Elite 1 MMA Quick Results – Butterbean Wins


Derek Leblanc is in Moncton covering Elite 1 MMA for Top MMA News along with an estimated 1500 fans.   Unfortunately, Ricky Goodall missed weight yesterday so Steve Rogers will not be defending his Lightweight title any more.  Instead, the Goodall/Rogers bout is now scheduled for three rounds.

Here are the quick results for this event.

Pro MMA:
Eric “Butterbean” Esch defeats Dean Storey by TKO in Round 2, 0:20
Ricky Goodall submits Steve Rogers via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:20
Mike Kent defeats Alderic Keith by Split Decision
Jeremy Henry submits Mike Thibodeau by Side Choke in Round 1, 4:59
Dan Fowler defeats Troy Wilton via TKO in Round 1, 0:52
Shawn Wallace defeats Ryan McHatten via Armbar in Round 3, 1:02

Amateur MMA:
Matt Turple defeats Jeff Miller by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)
*** Turple wins the Elite 1 amateur Lightweight title

Morgan Ryhnes defeats Joey Durette via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Darcy McKenna defeats Matt Amos via TKO in Round 3,  1:56


17 Responses to “ Elite 1 MMA Quick Results – Butterbean Wins ”

  1. Close win for Kent who is tearing up maritimes MMA.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Congrats to MacGrath and Wheeler’s teammates from PEI. Way to go guys.

    That’s one tough group of Charlottetowners.

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  3. mikey5time says:

    Must just be the “main event” left now?

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  4. Ronny says:

    Keith and Kent were Fight of the Night. Solid show.

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  5. Sounds like Goodall got Rogers with a nut shot and the ref and Goodall did not realize it happened. Then Goodall got him in the Rear Naked and won.

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  6. derek leblanc says:

    It was a good night of fights and was glad to have made the trip. Was impressed with Mckenna and Ryhnes. Matt Macgrath has got some good propect in PEI. Kent and Keith was a great fight and was a really close call and you could have made a case for either guy to win and both should alot of heart. Also props to Butterbean who was one of the nicest people you could meet. Was great with the fans and stayed behind to sign autographs and take photos with fans. Keep it tune for the full recap and pictures

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  7. Robin Black says:


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  8. EastCoastWarrior says:

    Can anyone from Elite1 comment on Butter Bean and Storey’s back stage agreement to modified rules? Also why they put butter beans boxing record on the website and a incorrect Storey’s (listed at 16 – 8 when 8 – 16 in boxing, not mma)

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  9. T-W says:

    Excellent event, as always.

    I wish that Roger Doiron would improve a bit as a Referee though. There were a few solid WTF moments from him… the biggest being the missed ball shot in the Rogers / Goodall fight. But also when trying to end a fight, he was just politely patting their shoulder when he should be throwing his body in between both fighters and risk eating a punch or two. There were a few questionable stand-ups when fighters were actively working on the ground, maybe my viewing angle was bad but it looked like he stood two guys up when one was inches away from a locked-in triangle choke.

    And judging scores were a little weird in the Keith / Kent fight. 30 – 29? I guess that giving out 10-10 rounds is allowed, but generally avoided. Just pick a winner for each round!

    I love everything else about these events, the venue and production just keeps getting better, the fighters are getting more skilled, and the appearances by MMA “legends” are something that we’ve never had in this part of Canada. Major props to Elite1. If the reffing is the only criticism, you’re clearly doing things right, because those are issues in every MMA promotion.

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  10. Liette says:

    Also on the card is the return of Chris Doucet vs. Troy DeMerchant @ 170 lbs.

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  11. BigBoi says:

    Can we please stop sucking the dick of a promoter who put Butterbean against someone who shouldn’t be allowed to spar him let alone fight him. I mean if you’re going to congratulate someone for something there are enough examples of ‘good’ mma in Canada now to fill you cup.

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  12. T-W says:

    BigBoi, you post the same shit every time Elite1 puts on a show. You’re just one single hater surrounded by thousands of appreciative Elite1 fans. Go away.

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  13. BigBoi says:

    Dear TW,

    Why was Bean scheduled to fight a punching bag?


    The Millions of concerned fans around the world.

    PS – See, my number is bigger.

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  14. T-W says:

    I’m sure there are a good number of reasons, but you are too much of an ignorant troll to accept any of them.

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  15. BigBoi says:

    Why don’t you fucking enlighten me then? I’m all ears. Why was a long past his prime (albeit halfway decent when he was in form) boxer fighting Bean in an MMA match for a title?

    Come on, I’m waiting.

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  16. Tim says:

    Big Boi Likes little boys…..

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  17. gino says:

    Good show as always i just got back from ufc 129 so its hard to please me but good show.Good job jermey henrey and cant wait for your brother to defend his title in july. Good luck justin.Its a great show they do great job so keep up the good work.

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