Antonio Mckee Stripped of MFC Title, Looks to CCF


On June 10th, Drew Fickett will meet Hermes Franca for the MFC lightweight title. But wait, what happened to the reigning Lightweight champion Antonio McKee? Here’s what the “Mandingo” had to say;

“From what I know is, I tore my meniscus, I got my meniscus fixed and I’m ready to fight. I’m the MFC Lightweight champ and no one has beaten me and I’m not giving the belt away. So if you want the title, you have to beat Mckee to get it and if not, I remain the champion of the MFC…… Mark Pavelich called me and said he doesn’t have anyone to fight me right now, besides I can’t fight right now, so he’s moving on. I said ok, well I’m still the champ so go ahead and move on.”

“I’m still the man in the MFC. I don’t care who wins the title, or wins the fight that night, they cannot officially be the champ until they beat the champ. I’ve got it on my wall. It takes a champion to beat a champion. That means you’re not going to just walk in and get a title. “

Canadian fans will still get their fill of the Body Shop trained fighter.  Mckee  is scheduled to meet UFC veteran Rafaello “Tractor” Oliveria on July 23rd at CCF Bushido in Alberta.

“I’m going to come up there…… I’m a warrior, I’m a fighter, I come to fight, my job is to fight…. I’m going to go to Canada and I’m going to whoop up on whomever the hell that is…. Some of my fighters have fought in this organization before. I think it’s a strong organization. They are definitely a force to be recognized with and now that they are getting a world class athlete like myself and other fighters that are coming down, with the rules where it all started – the real deal Holyfield. So I am looking forward to getting in there and soccer kicking someone in the face.”

And what does McKee think of this opponent?

“He’s a tough guy. I’ve watched some of this fights, he’s a tough guy! And I can’t take anything away from him, but I don’t think he’ll be able to last with me with Pride rules. I’m going to take advantage of the stand-up, kick him and stomp him in the face. Awesome!”

With CCF taking place under Pride rules, how does this one time UFC veteran think of the old school regulations?

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, if I’m looking to get recognized for a fight. I could stomp or knee a guy to the face, I could do all that stuff and it’s still all good. They take away the elbows, which has been an asset throughout my career. But I’m the type of fighter that’s going to step up to the plate.”

“What do these fans want? They want someone to get fucked up. Am I right or wrong? So Lino brings this style of MMA to Canada so the fans can be entertained. These fans are sick, they want to see people get knocked out. They want to see people get split open.  They want to see people bleed. They want to see people get broke in half.  Well I tell you what, we’ll pull out all the stops it’s ready to go. That’s what going to happen, someone is going to get hurt, someone is going to get stomped, and that’s the way it’s going to go.  Fans want that and we’re going to give them that. I know I’m going to give them that. I’m going to try to soccer kick my guy in the face and if I can’t, I’m going to knee him to the head. I’m going to do that and more,  because that’s what the fans are there for. How entertaining is that?”

Throughout Mckee’s  storied career, he has continued to receive criticism for his style of fighting, winning 72% of his fights via decision. McKee’s style of dominating top position wrestling continues to leave fans wanting more. Here’s what Antonio had to say;

“I’ve been classified as one of the most boring fighters and I’ve also been classified as one of the most entertaining. When you look at GSP and all these other great fighters, a lot of them are starting to adopt my style. They are starting to fight like me, but the problem is, no fighter can make everyone happy. At the end of the day, my job is to win that fight and keep my fans happy. I’ve got a big fan base, with over a million hits so I can’t say I’m boring and I can’t say I’m their best friend either. But if I’m your guy, I’m your guy and you’ll always bet on black.”

Mark Pavelich has stripped McKee of his title and now Antonio will fight for another Alberta promotion. Would McKee answer the call if the MFC came knocking again?

“I would go over there and beat the shit out of whoever was champion and come back to California with the belt again.”

7 Responses to “ Antonio Mckee Stripped of MFC Title, Looks to CCF ”

  1. Mike says:

    Where is the CCF Events held? How do I contact the organization?

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    So he was just stripped? I thought Pavelich said the title was vacated?

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  3. Chase Degenhardt says:

    So if you can’t be the champ until you beat the champ, wouldn’t Jacob Volkmann technically be the champ? Just asking…

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  4. happydaystoday says:

    mckee is the worst, if you have problems sleeping just watch him fight.

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  5. happydaystoday says:

    lino is a first class shitbag

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  6. thatguy says:

    Pavelich treats his champs like shit and I don’t blame Antonio for actions or words regarding this mess. It’s all about Pavelich trying to make his organization look bigger than it is. They just start to get some depth in the LW division he could build to challenge Antonio and he dismisses him for the flavor of the week. Real classy Pavelich.

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  7. Paveldouche says:

    MFC World Title = Happy Meal Toy of the MMA world, they way they get passed around and left behind.

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