TUF 13: Lesnar vs Dos Santos – Episode 6 Recap


After Mick Bowman’s loss, JDS tells the team that at least it was the type of entertaining fight that the UFC likes. Into the discussion steps Lew Polley, who suggests that a boring win is better than an exciting loss. Dos Santos tries to put him in his place in front of the team.

Lesnar tells Bentley that he will be selected to replace a fgither because he had the close fight. What happens? Len Bentley hurts his knee in training. Lesnar says its time to close up shop. He’s “sick to his stomach.”

Turns out Harvison only has a dislocated pinkie finger. Not break. Bentley has a patella dislocation and no ACL damage. Neither are that bad.

Junior Dos Santos talks to his coach about Lew Polley, who tried to go to the TUF house without Junior. Looks like he is going to tell Lew to take a hike. Commercial cliff hanger…..argh.

And we’re back…he reminds Lew that it was disrespectful to head to the house. He tells Lew to leave the show as he is trying to go over JDS’ head. Lew said he just wanted to go help out one of the fighters at the house.

Fight Announcement: Tony Ferguson vs Justin Edwards and Chuck O’Neil vs Zach Davis

Lesnar says “Ferguson is a guy that can win this show.” He’s a striker with a mean strike.

Edwards is the alternate to the alternate and hopes everyone underestimates him. JDS says that Edwards is one of the best fighters on the show.

Zach Davis says “Lew will be missed.” Others comment on how Lew was the only one they could understand in their corner during the fight.

Ferguson shows up for fights in a suit and tie. Stitch says he is the best dressed fighter that he has ever wrapped.

Tony Ferguson vs Justin Edwards
R1. Edwards comes out throwing hard and wild while Ferguson picks his spots and steps back. Ferguson is much crisper and Edwards slows down at the 4 minute mark. Big combo by Ferguson that ends with an uppercut that snaps Edwards’ head back. Edwards takes Ferguson down but Tony bounces right back up. Ferguson has good hands but Edwards starts responding. Leg kick by Edwards. Edwards lands and combo and seems to have recovered. Edwards takes him down and eats some elbows from Ferguson. Upkick by Ferguson knocks Edwards out with his heel. Good fight!
Tony Ferguson defeats Justin Edwards by KO (Upkick) in Round 1

“Best birthday that I have ever had,” says Ferguson. Edwards did well, he may get a wildcard.

O’Neil is great on the ground says Lesnar. Zach Davis loves training and loves to fight says Dos Santos.

Chuck O’Neil vs Zach Davis
R1. Davis on top right away in side control. O’Neil gets to his feet but eats some knees on the way up. Davis keeping O’Neil pressed against the cage and feeding him the odd knee. Davis takes him down. Now standing, Davis kicks the downed O’Neil. Chuck gets up and Davis takes him down again and tries for an arm bar. He loses it and O’Neil is on top feeding him elbows. Chuck starts throwing rights but gets caught in a Triangle and taps out.
Zach Davis submits Chuck O’Neil by Triangle in Round 1

Davis looked good. O’Neil got caught in his own move, says Lesnar.

Prelims are done and JDS has won 4 fights and Team Lesnar 3.

Edwards can not be the wildcard as the commission has suspended him for the KO. All the other fighters say they want the fight. Lesnar says that Bentley may not be ready.

Wildcards – Javier Torres vs Chuck O’Neil

Bentley is confused why he was not given the wild card.

Next episode: Bentley confronts Brock on why he was not given the wild card, we see the wild card fight, and next round fights are picked.

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