Take COMMAND in Fort Mac with Big John


Top MMA News supports all efforts to improve officiating in MMA.  In fact, some of us are certified as Judges as we believe in its importance to be knowledgeable as writers.  Now, Fort McMurray is joining the cause by bringing “Big John” McCarthy up to teach his COMMAND judging certification course.

McCarthy’s COMMAND course is easily the best certification program for MMA Judges. The program is split into three sections of testing and all must be passed in order to be certified. These include testing on techniques, watching a five round fight and scoring each round and critiquing how you scored each round, and a final written test which covers the widely used and accepted Unified Rules of MMA and other information presented over the course. In order to pass the stringent standards of the COMMAND course, attendees must score a minimum of 90%. Those who pass the course will be able to submit their names to be placed on a certification list that is available to all athletic commissions.

The three day course will take place on:

Space is limited and at a cost of $300 early enrollment is advised. All registrations must be completed before May 20th, 2011.

More information on the COMMAND course can be found on the COMMAND course website. To enroll or to get more information about the COMMAND course in Fort McMurray, you can contact mfscanada@gmail.com.

11 Responses to “ Take COMMAND in Fort Mac with Big John ”

  1. Shawn says:

    Ya take the course then have Big John tell your commission that you are incapable of reffing because you are not qualified…..

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  2. maybeso says:

    umm… that is because it’s a judging course.
    also, ever-think maybe you’re not qualified?
    taking the course is one thing, you need to then pass, and then get experience in various ways, and then show that you are good and skilled.

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  3. BigBoi says:

    More members for the Cult of Big John…..

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  4. maybeso says:

    UFC 2 to UFC 129 is his story in the sport, what’s yours?

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Who are those jokers in the Command pic on the front page. LOL

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  6. Bobby…that’s Big John Mccarthy in the pic. Pretty shallow MMA knowledge if you can’t recognize BJM !

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    Comb your hair!

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  8. lol. That pic was taken after a very difficult exam of 130 or so MMA moves that had me pulling out my hair.

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  9. Sean McManus says:

    MAD looks like he is in COMMAND of that picture..and seriously Grienke…some hair product and a comb go a long way…I agree with ‘BB’.

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  10. No one on this site ever suffer from toque head? It was fricken’ cold!

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  11. Sean Quinn says:

    It must always be cold wherever you go.

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