes his back and locks in the RNC, but Khatib is able to fight through it and make it back to his feet. Wedderburn connects on Khatib’s chin again and Khatib just barely grabs a leg to keep from falling face first. Wedderburn follows him to the mat and looks for some GNP. Khatib throws up his legs and attempts a triangle but Wedderburn slams out of it to close off the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wedderburn

Rd2: Khatib comes right out and looks for the takedown and secures the double leg. Khatib pushes him up against the fence and works some strikes from top position. Wedderburn turns and gives up his back. Khatib accepts the invite and takes the back, locks in the hooks and proceeds to rain down the punishment until the ref comes in for the stoppage.
Khatib defeats Wedderburn via TKO (GnP) @ 2:32 of Rd2

Gideon Ray vs. Sergey Juskevic
Rd1: Juskevic attempts an early head kick that is blocked by Ray. Ray attempts a back kick but Juskevic charges in and brings the fight to the mat. Juskevic stands to deliver some punishment and Ray throws his legs up. Juskevic sees the meaty morsel, grabs a leg and falls to his back. Juskevic quickly cinches in the heel hook, rolls and has Ray tapping.
Juskevic submits Ray via Heel Hook @ 1:30 of Rd1

Dan Chambers vs. Craig Brown
Rd1: Chambers starts things off with a leg kick and a nice flurry that catches Brown off guard. Brown shakes it off and is able to pressure Chambers against the fence and unleash a barrage of knees to his thighs. Chambers reverses position and hits Brown with some solid punches. Brown again works through it and puts the fight back against the cage. Brown unleashes a flurry of his own and trips Chambers to the mat. Brown passes to half guard and starts to land with elbows and punches. Brown passes to side control and starts unloading again. Chambers turns to avoid damage and tries to make it back to his feet. Brown throws Chambers back to the mat and continues the punishment. Chambers reverses and puts Brown on the canvas. Chambers unloads with vicious back hands and punches that go unanswered and the ref is forced to call a halt to the action.
Chambers defeats Brown via TKO (GNP) @ 4:54 of Rd1

Mike Sledzion vs. Marc Lefebvre
Rd1: Both men exchange head shots and Lefebvre shoots in. Lefebvre can’t finish the take down and the fighters are against the cage. Sledzion reverses position and lands a big hook that drops an unconscious Lefebvre to his knees. Sledzion is able to land two unanswered blows before the ref can make it in and stop the fight.
Sledzion defeats Lefebvre via KO @ :35 of Rd1

Lindsey Hawkes vs Nathan Gunn
Rd1: Gunn comes out looking for the quick finish and catches Hawkes with a big right. Hawkes drops to the canvas. Hawks resilient as ever regains his composure and accepts Gunn into his guard. Gunn passes to side control and dishes out even more damage to Hawkes. The fight is stood up and Gunn immediatley pushes Hawkes against the cage. Gunn is able to get the takedown but Hawkes has a deep guillotine sunk in. Gunn guts it out and is able to pop his head out. Gunn works on top position for the remainder of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gunn

Rd2: The round starts off with a vicious exchange between both fighters. Once again, Gunn pushes Hawkes against the cage and gets the takedown. Hawkes does a good job keeping Gunn close and not taking any damage. Again the fight is stood up to check on Hawkes wound under his eye. The doctor takes a look and the fight is quickly called. The always game Hawkes is unhappy with the doctors decision.
Gunn defeats Hawkes via TKO (cut stoppage) @ 2:08 of Rd2

Randy Turner vs. Rich Chau
Rd1: Turner comes out like a mad man and takes Chau right to the mat. Turner takes side control and unleashes some big elbows and knees to the body. Chau attempts to reverse by kicking off the cage but Turner holds top position and even takes mount. Turner starts hammering down the fists. The ref jumps in and halts the assault.
Turner defeats Chau via TKO (GNP) @ 3:28 of Rd1

Chris St-Jean vs Kenneth McLeod
Rd1: Both men exchange at centre ring and St-Jean shoots in. St-Jean puts McLeod against the cage and takes him down to the mat. St-Jean quickly takes the back and locks in the rear naked for the finish.
St-Jean submits McLeod via Rear Naked Choke @ 1:19 of Rd1

Paul Ebejer vs. Cedric Grenon
Rd1: The two men square off at centre ring and Grenon quickly shoots in for the takedown. Grenon quickly passes to mount and unleashes a mixture of punches and elbows. Ebejer turns to avoid the onslaught and Grenon sinks in the RNC for the submission win.
Grenon submits Ebejer via Rear Naked Choke @ :40 of Rd1

Paul Cressaty vs. Nick Castiglia
Rd1: Castiglia runs right across the ring and body locks Cressaty. Castiglia drags Cressaty to the canvas and passes to mount. Castiglia starts to rain down some GnP and Cressaty wants out of their quick and taps out due to strikes. Quick note: Castiglia donates his entire purse to the Ryan Williams Fund.
Castiglia defeats Cressaty via TKO (GnP) @ 1:20 of Rd1

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  2. harry balls says:

    Like a chiseled bronze Adonis….

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  3. Vanilla Gorilla says:

    I would like to know what Ebejer’s fight purse looks like. 500$? Not to shabby for never more than 1:45 seconds a fight.

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  4. Fight Guy says:

    Why would they keep on bringing Ebejer back? He’s fought 4 times in a row for Wreck MMA and rolled over each time, totally lacklustre fights. Don’t most organizations cut guys like that? Or is he being told to lose and not put up any kind of fight?

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  5. harry balls says:

    Btw i still need a link/site for a donation to Nedd’s fam.

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  6. Gunner says:

    On behalf of myself, my coach Matt Richer and my good little buddy Matt Veal i would like to just say how impressed we were with the whole trip.
    Wreck MMA ( Nick, Alex, Khris, Khris’s Dad and all the rest involved) were absolutly amazing from driving us anywhere we needed to get to for food or anything to making sure at the resort we got everything we needed. The show was put together great and everything came together very smooth.
    It was also great meeting lots of the fansd out east from gatineau, ottawa, toronto area.

    Had a blast having breakfast ceasars with Mr Black, Mr Crawford, Mr Ronallo, Mr Capporicci and Mr Fyfe. (Well me and Robin did those ceasars harm anyway)

    Cannot wait to be back down that way with Wreck again keep up the great work

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