UFC 129 Main Card Breakdown


After a stacked with Canadians preliminary card (see prelim breakdown), Toronto gets down to business with Georges St-Pierre vs Jake Shields and the rest of the main card. Here are Top MMA News’ writers prediction on the main card fights:

Jason Brilz (18-3-1) vs. Vladimir Matyushenko (25-5)

Derek: Both guys are basically the same fighter with solid stand up and excellent wrestling. Matyushenko is better at both and should get the win.
Matyushenko via Decision

Robert: Brilz is faster, stronger and hungry to impress.
Brilz via KO in Round 1

Cody B: I thought Nogueira would run through Brilz last year in May at UFC 114. I’m not going to underestimate the man twice.
Brilz via Unanimous Decision

Cody R: Brilz is going to be motivated to keep this fight out of the judges hands as his last two losses have been split decisions including a
fight which many felt Brilz won against Lil’ Nog at UFC 114.
Brilz via TKO in Round 3

Sebastien: Two wrestlers will be locking horns and we are often times subjected to a boxing match when they cancel each other out. This won’t be the case since I believe the Janitor will impose his ground game on Brilz en route for a unanimous decision victory.
Matyushenko via Unanimous Decision

Jason: After a couple of close losses in a row, Brilz is definitely going to be bringing his A-game to prove he belongs in the UFC. He’ll do what it takes to finish off Matyushenko.
Brilz via TKO in Round 2.


Mark Bocek (9-3) vs. Ben Henderson (12-2)

Derek: We have the chance to see a great ground fight between the two but Henderson’s has the edge in both stand up and speed.
Henderson via TKO in Round 3

Robert: Henderson has a slight edge in the stand up and will use it to win the fight.
Henderson via TKO in Round 3

Cody B: This fight is too close to call. I think the roaring crowd will help Bocek edge a decision.
Bocek via Split Decision

Cody R: These two skilled submission artists are pretty even in all aspects of the game however, Henderson should have a slight edge in the striking game and will eke out a close judges decision.
Henderson via Decision

Sebastien: Bocek’s chances of winning are contingent upon being able to secure top position which is something I don’t feel he can do against Henderson. This is why I will pick Henderson by decision.
Henderson via Decision

Jason: Both fighters are great on the ground, but I think Henderson’s striking will be a factor and if he’s smart he’ll use that to his advantage and try and keep the fight standing.
Henderson via TKO in Round 3


Randy Couture/Edmonton Rush Monster Truck (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Randy Couture (19-10) vs. Lyoto Machida (16-2)

Derek: This will be a battle of smarts. Both guys know what they are doing in the octagon. Randy is one of the smartest fighters we will ever see and I can’t bet against him.
Couture via Decision

Robert: Machida is not going to win this one easy, could very well be a split.
Machida via Decision

Cody B: Machida’s octagon movement will be too much for Randy to deal with in this fight. Machida will land whatever he wants, whenever he wants.
Machida via TKO in Round 3

Cody R: You can never count Couture out of a fight however Machida is just too elusive and will be able to avoid Couture’s take downs and
outpoint the UFC Hall of Famer on the feet en route to a decision victory.
Machida via Decision

Sebastien: The American General versus his Samurai counterpart is a fight for honor and legacy. I picked Machida until the Captain America invaded my dreams and slapped me for being silly. I am going with my imposed epiphany by selecting Couture via dirty old man wrestling split decision.
Couture via Split Decision

Jason: This is definitely going to be a close fight. I’m giving Couture the edge in this as he’s mentioned this could very well be his last fight… Besides, how can you go wrong with a guy that’s got his own Monster Truck?
Couture via Split Decision


Will Mark Hominick come up short?

Jose Aldo (18-1) vs. Mark Hominick (20-8)
*** Featherweight Title Fight

Derek: Hominick will be able to stand with Aldo but the champ is too strong. I think we see Aldo knock him down and get on top for a submission.
Aldo via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 4

Robert: Aldo’s superior strength will be the difference.
Aldo via  TKO in Round 3

Cody B: Mark Hominick has a real chance in this fight but I see Jose Aldo hurting Hominick early with his superlatively timed counters.
Aldo via TKO in Round 1

Cody R: Although Hominick may be able to hang with Aldo on the feet he won’t be able to sustain Aldo’s relentless attack for too long and will
eventually succumb to strikes from the powerful Brazilian.
Aldo via TKO in Round 2

Sebastien: Hominick has been one of my favorites since I started watching MMA but Aldo is too much of a specimen. “Scarface” will dismantle the machine in a third round submission victory.
Aldo via Submission in Round 3

Jason: As much as I want to say Hominick for this one (Canadian pride), I think Aldo is going to take this one and retain his belt. I’ll definitely be rooting for Hominick with the upset.
Aldo via TKO in Round 3


GSP (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

GSP expected to finish Shields (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

Georges St-Pierre (21-2) vs. Jake Shields (26-4)
***Welterweight Title Fight

Derek: While I think Shields can win this fight if it goes to the ground. GSP will us his boxing skills and take Shields down with his weak chin.
GSP via TKO in Round 4

Robert: I am a fan of Jake Shields, he will put on a show and may threaten GSP at  times. GSP will eventually overpower Shields, it won’t be pretty. Shields will as others have before him acknowledge GSP as the champ.
GSP via TKO end of Round 4

Cody B: I’m a big fan of Jake Shields but I don’t think he can handle GSP’s stand-up game. This is the easiest fight to call of the year.
GSP via Unanimous Decision

Cody R: With Jake Shields riding a 15 fight win streak over some of the top welterweight and middleweight fighters in the world, GSP will step his
game up to another level and finish Shields sometime in the middle rounds via strikes.
GSP via TKO in Round 3

Sebastien: Georges is in a “rush” to be the greatest of all time. He will take this fight into the fourth where he will finish Shields with a TKO via ground and pound.
GSP via GnP in Round 4

Jason: Gotta go with GSP on this one. A lot of people seem to criticize him for not being a finisher but I like how he can change up his game plan based on his opponents. I have to agree, Shields is going to have a tough time with GSP’s striking.
GSP via TKO in Round 4.


And there you have it! Top MMA News picks for the historic UFC 129 in Toronto this weekend. Looks like GSP retains his Welterweight belt and challenger Hominick is unable to overpower Aldo for the Featherweight title. Agree? Disagree? Head on over to our forum and join the conversation…

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