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How is everyone this week?  I am still getting hot flashes from UFC 129 as its tough on a girl like me seeing GSP with his shirt off for five rounds.   I need to go watch the new Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel and The Rock in the same movie, YUMMY. Who wants to take me?

Here are my rumours.

  • So I dunno how many times I’ve ragged on Cage Fighting Manitoba, but give me a break. 11 days to go and STILL NO CARD INFO! Is this show even happening?!?
  • Armageddon FC – how about Starnes vs UFC vet John Salter for the MW title?
  • Arguably Alberta’s top Light Heavyweight prospect, Tim Chemelli will face Misha Cirkunov in Hamilton on the Slammer in the Hammer show.
  • You’d be stunned by some of the names I’ve heard some of the “Near Top Ten” or “Top Ten” have turned down as dangerous or bad fights.
  • Ontario fans are unfortunately gonna miss out on a potentially super exciting fight at Pro Fighting Championships… Baroni vs Clements fell through, damn!
  • So when’s Aggression gonna announce some fights, MFC has announced nearly their full card and not much from Aggression.
  • Never mind fights, when are they officially announcing a date?  Some were saying June 24, another web site said the 18th, Nick Hinchliffe was thinking the 17th, and Top MMA News has always said the 10th.
  • Speaking of Maximum Fighting, it looks like Richie Whitson is off the card due to injury.
  • Medicine Hat is getting their own Combat Commission.  The Medicine Hat Combative Sports Commission will be created prior to Hard Knocks on May 27th.
  • Showtime is really not helping his rep! Wedderburn calls up WRECK and jumps off the card to take another offer, then his new opponent decides Showtime is too unreliable and unprofessional and his team decides to reject the fight. Now Mr. Wedderburn is left with no fight and comes crawling back to WRECK seeking a fight. If that’s not good enough, I now hear that Wedderburn is fielding an offer from a show and may still bail on WRECK. What a piece of work Markhaille Wedderburn is, shame on him, he’s BAD FOR THE SPORT!!! WRECK please don’t use this guy!
  • Who are the managers Mark Pavelich is ripping on? Who’s BB?
  • UFC Edmonton?  Dana White said that they wanna go to Edmonton.  Nice!  How about Jimmo and Mein on the card?
  • Hearing rumblings about an Ontario matchmaker who is stealing fighters from managers he works with, creating back room fight approval committees, and even telling promotions that they must use him if they want to run shows in Ontario.   Ontario is the MMA wild west, so watch out for the guys wearing black hats!
  • Kyle Cardinal has started a MMA gym. Previously, he used to be BJJ only


NOTE:  These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen.  If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email

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  1. Jamie Locke says:

    AFC is always getting better. I’m always satisfied at their shows!

    Chemelli vs Cirkunov is a sick fight!

    Showtime should be fighting at MW, and he shouldn’t be too picky. I don’t think he is that valuble…

    I figured BB was Bobby Karimi-Busheri…. But I have no idea. He’s just the only guy around I know as a BB…

    I’m surprised Ontario has this situation. I was under the impression that they had a super tight commission who had cotrol over everything.

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    Misha will sub Chemelli, and I was wondering who BB was myself, saw Mark rip on him. Whitson being off the card kind of sucks, who can replace him ? where is Kajian when you need him.

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    LOL, fuck first I’m the gossip queen now I’m BB. LOL

    No I’m not BB, my last name is Karimi-Busheri, so KB, and if it were to be shortened it’d be Karimi so just K.

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  4. Moin Mirza from Aggression confirmed on Facebook that it’s June 10.

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  5. BB that Mark is rippin on is nobody anyone here knows…so you won’t figure it out. Sadly, it’s a necessary rip. I had a similar rant last week regarding managers.

    Finally talked to Jamie Locke! Awesome guy and looking forward to doing some business together in the future. (great manager btw)

    I think some of you should petition Grienke and the Top MMA News brass that I should get a column here…who wants to hear Big Jake’s rants?? I’ve got the goods (maybe not as hot as Gossip Girl) but I can wreak havoc on this site!!!

    Aggression is putting together a great card…so when they do release it…people will be happy.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Do it Keith, let’s get a Big Jake Rants and Raves column!

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  7. Jeff says:

    Who are the managers Mark Pavelich is ripping on? Who’s BB?

    BB is Brian Butler (Amir Sadollah, Damarques Johnson and Mackens Semerzier), the founder of Suckerpunch Entertainment

    He also manages the the Lima brothers among others.

    Shu Hirata (Takeya Mizugaki, Dave Herman, and Roger Gracie) and Bryan Hamper (Donald Cerrone, Leonard Garcia) recently brought their rosters of MMA fighter clients under the Suckerpunch fold.

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  8. Mort says:

    I met Clements this Saturday at UFC. He told me himself he was fighting on that card. Maybe things changed in two days over the weekend?

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  9. Robin Black says:

    I can’t comment on the dirty Ontario matchmaker in regard to some of the rumors, cuz its not my place, but I can say knowing this piece of work that none of it would surprise me.
    I can confirm that managers shouldn’t trust this snake as he may tamper with your fighters.

    I was already solidly in discussion with said dirtbag about a fighter on a card, when he started pushing off talking to me for “a week or so” about the fighter and the card.

    In the meantime, he “presented him with other management options” (hey, y’know me and my buddies who are conning promoters and in the business of screwing people to make a fast buck do management too!) and claimed they can do all manner of things for this fighter if he “considers” using him instead.
    Thanks called tampering my friends.

    Check the CEMMA thread for more gems on this specimen.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    How dumb must people be to tell lie after lie and blatantly screw people in a very small industry? Like they don’t think they’ll get exposed?

    The interesting thing will be when the “telling promotions that they must use him if they want to run shows in Ontario” allegations get investigated. If he claimed to have special favors with government to get himself a gig and to make himself money ($10 000 per card), then that’s fraud and punishable by jail time.

    Scumbags like this have no place damaging this business before it even gets rolling in Ontario.

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  11. Gunner says:

    I get knocked out and in order for you to run a profitable promotion in ontario you must USE my ability to be knocked out to guarantee a succesful event……. i only charge a bajillion dollars.. i am also ugly so marketing me is only profitable on my being knocked ability

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  12. Shawn says:

    I’ve heard most of the Ontario fighters won’t take fights good competition cuz they are “too tough” Really the only high profile guy who has stepped it up is Jordan Mein and he isn’t even from here. This is professional fighting, step up or step out!

    Dave Mair seems like a douchebag, who is he and why do people have to go through him? Is he the Commissioners buddy?

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  13. Marty says:

    Baroni and Clements would of been an amazing scrap. I heard baroni pulled out with rib injury. Would of been agreat win for Clements after coming off the Goulet KO. Another article on this site says he is fighting Travis Briere?

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Nobody has to go through him. It seems he just convinces people that they have to.

    If that’s true that’s more than just scuzzy and harmful to people, that’s fraud.

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  15. BigBoi says:

    Robin I told you for a paltry fee of $10k I can assure you ease of access to the Ontario Commission. I practically grew up with Keith Kobiashi and in fact have him on my speed dial. As for the fighters that ‘chose’ to work with me…. what can I say you either get people the big fights or you watch them walk. Frankly fighters should just be lucky I’m talking to them. They probably don’t realize I also know Jim Sullivan the UFC matchmaker.

    I look at what I’m doing as just a public service. Why shouldn’t I offer up my expert help to people? Why shouldn’t I be somewhat compensated for my time and effort.

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Big Boi check this out. The matchmaker convinced the good people at CEMMA that he had Carvalho under contract for the main event (fight never existed).
    The CEMMA guys would have no reason to think their matchmaker would lie to them, so they put the non-existant main event on their site.

    Feel free to ask Carvalho or his coach if this fight or a contract ever existed.

    The poor CEMMA gentlemen (good people, just victims of cons) also printed up 15000 fliers with Wadsworth in the main event. Also feel free to ask Wadsworth or his people if that fight ever officially existed.

    I don’t want to keep harping on this, trust me I’m trying not to. But now that my eyes are open to this so-called matchmaker and his ongoing lies, cheats, and damaging short cuts, its hard to justify keeping my mouth shut when good people, and the MMA business in Ontario, are being harmed daily.

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  17. Shawn says:

    Clements and Briere will be awesome at least those two are willing to step up and fight top competition.

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  18. Shawn says:

    Why is Dave Mair aloud to work with the commission if he is committing fraud? I thought the commission was supposed to be strict and taking measures to stop this sort of thing, someone should seriously look into this character before he ruins this industry before it even gets going here.

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  19. Sean McManus says:

    Hey Robin, sent CEMMA a quick email through their website ‘contact us’ requesting some more information specifically regarding a few of the issues brought up here…I’ll keep you posted.

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  20. Mort says:

    Reading this thread I guess Clements is still on the card but maybe a different fight. When he told me he was fighting on the card, he didn’t say who. My bad!

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  21. Mort says:

    As for Dave Mair, is this guy really up to something? I was talking to him about a couple of fights, but had to turn them down due to personal obligations. Is there something we should know about him? I only represent one fighter, but I really don’t want to screw him over when he’s ready to go again.

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  22. Mort says:

    So I just got some interesting news. The fights Dave Mair offered were both Joel and Josh Powell for MMA LIVE. This was back in February when the show was first announced. I asked what he knew about them, and he was very elusive. Didn’t have much info for me. Only told me a couple of things about them. I didnt find much online. Well I just found out he manages both of them? Trying to set my guy up for a loss? What kind of asshole would do that? Wouldn’t this be some sort of conflict? I wasn’t sure what to think when people were bashing him, but I sure have an opinion now.

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  23. Robin Black says:

    It’s funny how things work.

    The floodgates are opening now it seems.

    Well I truly hate negative stuff like this but I hope it helps save some people from getting screwed.

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  24. Sean McManus says:

    wow – this guy is tearing it up – not sure what to think of all of this. Is he burning enough bridges so that he will ‘work’ himself out of spot within the scene or will this type of activity continue? Somebody has to have some concrete info on these shady dealings…if so hit me up

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  25. Jamie Locke says:

    Sorry BKB, that was just a shot in the dark.

    Like I said, why isn’t the tight assed ON commission going to work on this shady match-maker/ manager con?

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  26. Sean McManus says:

    Jamie, it may simply be a case of not being made aware of these dealings. In the midst of being taken to the cleaners, promoters such as the people who are behind CEMMA may be backed into a corner and not wish to ‘blow the whistle’ – if you may – until after they hold their show (lots riding on it from a promoters perspective). However, if we can come up with something solid to present to them, than they have no choice but to take action, especially with the sport being so new here and white gloved along with the fact that the alleged claims included a false representation of being the ‘chosen’ one for the commission.

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  27. Mort says:

    Ya I’m not big on public bashing either. You never know who your going to need and when. But it looks like this guy may have tried to fuck my fighter. Not cool. “You know, if the bulls wanna fight, theyre gonna have to get in the cage” Was that the line to scare me in to thinking the offers were going to be few and far between? I’m not gonna lie. I fell for the trap and thought he was going to be an important guy to know in Ontario MMA. If it means were now limited in the fights we can take in Ontario, I won’t be dealing with him again. I just hope be doesn’t have the pull with the commission he apparently thinks he does. I would hate to be black listed.

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  28. Sean McManus says:

    Of course I see and understand your point – but that is the mentality that lets guys get away with presenting themselves as something they are not. I’m sure with all of this coming to light, we will learn soon enough about how much pull they have in Ontario MMA. I have to assume that the OAC is running a tight ship (a little naive maybe?) so I don’t see them letting somebody throw that type of ‘power’ around. It’ll be brought to light soon enough.

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  29. princess says:

    Do no one here know the commissioner? Why doesn’t someone call him and let him know what’s up? I’m sure if they run such a “tight ship” they would deal with this joker quickly and strip his matchmakers licence. What’s the number, I’ll call right now

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  30. DATRUT says:


    “High Voltage” at the Casino NB – Steven Rogers to defend his lightweight Title against Ricky Goodall

    Main Event – BUTTERBEAN vs. Dean Storey for the World Super Heavyweight Title.

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  31. Chris Clements says:

    I Don’t exactly Know about all these issues that you guys are talking about… but if there is an issue with someone messing up our sport in Ontario please somebody take it to the right people who can deal with it. As a Professional fighter from ontario many other fighters and I have a real problem with new promoters jumping on the band wagon trying to make a fast $ off of years of our hard work. If you want to have a show, do it right make money helping fighters. Don’t try and prostitute fighters. Guys like myself had to wait months for a fight offer, then once we got an offer it was usually for low pay and for us to come in as feed for other out of province fighters. My point is.. it was a long hard road for a lot of ontario fighters and now we finally have a fair playing field. Please don’t mess it up for us!

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  32. Mort says:

    Like Shawn said. Concrete evidence. All my dealings were over the phone over a period of about a week. I just hope he doesn’t bring good people down with him, if infact these allegations are true. And be careful people. These are just that. Allegations. We don’t need anyone here getting in trouble either, even though our intentions are good in bringing this to light.

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  33. Sean McManus says:

    Yes they are allegations that are floating around a website without any real evidence. That is the time to compile these accusations, check the source, confirm the allegations, present everyone with an opportunity to comment and come to light with the findings. Nobody is looking to bury anyone, only protect what Chris and other fighters, promoters, managers, media and the like have worked so hard to bring to this province.

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  34. Mort says:

    I agree one hundred percent with Shawn. But if this guy is infact the person he is being made out to be, it’s people like that who will take action against people like us for blackening their “good” name.

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  35. harry balls says:

    So are Show and Thrill gonna clock in at 185 or what (like he should have a bunch of fights ago)?
    GSP with his shirt off pfffffffffft. Does the name NICK RING mean anything to you?

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  36. Mort says:

    There we go! Thanks Harry for lightening the mood! Lol

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  37. Mort says:

    I could tell you at least one dude who was offered a fight for CFM! ;-)

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  38. Sean Quinn says:

    Ya, wtf. When is the CFM card going to be announced?

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  39. Sean McManus says:

    Again, I’m not sure where these rumors originated regarding shady dealings, but let’s not all jump on the lynch mob bandwagon…there are going to be a lot of promotions popping up that have people at the helm who are new to the community and to the sport for that matter. Navigating a new event with inexperienced staff could cause some headaches and this may be a case of that. Regardless I think that if shifty/shady dealings are occuring than they will be brought up.

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  40. Robin Black says:

    I could buy that the first 8 times these matchmakers “accidentally” released fights to the press that weren’t confirmed containing fighters not under contract (Carvalho, Wooley, Fraser, Denis, Gagnon etc) that it was an accident.

    But how do you explain them telling the CEMMA guys that Brent Fryia was on this card when we straight out refused that one? Just a matchmaker lying to his boss to buy time?

    Whatever the reason, this shit irreversibly harms these fighters careers and incomes. You put these fighters names on press releases when they are not fighting and it harms their credibility. It damages their reputation.

    There’s too many dirty things here to say it’s inexperience and oversight.

    If these guys are SO inexperienced that they keep “accidentally” screwing people, how the hell are they charging all this money to screw up cards and damage relationships with fighters and mma people?

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  41. Sean McManus says:

    I’m just not prepared to bury anyone before investigating all of the avenues. Robin, it seems that you have had closer dealings with this promotion certainly and with the individual in the past. I have not had those experiences – I’ve got my ‘feelers’ out there and will comment more on this when I have more information.

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  42. Robin Black says:

    Yes I have, and yes my experience has been bad. And yes he screwed me personally.

    And, yes, its starting to feel personal the more I see this guy harming fighters’ names by knowingly advertising them on cards they’re not on, lying to new promoters (what if Blackburn and/or Jason lose their houses on this overpriced card?) etc?

    I never have conflict with anyone. Ever. I support people and try to smooth out drama. That’s my standard MO.

    But this guy is dirty man. Just dig a bit. Ask the right questions. Before real damage is done.

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  43. princess says:

    Amen to Robin Black, let’s find out what the hell is going on with this guy before he does anymore damage. Why should the promoters and fighters all lose money while he swells his bank account?
    Someone on here must know the commissioner or at least someone in his office, if he has his matchmakers licence stripped will that not make him unable to do any more harm?

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  44. Bobby Karimi says:

    If Medicine Hat is now creating a commission then what was the Playboy card gonna use a while back?

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  45. I can confirm that Wadsworth was never on the CEMMA card. He was considering the spot and other offers.

    Carvalho was also never on the CEMMA card nor the MMA Reckoning card that he was announced on.

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  46. mma grannie says:

    when Chemmelli loses will he own up to it or will he deny or just not acknowledge it? Poor Mr.Wright.

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  47. jon doe says:

    tough card for wreck…that idiot showtying better fight, hope its his last fight with wreck

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  48. Thanks for the vote BKB!

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  49. Jamie Locke says:

    Oh yeah, I am also down with reading a “Grumpy Old Jake” clumn….

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  50. Robin Black says:

    I’d read that. Grumpy Old Jake would be sweet….

    I’ve been a bit grumpy lately as you can tell

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