Winning WRECK Title No Cake Walk for Fraser


Making a cake while being interviewed - a true multi-tasker

When you work 48 hours a week, have a wife and three children, run Supreme MMA gym in Sarnia, and train for an upcoming WRECK MMA title fight,  how do you squeeze in things like birthdays and interview requests?  If you are John Fraser, you multi-task and you do an interview with Top MMA News while you make your son’s birthday cake.

Fraser, aka “The Haggis Basher”, not only has one of the best nicknames in MMA, he also has one of the busiest schedules.  John explains how he works twelve hour shifts on a rotating “3 day shifts on, 3 days off, 3 night shifts on, 3 off” work schedule.  Those days off come in handy because once the kids are in school, John heads to London to train with the Adrenaline pros.  He then comes back to Sarnia before school is out to spend quality time with his two daughters and his son and, once bed time hits, he is off to Supreme MMA to teach and train.  Where does quality time with Laura, his wife, and sleep fit in?

“My wife also travels with me to all my training sessions which allows us to get more time together.  I always manage to get a few hours (of sleep).  On occasion, I will give up sleep to train especially when I am coming off nights shifts.”

Needless to say, Fraser has no sympathy to the full time fighters who complain about a lack of funds.

“I am not calling them lazy, because I am just good at balancing out my life over years of practice.  It does bug me to see some people that do this full time not putting in the same hours that I do or guys with no wife or kids not make it up to help others get ready for fights.”

This is the first time that Fraser has had to prepare for a fight in almost a year.   Laura had surgery that resulted in complications, so John had to take a long layoff to take care of his family.  It was unfortunate timing as John had experienced a career resurgence after coming back to the sport after a self-imposed leave of absence.  He had lost three in a row to turn his record to 3-3 and mental issues had plagued his performances.  The Haggis Basher explains,

“After my third loss in a row, I decided to stop fighting.  Even though I did well in training, I would get so nervous before the fights that I was not able to fight up to my ability.  After taking some time off, starting a gym, and helping other fighters get ready for fights, I realized that the only reason I started training in martial arts was to fight.  If I was not going to fight, why bother training?  From there on my mental game changed. I lined up a fight right away and was able to execute my game plan perfectly.   The reason for my new success is that I am a lot stronger mentally then I was before and just go into the cage and fight my best with no worries of winning or losing.”

The mentally tough Fraser has been unbeatable in the cage.  Going 4-0, moving up the Canadian rankings to #6 in the Featherweights, and ultimately winning the W1 Featherweight title against Thierry Quenneville, a fighter who Fraser had previously suffered a loss to.

“It was amazing – especially to win it by beating the person that gave me my first pro loss.   (In the first fight), I let my nerves get the better of me and just came out swinging with no game plan.   One of the biggest problems with letting myself get so nervous is it sends my adrenaline through the roof and I gassed out early… coming into the second fight mentally strong, I was able to execute my game plan and still have tons of gas going into the forth and final round.”

So after all this success at Featherweight, Fraser is now dropping down for a chance to win a second title:  The Wreck MMA Bantamweight title.  Fraser maintains that he was never a large 145er, so dropping down to 135 will be no problems.  He made weight for his W-1 title fight twenty-four hours in advance of weigh-ins.  In fact, two weeks prior to that title fight, he ate six cheeseburgers on a bet and still easily made weight.

On May 6th, Fraser will face Canada’s #4 ranked Bantamweight – Eric Wilson, who is notable for his leg attacks as well as his win over the highly-ranked Roland Delorme.   Fraser, who tried out for The Ultimate Fighter, will be ready for five rounds.

“Training has been going good with definitely lots of leg lock defense. I have have been training my cardio hard, so I have no problem going five rounds.

As for his prediction for the fight, fans better be prepared for twenty-five minutes of exciting action,

“It will be a five round, fight of the night war!”

*** The two pictures of John Fraser fighting at W1 are by Eric Gaudreault|

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  1. harry balls says:

    Keep that cake away from Showtime….

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  2. princess says:

    LMAO +1

    Fraser sounds like an amazing person, I hope he takes the title and makes the next season of TUF.

    Haggis Basher for the win!!

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  3. Going to be a great fight between two hard working guys. Eric has been looking forward to this fight, and met him at TUF Tryouts and said John was a great guy and hes ready for a war. Great title fight!!! WAR WILSON!!!

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