Canadian Rumour Mill – May 2


How is everyone this week?  I am still getting hot flashes from UFC 129 as its tough on a girl like me seeing GSP with his shirt off for five rounds.   I need to go watch the new Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel and The Rock in the same movie, YUMMY. Who wants to take me?

Here are my rumours.

  • So I dunno how many times I’ve ragged on Cage Fighting Manitoba, but give me a break. 11 days to go and STILL NO CARD INFO! Is this show even happening?!?
  • Armageddon FC – how about Starnes vs UFC vet John Salter for the MW title?
  • Arguably Alberta’s top Light Heavyweight prospect, Tim Chemelli will face Misha Cirkunov in Hamilton on the Slammer in the Hammer show.
  • You’d be stunned by some of the names I’ve heard some of the “Near Top Ten” or “Top Ten” have turned down as dangerous or bad fights.
  • Ontario fans are unfortunately gonna miss out on a potentially super exciting fight at Pro Fighting Championships… Baroni vs Clements fell through, damn!
  • So when’s Aggression gonna announce some fights, MFC has announced nearly their full card and not much from Aggression.
  • Never mind fights, when are they officially announcing a date?  Some were saying June 24, another web site said the 18th, Nick Hinchliffe was thinking the 17th, and Top MMA News has always said the 10th.
  • Speaking of Maximum Fighting, it looks like Richie Whitson is off the card due to injury.
  • Medicine Hat is getting their own Combat Commission.  The Medicine Hat Combative Sports Commission will be created prior to Hard Knocks on May 27th.
  • Showtime is really not helping his rep! Wedderburn calls up WRECK and jumps off the card to take another offer, then his new opponent decides Showtime is too unreliable and unprofessional and his team decides to reject the fight. Now Mr. Wedderburn is left with no fight and comes crawling back to WRECK seeking a fight. If that’s not good enough, I now hear that Wedderburn is fielding an offer from a show and may still bail on WRECK. What a piece of work Markhaille Wedderburn is, shame on him, he’s BAD FOR THE SPORT!!! WRECK please don’t use this guy!
  • Who are the managers Mark Pavelich is ripping on? Who’s BB?
  • UFC Edmonton?  Dana White said that they wanna go to Edmonton.  Nice!  How about Jimmo and Mein on the card?
  • Hearing rumblings about an Ontario matchmaker who is stealing fighters from managers he works with, creating back room fight approval committees, and even telling promotions that they must use him if they want to run shows in Ontario.   Ontario is the MMA wild west, so watch out for the guys wearing black hats!
  • Kyle Cardinal has started a MMA gym. Previously, he used to be BJJ only


NOTE:  These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen.  If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email

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  1. Tim Chemelli says:

    To mma granny.when have I denied losing to Sean wright?I have even posted on here that the fight happen and he should get the recognition for the win,I don’t make the stats or post them for the matter!!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    I basically read any thing that gets posted here. So Big Jake’s rant article would be great.

    Ya Chemelli has always been honest about his record, I dunno where that came from.

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    So based on what Cody said, it’s now Davis vs Spratt? That should be awesome!

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  4. in the know says:

    everyone knows chemmelli was dishonest about his LOSS to shaun wright. for that matter a few of us know for a fact he turned down a fight with the ultra tough krahn to face a lil known chump named Ganshorn. I personally know of 5 legit guys that were offered that fight with chemmelli and bang look who he fought for a paper title. Jon Ganshorn, who? exactly! Chemmelli is not even top 20 lightheavy in canada! let alone alberta. until this guy fights someone with a proven record hes a waste of good news space! i know guys AT 170 that would smoke him!

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Please name active 20 lhw better than Chemelli in Canada.

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  6. Sean Quinn says:

    Please name 20 LHW’s

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  7. in the know says:

    dwayne lewis
    ryan jimmo
    victor valamaki
    cody krahn
    bill mahood
    bill mesi
    craig brown
    Krzysztof Soszyinski
    Martin Désilets
    Jason Kuchera
    Sebastien Gauthier
    Roger Hollett
    Clay davidson
    Steve Bossé
    Jay whitford
    Dana Dickeson
    Ray Penny
    Travis Galbraith
    Brad Zazulak
    Bastien Huveneers
    Matt Baker
    hell is joe riggs should be considered cause he fought Thorne at 205!

    hows that for guys that are better then Chemmelli? I know some of these guys have been on the shelf for a little bit and some of these guys are fighting at lower weight classes but im more than confident that anyone of the fighters on m,y list would send Chemmelli packin!

    go ahead and try to argue with it!
    Bobby are you managing Chemmelli now? must be…..

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  8. in the know says:

    almost forgot about Mr. Zach Blaber, too bad he was injured cause he would have sent Chemmelli packin back to gay ass cold lake like the chump he is! I hope that fight is going to happen very soon! anyone know if Zach has healed up yet?

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  9. Tim Chemelli says:

    Ok now I have a few questions.first off who are the 5 legit guys I turned down?because when Zach got hurt his manager said they had duff and neis that would take the fight on short notice,but neis would have to be at HW so that’s why I was not interested in going that way.
    As for krahn I have never gotten a offer to fight him,the first I heard of him getting offered the fight was reading his post after my interview.
    Also I did not ask to fight Ganshorn amd have never picked a opponent.
    And for you saying I have been dishonest about my loss I think it would be pretty hard to hide something like that when over a 1000 people were there!!!

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  10. Tim Chemelli says:

    In the know… Why don’t you grow some balls and post your real name and come to gay ass cold lake!!

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  11. in the know says:

    next time im on the range me and the boys will be sure to swing in to ur lil gym. haaah lil group of misfits who are great fighters till they, “get caught” haaah good thing you got a “hernia” day of fight haaah Lopez could have retired you then and i wouldnt have to state the obvious on this forum.

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  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    Man I’ve never even met Chemelli.

    Mahood is retired, so inactive.
    Penny hasn’t fought in 2.5 years, so inactive.
    Gauthier hasn’t fought in 2.5 years, so inactive.
    Mesi hasn’t fought in nearly 2 years, so inactive.
    Dickeson hasn’t fought in 2 years, so inactive.
    Whitford hasn’t fought in 2 years, so inactive.
    Zazulak hasn’t fought in 2.5 years, so inactive.

    So based on your list you have Chemelli somewhere around the Top 15-18.

    Why the major hate on for Chemelli.

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  13. Cody Rempel says:

    I can’t see Chemelli ducking many people…

    Chemelli took a fight with Tony Lopez however was forced to pull out the day of the fight with a hernia… and before you start shit talking more, the injury was confirmed by Orest Zmyndak, Tony Bibby and Dean Panas all of whom I trust and have no reason not to believe!

    If anyone wants to get caught up on that situation check the thread here:

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  14. Dean Panas says:

    Definitely a hernia!!! Not only that but Tim did still want to fight!!!!

    Since we are talking about top LHW’s…The Quiet Assassin will be making noise sooner than people think ;)

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  15. Zach B says:

    Is right here , Just back to training, making a return in the fall.

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  16. cody krahn says:

    I don’t accuse Chemelli of ducking me, I was offered a fight with him after Zach Blaber had to pull out with an injury, the shitty part was before I had time to agree to the bout it was already announced on here that Ganshorn had filled the spot.

    I don’t know who’s decision it was to set the fight up if they weren’t going to wait for my answer then why offer me the fight?

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Hey Cody

    Its pretty common for a good matchmaker to have feelers out for multiple guys for a fight. They can’t wait for each guy to respond, or else cards never would get done. They probably touched base with both you and Chemelli and he jumped first.

    Hey, look at the bright side. Its better than seeing your name on multiple cards that you never agreed to while you watch your name cheapen.

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  18. ken kupsch says:

    haha, i think you guys have promoters fighting with each other on here! too funny!

    when we booked fights for chemelli, he didn’t care who he fought. he may not have beaten lopez, but he certainly was game to do it.

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  19. Bobby Karimi says:

    So what weight class is Showtime competing at now? Did he move up to MW or going up even further to LHW or sticking to WW?

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  20. harry balls says:

    ‘Now’ as in whatever he happens to weigh when he shows up? It got bumped to 185 (the weight he tore me to pieces over when i dared to suggest it) but couldn’t be bothered so he rolled in (see what i did there ) at 195 pounds. I am sure Khatib would have like to have known this before climbed into the sauna. This is turning into a massive joke.

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  21. Bergmann says:

    Tim Chemelli is the real deal. I seen his injury prior to the Lopez fight, there’s nothing to prove. The doctor said he was at great risk and I told him not to. There was another time where he was promised a fight and that person backed out due to injuries. I never heard Tim say that the other guy was faking it. He is a true gentleman and a growing icon in the sport. A man who, like many others is working a full time career, supporting his growing family and building a team in a sport that he loves…on top of competing. Anyone who meets him has nothing bad to say about him. And he will fight anyone, anywhere because he believes in himself and the importance of growing as an athlete. There is nothing wrong with that. We need to back our guys out here, not tear them down.

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  22. cody krahn says:

    I see your point Robin, it was just disappointing to see a fight I wanted taken from me in a matter of hours. I moreso just wanted to clarify that it wasn’t me saying Tim ducked the fight and also disappointing to see someone with very little experience getting a title shot. But now I’d rather worry about my next fight anyways than to be bitter over what could have been, besides had I won the belt I would have to go back up to fighting at 205lbs.

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  23. Ares says:

    Nick Penner vs chemelli. Penner will destroy any light heavyweight He destroyed anyone at hw n he was always undersized. I dunno how he hasn’t been in the UFC yet. Glad he’s recovered from surgery. Nick Penner mark my words will be taking heads off this yr!!

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  24. Bobby Karimi says:

    Penner vs Chemelli was proposed/in the works a few times in the past.

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  25. john doe says:

    its a shame that MMA has already started off in such a negative way in our province. What makes it even worse is the commission is allowing these low life types of people to have control of the sport. We can only hope that someone puts a stop to this guys antics and that the MMA community stands up for themselves to fight off guys like this, specifically this 1 culprit from ruining the sport for his own self gain. There are a lot of great people involved in this sport locally and the commission should be doing a better job of researching who the good from bad are.
    I am familiar with mr. mair’s antics and is a wonder he is still around. I can only hope he eventually gets himself exposed and booted from this community once and for all as he and his kind are not needed.

    Good luck cause he is not wanted or needed around here!

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  26. ares says:

    well it should be proposed again…. penners coming off a serious injury… someone set it up…

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