Top MMA News Canadian Middleweight Rankings – May 2011


Denis Kang solidifies his hold on the Middleweight rankings with a win in Korea over Eun Soo Lee, but Jason MacDonald, Patrick Cote, Nick Ring, and Jesse Bongfeldt are hot on his heels with victories (or draws in Bongfeldt’s case) of their own.

A couple of new faces show up on the list this time as well: Welterweight prospect Jordan Mein debuts on the Middleweight list with three 185 wins in the past year and Bastien Huveneers gets ranked for his win over the formerly 8th ranked Nick Hinchliffe.

An old friend also rejoins the list. David Loiseau wins the Tachi Middleweight title and gets back to his old winning ways.

Here is the top 10.

Top 10 Canadian Middleweights – April 2011

1. Denis Kang (34-12-2) – Previous Rank (1)- Denis Kang retains his #1 in Canada spot with a win over Eun Soo Lee.   The fight, which was held in Korea at Light-Heavyweight, was won by Unanimous Decision.  This win makes Kang 2-0-1 since hs release from the UFC.  Surely a win over Jesse Taylor will get him back into the big show.  Next fight: vs Jesse Taylor on May 28 at BFL 8

Jason MacDonald (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

2. Jason MacDonald (25-14) – Previous Rank (3)- Jason MacDonald moves up to #2 with a Triangle submission over Kyle Jensen at UFC 129.  The win was an emotional one for MacDonald who suffered a terrible leg injury in his last fight with John Salter.  Next Fight: TBD

3. Patrick Cote (14-7)- Previous Rank (4) – After a rough ride since fighting Anderson Silva for the Middleweight title, Patrick Cote finally recorded a win.  After sitting out all of 2009 with a knee injury, Cote lost to Alan Belcher and Tom Lawlor.  At Ringside 10, Cote got the big decision win against the #7 ranked Kalib Starnes.  Let’s hope the Predator can string a couple more in a row! Next fight: vs Todd Brown on June 4 at Ringside 11

4. Nick Ring (11-0) – Previous Rank (5)– Nick Ring joined the ranks of Canadians with UFC wins at UFC 127.  Ring scored a unanimous decision win against Riki Fukuda at the event.  Ring returns to the cage in June at UFC Vancouver against James Head.  Next fight: vs James Head on June 11 at UFC 131

5. Jesse Bongfeldt (21-7) – Previous Rank (6)– Bongfeldt recorded a rare draw against Rafael Natal at UFC 124.  Jesse stormed back in the third round to come back from looked to be a loss.   Like Ring, Bongfeldt will appear on the UFC 131 card next. Next fight: vs Chris Weidman on June 11 at UFC 131

6. Joe Doerksen (46-15) – Previous Rank (2)– The Winnipeg fighter raced up the rankings on his way to the UFC.  Unfortunately, he is now dropping down the rankings with three consecutive losses to high level fighters – CB Dolloway, Dan Miller, and Hector Lombard.  El Dirte hopes to right the ship against Luigi Fioravanti next.  Next fight: vs Luigi Fioravanti on June 10 at Score Fighting Series.

7. Kalib Starnes (11-6-1) – Previous Rank (7)– After finishing up and comers Nick Hinchliffe and Matt MacGrath, Kalib Starnes took a decision loss against #3 ranked Pat Cote.  Starnes looked good, winning the first round, before Cote took control of the bout.  It sounds like Starnes will have a tough challenge at AFC next where he is rumoured to be fighting John Salter. Next fight: TBD

8. David Loiseau (20-10) – Previous Rank (NR) – The Crow is a welcome return to the MW rankings.  Something was just not quite right without him here.  Loiseau won the Tachi Palace Fights Middlweight title against Leopoldo Serao to return to where he rightfully belongs.  Next fight: TBD.

9. Jordan Mein (21-7) – Previous Rank (NR) – After considerable debate, Top MMA News decided to rank Mein in the top 10 Middleweights in addition to his top 10 Welterweight ranking.  Mein beat Andrew Buckland, the previously #10 ranked Chase Degenhardt, and Joe Riggs at Middleweight competition in the past year, so he deserves to be here.  Next fight: vs Marius Zaromskis on June 10 at Score Fighting Series (Welterweight).

10. Bastien Huveneers (9-3) – Previous Rank (NR) – Bastien debuts on the Middleweight rankings thanks to a big win over Nick Hinchliffe at TFC, where  Huveneers won the TFC Middleweight belt in a close decision.  Next, Huveneers was due to fight Mike Hackert at BFL 7, but Huveneers smartly pulled out when his opponent, Mike Hackert, showed up 10+ pounds over weight.  Next fight: TBD

Dropped Out of the Top 10: Nick Hinchliffe (was 8th), Craig Brown (was 9th), Chase Degenhardt (was 10th)

Just out of Top 10 (in no order):
Jason Day (19-11) – Next fight: vs Francis Carmont on June 17 at Slammer in the Hammer
Mike Hackert (4-1) – Next fight: TBD
Luke Harris (6-1) – Next fight: TBD
Ali Mokdad (4-0)
Chase Degenhardt (7-2) – Next fight: vs Andrew Buckland on June 18 at AFC 6
Craig Brown (7-3) – Next fight: vs Dan Chambers on May 6 at WRECK MMA
Travis Galbraith (18-7)
Nick Hinchliffe (18-7)

17 Responses to “ Top MMA News Canadian Middleweight Rankings – May 2011 ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:


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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    Doerksen > Starnes. No question about that. Doerksen > Bongfeldt, imo. But that is closer.

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  3. Looks like we agree on the Top 10 names then.

    Not much difference.

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  4. I’d like to see Doerksen/Starnes for that AFC title.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    That’d be a great fight, but if a bit hard to make or expensive then how bout Starnes and Huveneers?

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  6. Darren Owen says:

    I’ve inquired into both, Doerksons manager is asking for an amount that is over our budget. Huveneers is signed exclusive to BFL however he is not on either of their next 2 events. Starnes will face 3x UFC vet John Salter June 18 for his middleweight title.

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  7. Jamie Locke says:

    I think Huveneers had a bit of a falling out with BFL after they didn’t pay him to show when he made weight then wouldn’t fight an extremely heavy Mike Hackert.

    I would like to see both those fights as well, I imagine we’ll eventually get to see Huveneers face Starnes, as it looks like they’re just going to burn up the contract time… Too bad, he’s a great fighter and we should be seeing him in action around here….

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    Looking forward to Starnes vs Salter… I wish he would have fought in the AFC before getting the title shot, but that really doesn’t matter in the gretaer scheme of things.

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    Hey not saying Salter vs Starnes is no good, was just spitballing a bit.

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  10. Jay Golshani says:

    Jamie Lock, you should be abit more responsible when you post comments on here escpecailly when you are a fight manager! get your facts straight and contact Bastien if he did not get paid from us. We did have a specific clause in the contract if you dont fight you dont get paid, so our falling out was with his camp not him. We paid him because we felt that it was the fair thing to do but we did not have to like his camp was implying. If you wonna post comments make sure they are at least accurate. You should also post on here when you called me and asked if bastien could be released out of his exclusive contract to go fight for the TFC title against hinchliffe and i said yes to he could make 3k. And i read bunch of posts on here how both you and Darren though hinchliffe beat bastien in that fight and he got robbed. So why does AFC wonna give Bastien a title shot now? didnt you feel he lost to nick and nick got robbed. Give me a break, what is the basis behind your decision making.

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  11. Jay Golshani says:

    and Bastien is taking some time off and going to Cuba that is not on our upcoming card. I guess you knew that too Jamie since you know everything and all your comments are accurate. Sorry we didnt give our fight of the night award to the person you wanted and ya got all pissed off and decided and through cheap shots at our organization, hope you feel better now. get over it.

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  12. in the know says:

    guess this guy didnt read the, “why cant promoters just get along” thread hahahaha

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  13. Jamie Locke says:

    I didn’t take any cheap shot Jay, I just stated which fight I though deserved it on you FB thread.

    My post about Bastien having a falling out with you states “I think”. I have no idea where you guys stand now.

    That was a very awesome thing you did letting Bas fight Nick for the TFC title, it was an awesome fight, one I’d love to see again in any promotion!

    I would like to see Bastein fight several guys on your roster, all of which I have mentioned on several sites. I am really hoping we would have gotten to see him fight Chiappe, but it looks like Chiappe is going a different road with the WW route.

    I really enjoy watching great fights, I saw a few of these at your last show, and you have the best amateur circuit out there. I can only imagine your next pro show in Nanaimo is going to be even better than the last. I a looking forward to many of those fights as well.

    I also really enjoy good conversation about Canadian MMA, hense why I post on here so much. I don’t think it’s irresponable, as it has nothing to do with any fighter that I manage. Sorry if I offended you with my comments.

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  14. Jay Golshani says:

    Jamie the reason i think you know you you are aware that you are putting out false info to stir up the pot on here is that you know what kind of promoters we are but you are just irresposible. On the same card as bastien you had a fighter named Baz cunnigham, his opponent didnt show up didnt baz get his full purse, so you must have heard recently that bastien would have also got paid, same circumstances, you post whatever you like on here, shows the kind of person you are, its kinda sad to be honest

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  15. Jamie Locke says:

    I wasn’t trying to stir the pot, just responsding to BKB’s post about Starnes vs Huveneers and D.O’s post about Bas not being on your next cards.

    I will be clear next time to state that it is only speculation. I apologize if it makes you look bad, as you did pay Cunnigham his show when his opponent coldn’t make it.

    I understand your side on why Bastien didn’t get paid, I also understand his. We have had many discussions on this site about weight misses and this exact circumstance. I applaud bastien for not taking that fight. It would have been an unwarrented risk fighting a much heavier opponent especially after his W over Hinchliffe solidifying his top ten MW status.

    I don’t know all the facts of what went on between you and Bastien, I only know Bastien showed up to fight at 185lbs. He made weight, his opponent grossly did not so he turned down the fight. As far as offers between you guys on trying to make the fight work-out I have no idea. But I do know Bastien was extremely unhappy with the result.

    I see nothing wrong with the rest of my post, I do believe that we will eventually see a Starnes vs Huveneers, whether it’s in AFC, BFL or elsewhere in Canada. It’s a solid Canadian match-up with two top ten MW’s. It is also too bad that we’re not seeing him fight sooner, although I have no idea what you guys have planned, I was speculating the reason was this last disagreement over the Hackert fight (which makes sense to me).

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  16. Robin Black says:

    C’mon fellas, hug and make up.

    These conflicts seem smaller, nobody hurtin anyone here.

    You guys should be friends out there on the west coast.

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  17. Jamie Locke says:

    So full of love Robin….

    I have no beef, just love the converstaion and the scene. I am sure Jay isn’t that pissed either, just doens’t want me fouling his name or making their show look bad (which was not my intention).

    I will be attending BFL 8, I’m super hyped to see Kang vs Taylor. Also super hyped to see Graham Spencer back at it, Graham will make it to the top I know this! Baker vs Ballingall is guarenteed fireworks! The first time I have ever really anticipated an amateur bout will be Jer “JERK” Kornelson vs Micah “The Bully” Brakefield, both these guys know each other and have been training hard, it’s a top contender fight for the Amateur MW Title (these straps are really nice) I’m stoked to see these guys go to war!

    I’m also postering around town and selling tickets to the show.

    BFL 8 – Be there!

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