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Mike Fischl was cageside at WRECK MMA documenting the event with photographs. Here are all the fight photos from the event:

WRECK Unstoppable - Eric Wilson vs John Fraser

John Fraser submits Eric Wilson via North-South Choke @1:30 of Rd3 *** John Fraser becomes WRECK MMA inaugural Bantamweight Champion

WRECK Unstoppable - Nabil Khatib vs Markhaile Wedderburn

Nabil Khatib defeats Markhaile Wedderburn via TKO (GnP) @ 2:32 of Rd2

WRECK Unstoppable - Brad Cardinal vs Jesse Gross

Brad Cardinal defeats Jesse Gross via TKO (GnP) @ :30 of Rd3 ***Cardinal becomes Wreck MMA inaugural Lightweight Champion

WRECK Unstoppable - Sergey Juskevic vs Gideon Ray

Sergey Juskevic submits Gideon Ray by Heel Hook via 1:30 of Rd1

WRECK Unstoppable - Dan Chambers vs Craig Brown

Dan Chambers defeats Craig Brown via TKO (GNP) @ 4:54 of Rd1

WRECK Unstoppable - Mike Sledzion vs Marc Lefebvre

Mike Sledzion defeats Marc Lefebvre via KO @ :35 of Rd1

WRECK Unstoppable - Randy Turner vs Rich Chau

Randy Turner defeats Rich Chau via TKO (GNP) @ 3:28 of Rd1

WRECK Unstoppable - Nathan Gunn vs Lindsey Hawkes

Nathan Gunn defeats Lindsey Hawkes via TKO (stoppage due to cut) @ 2:08 of Rd2

WRECK Unstoppable - Chris St-Jean vs Kenneth McLeod

Chris St-Jean submits Kenneth McLeod via Rear Naked Choke @ 1:19 of Rd1

WRECK Unstoppable - Cedric Grenon vs Paul Ebejer

Cedric Grenon submits Paul Ebejer via Rear Naked Choke @ :40 of Rd1

WRECK Unstoppable - Nick Castiglia vs Paul Cressaty

Nick Castiglia defeats Paul Cressaty via TKO (GnP) @ 1:20 of Rd1

WRECK Unstoppable - Ring Girls

Girls of WRECK

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  1. OttawaMMA says:

    Ok, so you have the ring girl photos up, where are the Khatib-Wedderburn ones?

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  2. OttawaMMA, thanks for letting me know as I overlooked putting those up.

    Khatib vs Wedderburn gallery is now up.

    Great pics by Mike Fischl.

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