Unified MMA 8: Recap


Top MMA News was live at cageside as Unified MMA held their 8th event in front of a sold out crowd at the Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta tonight. With only one of the fights going the distance, there was something for everyone with TKO’s and Submissions galore.

Top MMA News Awards:
Fight of the Night: Craig Shintani vs. Neil Doty – The two debut fighters went toe-to-toe in a crowd pleasing slug fest to open the show with Doty pulling off the come from behind victory.
Knockout of the Night: Mike Hofer for his Ground and Pound victory from the mounted triangle position.
Submission of the Night: Chris Kizuik for his tenacious pursuit of the rear naked choke which was being defended well by Hodgson before Kizuik was finally able to slip the arm under the chin to force the tap out.

Chase Maxwell vs. Daylon Erickson
Round 1: The two welterweights clash with leg kicks and Maxwell looks for a single leg, landing in side control. Daylon attempts to push off the cage but Maxwell stays heavy on him. Erickson scrambles and Maxwell ends up in north/south and transitions to side control. Erickson gets back to half guard and then to full guard. Maxwell moves back to north/south and lands elbows to the body. Erickson replaces his half guard and gets to side control as the round comes to a close. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Maxwell

Round 2: Erickson lands a front kick to the face of Maxwell followed by a leg kick. Maxwell responds with a kick to the body and follows up with a take down to side control. Erickson takes the back but Maxwell shucks him off and secures side control. Maxwell passes to full mount and locks on an arm triangle and forces Erickson to tap out.
Chase Maxwell defeats Daylon Erickson via Submission (Arm Triangle) in Round 2, 3:33

Tim Smith vs. Sean Merkl
Smith shoots in for a double leg take down and passes right to full mount. Merkl is able to replace half guard but Smith lands hammer fists which prompt Merkl to give up his back. Smith lands more big shots before sinking in the rear naked choke inducing the fight ending tap out.
Tim Smith defeats Sean Merkl via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1, 1:11

Mike Hodgson vs. Chris Kizuik
Big kick lands by Hodgson and Kizuik responds with one of his own that misses the mark. Hodgson lands a head kick and Kizuik catches his leg and dumps him to the ground. Kizuik’s nose is bloodied and he transitions to the back, looking for a rear naked choke. Kizuik locks on a body triangle and works the body while trying to cinch the choke attempt. Hodgson is able to defend the choke while Kizuik continues to soften him up with body shots. Kizuik is finally able to slip the arm under the chin and forces Hodgson to tap out.
Chris Kizuik defeats Mike Hodgson via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1, 3:28

Denny Houle vs. Jason Rorick
Rorick rushes in looking for a take down but Houle sidesteps him and tosses him to the mat. Houle jumps on top and drops thunderous punches until referee John Braak is forced to step in and rescue Rorick from any further punishment. Post fight, Rorick appears to have dislocated his shoulder.
Denny Houle defeats Jason Rorick via TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:16

Mike Wurz vs. Eric Tevely
Round 1: Wurz lands a kick to the body and Tevely responds with a combo. Wurz ducks under and secures a big double leg take down landing in side control against the cage. Tevely is able to get to half guard briefly before getting to his feet against the cage. Wurz looks for another take down but Tevely fends him off. Wurz is finally able to secure the double leg to half guard and pounds the body. Wurz lands short elbows and Tevely regains full guard. Tevely locks on a triangle attempt and lands shots from the bottom. Wurz pulls his head free and ends the round in side control. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Wurz

Round 2: Wurz secures a single leg to half guard to open the second round and lands shots to the body but is unable to land anything significant prompting referee Kyle Cardinal to stand them up. Wurz again drags Tevely down with another double leg. Wurz goes body, body, head and Tevely responds with some shots from the bottom. Wurz continues to work the body as Tevely lands more shots from the bottom. Cardinal agains stands them up when stalemate ensues. Wurz again secures a double leg takedown and rides out the remainder of the round in side control. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Wurz

Round 3: Both men trade a flurry of punches before Wurz continues to take Tevely down at will, landing in half guard. Wurz lands body shots before Tevely puts him back into his guard. Wurz moves to north/south position and then to side control. As Wurz stand up out of the guard, Tevely conncects with an illeagal upkick that prompts Cardinal to pause the action a deduct a point from Tevely. On the restart Wurz secures another double leg to half guard. Wurz stands up and lands a pair of leg kicks on his downed opponent before dropping back down into his guard. Cardinal again stands them up due to inactivity and Wurz lands a big left before looking for one more double leg but this time it’s stuffed as the round comes to a close. Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 for Wurz
Mike Wurz defeats Eric Tevely via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 29-27, 30-26)

Brent Keryluke vs. Rory Ninine
Ninine comes forward with looping punches and forces Keryluke into the cage looking for a guillotine choke. Keryluke is able to pull his head out and moves to half guard before getting caught in another guillotine attempt. Keryluke lands elbows and body shots which enable him to free himself from Ninine’s grip. The two get back to their feet and Keryluke lands a big take down that sends Ninine to the mat with a thud. Keryluke unloads with big punches and elbows on his bloodied opponent before passing to side control. Keryluke sinks in an arm triangle but Ninine pounds away at the body and escapes. Keryluke passes to mount before taking the back and locking up the rear naked choke, forcing Ninine to tap out.
Brent Keryluke defeats Rory Ninine via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1, 4:43

Merrick Duggan vs. Victor Van Embden
Van Embden wings a big right but Duggan ducks underneath and secures the take down. Duggan locks on an arm triangle and cinches it in forcing Van Embden to tap out giving Duggan the quick win.
Merrick Duggan defeats Victor Van Embden via Submission (Arm Triangle) in Round 1, 0:29

Corey Knapp vs. Adam Bodwell
The two tie up immediately and Knapp secures a guillotine choke. Bodwell is able to defend briefly but Knapp squeezes tight and ends Bodwell’s night early with the submission victory.
Corey Knapp defeats Adam Bodwell via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 1, 0:29

Mike Hofer vs. Kyle Ryan
Hofer lands a leg kicks but loses his balance and falls to the mat. Hofer bounces back to his feet but Ryan jumps on his back. The combatants end up on the ground with Hofer in full guard. Ryan looks for a triangle but Hofer is able to slam his way out. Hofer, still in full guard, presses Ryan into the cage. Ryan launches Hofer off and gets back to his feet but immediately takes a kick to the midsection. Referee Kyle Cardinal calls for a timeout as Ryan indicates the kick landed below the belt. On the restart, Hofer shoots for the take down against the cage but gets caught in a guillotine attempt. Hofer lands knees and punches to the body before escaping to side control. Hofer looks for a guillotine of his own but Ryan is able to pull his head out. Hofer lands shots from the bottom and sinks in a triangle choke. Hofer rolls to mount and begins to pound away with double hammer fists. Hofer continues to land dozens of big shots while still in the mounted triangle before Cardinal finally steps in to rescue Ryan from any further damage.
Mike Hofer defeats Kyle Ryan via TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 4:02

Craig Shintani vs. Neil Doty
Round 1: Shintani lands a leg kick and the two trade shots. Shintani rushes in and lands big shots followed by a big leg kick, a hard left and another leg kick. A misplaced knee by Shintani lands south of the equator and referee John Braak calls for a pause in the action. On the restart, Shintani lands another leg kick that hobbles Doty which prompts him to rush forward and push Shintani into the cage. Shintani continues the hack away with leg kicks and drops Doty to the mat. Shintani backs up to allow Doty back to his feet only to land another hard leg kick. Doty clinches with Shintani and lands a solid knee. Shintani goes back to the leg kicks followed by a big right that briefly stuns Doty. Shintani follows up with more leg kicks, another right and still more leg kicks with Doty wincing in pain with each clubbing blow. Doty presses Shintani into the cage and lands a big right but absorbs more leg kicks before breaking off and trading shots. Doty turns it on in the final ten seconds with a flurry of punches before Braak steps between them as the round comes to a close. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Shintani

Round 2: Doty rushes in and the two trade heavy leather. They separate before Doty closes the distance and lands more shots against the cage. Shintani begins to land leg kicks again and Doty responds with a huge combo against the cage. An exhausted Shintani absorbs the blows and shoots for a double leg. Doty scrambles to full mount and Doty sweeps to half guard and finally to full guard. Doty looks for an armbar but Shintani is able to escape and get back to his feet. Doty lands shots on his bloodied opponent before Shintani doubles over and Doty secures the clinch and puts him down with a pair of well placed knees prompting Braak to step in and call a halt to the fight.
Neil Doty defeats Craig Shintani via TKO (Knees) in Round 2, 3:40

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