Livid Lewis Seething for Jimmo Rematch


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The normally calm, reserved, respectful Dwayne Lewis is gone.  Instead, an incensed, profane version of  the D-Bomb has taken his place.  This version does come out once in a while.  It was last seen publicly after Lewis knocked out Marvin Eastman and had to be restrained from continuing his assault on the UFC veteran.  Who is making Lewis so irate now?  Ryan Jimmo.

Jimmo defeated Dwayne Lewis at MFC 28 with a third round TKO that broke his orbital bone that may or may not have been caused by a head butt.  The head butt controversy is not what is eating at Lewis, it is Jimmo’s attitude after winning that has made Lewis livid.

“I was prepared to walk away from the defeat and all the controversy over the head butt, but Jimmo is talking a lot of bullshit since winning.  I really can’t say if it was a headbutt or not. I watched the fight only twice and I can see the argument on both sides!  The fact is that all of my fans and HDNet say head butt…Jimmo’s fans say right hand. Thing is, Jimmo only has 12 fuckin’ fans!

The fact is that Lewis suffered a terrible back injury at Duke Roufus’ gym leading up to the title fight.  Lewis could only do cardio in a swimming pool but he fought anyways and won the second round in many accounts of the fight.  Dwayne says,

“Two weeks out from the fight, I wrecked my back ! I could not train. I could barely walk ! I did nothing but visit my chiropractor and eat pain killers and still in the fight I had him running away like a girl everytime I flinched my hands !”

Scott Zerr, MFC’s Media Director confirms the injury,

“Yes, Lewis did have an undisclosed back injury – he kept it quiet right through the fight. He was determined to fight no matter what, great credit to him for doing so.”

Since the fight, Lewis has felt disrespected by Jimmo.  Jimmo has been saying that he was toying with Lewis and could have finished him any time. Lewis knows if he was healthy, he would be wearing the belt.

“I have zero respect for Jimmo anymore ! He’s been nothing but a douche bag since the fight! Get us back in the ring and I’ll show you a fuckin’ champion!

Apparently there are a ton of people including HDNet who want to see a Lewis/Jimmo rematch ! I have been told that Jimmo does not want the fight , which I can’t understand ! He said in a post fight interview that he “could have finished me in the first round if he wanted to but decided to play with me for a while” ! If this is the case why wouldn’t he take the “easy win ” to finish his contract ? Why is being such a puss about it ?”

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Lewis has no idea why Jimmo would not want to take a fight that everyone wants to see and that Jimmo believes is risk free.  D-Bomb attempts to answer this,

“I have no clue why. Unless he’s just too chicken shit ! In our fight, you know it was just a matter of time before I would have clipped him! Even with my back troubles, I was still able to keep him running …. and he knows it ! That’s why he won’t take the rematch …. too risky!”

As for Ryan Jimmo, he has defeated Dwayne Lewis twice and has no interest in a third bout.  He feels that he has little to gain in another Lewis/Jimmo tilt and wants to pursue bigger names.  The Big Deal responds,

“(I have) no interest, I’ve beat Dwayne twice and am looking forward to new challenges in the MFC.  I’m currently with the MFC to fight new and bigger named fighters, Dwayne was a challenge I’ve overcome on 2 separate occasions, there’s no need for a third.”

Will they fight?  Should they fight?  The MFC’s Zerr says ‘Yes.’  He adds, “There is a very strong possibility this fight will happen in autumn 2011. The fans want it, the fighters want it – so it’s extremely likely to happen.”

Will Lewis get a third crack at Ryan Jimmo?  Hopefully he does.  Nothing less will soothe his troubled soul.



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  1. fightfan says:

    boys & girls we are all tired of the bullshit around this so called win of jimmo’s…the fact is the fight is over jimmo has the belt so put an end to the fuckin shit!!!!lewis is ..the man whatever way you look at it for his fans..i’m sure is the same for jimmos fans …lewis havn’t said anything about any of this shit people are having all to are assuming that he crying over this shit ( WILL HE ISN”T)his fight got stopped because of the injury to his eye so it could of happen to jimmo & it may yet ..this is something that could happen to anyone who steps in that ring (cage) hat is off to anyone with that kind of guts..&..yes mr laughlots i think you are right..this person explain to much over to little i think he (she) has the problems !!!!!

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  2. the "ordeal" stone says:

    “that saids it all”…..seriously
    (seriously man, someone needs to explain shit to you very carefully – I was merely trying to break it down for ya…….sorry guess you didn’t understand. You brought up issues and I was merely clafifying them.

    cheers man

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