Mitch Clarke Discusses Rincon Win, Future


Top MMA News’ Keith Grienke talks with Mitch Clarke about his win over Eddie Rincon at EFC 8. With the win, Clarke went to 9-0 in his MMA career.

19 Responses to “ Mitch Clarke Discusses Rincon Win, Future ”

  1. Clarker says:

    Clarke should sign with MFC

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  2. duane says:

    Clarke should fight people with a winning record!

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  3. Ian McWalter says:

    There’s not exactly a line up of guy’s in Canada who want to fight Mitch. Hat’s off to a guy willing to risk a loss to him because there does not seem to be an overabundance of them around. Good job Mitch.

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  4. duane says:

    clarke has givin up his title at 170 because he would have to face Ford Robertson backed out of fighting Tyson Steele twice and Kurt Southern once.

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  5. Mitch Clarke says:

    I actually haven’t been offered to fight Tyson Steele or Kurt Southern and when I was offered Ford Robertson I was already making the move to 155.

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  6. duane says:

    so asking them why they wanna fight at a event in lloyd never happened??????

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  7. Zach B says:

    Duane you are an IDIOT !!! Rincon actually has a winning record !!!

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  8. duane says:

    Let’s set up clarke vs steele!

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  9. I’d rather see Clarke vs Southern or Clarke vs Glover.

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  10. duane says:

    Either way AMS wins!

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  11. Zach B says:

    Clarke would smash either!!!!

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  12. Ian McWalter says:

    Gotta love the educated opinions of of the uninformed. Class act Mitch, not to shit in the mouth of morons.

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  13. Brandon says:

    Clarke should head to MFC and fight Demarce.

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  14. LBoutin says:

    Zach B-Rincon does not have a winning record, the best I could find for him was 3-5-1 (I heard he might have had another fight but I couldn’t find any info on it, he was fighting a teammate of mine so we were trying to find out everything we could on the guy) I think he’s 0-4 or 0-4-1 in his last bunch of fights. He seems like a tough dude to finish though.

    As far as ducking guys or padding records, without a promoter straight out saying Clark was avoiding certain fighters it’s pretty tough to prove.

    The record padding is pretty easy to look up on the other side. (a lot of guys are starting to do this to look better for stuff like TUF tryouts etc.) it only works until you make the big time, then sooner or later your forced to step up the competition. (look what happened to Jason Reinhardt when he hit the UFC)

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  15. Sean Quinn says:

    I dont know how the hell a guy like Reinhardt even made it in though. TWICE nonetheless. As if, Joe Silva didnt know the story beind his record. If you want to pad your record with easy fights, then start boxing.

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  16. Sean Quinn says:

    That being said, im looking at padding my record by fighting that pisshead Mady, 5 or 6 times. That will give me a nice little streak of wins. Build that confidence up. :)

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  17. LBoutin says:

    Quinn, at least switch back and forth from Ebejer to Mady. Just for variety if nothing else.

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  18. Weapon X says:

    I’m SURE there are lots of capable fighters at 155lbs that would fight Mr. Clarke. In fact I’m positive there are!!

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  19. Sean Quinn says:

    Ive never trash talked Ebejer though. He doesnt piss me off. Plus, I already fought him so I dont have the desire to beat the stuffing out of him. Mady, on the other hand…

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