East Meets West at Pro Fighting Championship Debut


Travis Briere (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|pixelens.com)

The newest edition to the slew of Ontario MMA promotions popping up is Pro Fighting Championship. The London, Ontario based promotion will make its debut July 16. In the main event, an east coast champion meets a west coast champion as Unified MMA welterweight champion Travis Briere faces off against Ringside MMA welterweight champion Chris “The Menace” Clements. Top MMA News was able to confirm the match up with Briere’s management.

Briere (8-1) is just outside the Top MMA News top 10. Travis won his Unified MMA title by defeating Ricky Goodall in September 2010. Most recently Briere defended his strap by defeating Chase Maxwell by unanimous decision. The only blemish on the west coast champion’s record is a decision loss to top 10 ranked lightweight Mitch Clarke. Briere now fighting out of Team Tugboat looks to brighten his rising star in the ever growing Ontario MMA scene.

The east coast champion Clements (8-4) is ranked 9 in the Top MMA News top 10. The TKO and IFL veteran has faced top ranked opponents like Jesse Bongfeldt, Rory Markham and John Alessio. Clements, most recently defeated Jonathan Goulet to win the Ringside MMA belt. The Team Tompkins / Adrenalin trained fighter will carry the hown town advantage into the cage with him July 16.

The east versus west battle will definitely have top 10 implications and looks to be an exciting affair. Rumour has it the debut Pro Fighting Champions card will be a stellar event with a somewhat stacked card. Stay tuned to Top MMA News as the rest of the card becomes available.

17 Responses to “ East Meets West at Pro Fighting Championship Debut ”

  1. East says:

    Rather see Clements vs Baroni that was rumoured.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Clements wins this one

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  3. James says:

    I heard Baroni is hurt, this fight will be a better scrap anyways I bet Briere pulls this one off

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  4. Shawn says:

    I think this is a great match up with two of the top Canadian Welterweight Talents that are not currently in the UFC. Winner should get a UFC contract for sure in the very near future.

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  5. Zach B says:

    Briere get ko’d rd 1, no hate but has net face close to the competition that clements has !!!!!

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  6. Zach B says:

    *Not **faced

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    Agree with Zach.

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  8. hawkes says:

    clements by whatever he wants!

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  9. Paul Ebejer says:

    This is a great test for Travis! Myself, his training partners and more important Travis knows what’s on the line and this is his time to move onto a bigger stage! EastCoasters don’t know much about Travis but the WeatCoast does and when these 2 get it on there will be fireworks and there will be a champion reborn!!

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  10. Tony Lee says:

    I think this fight will be fantastic. Chris is a stong fighter and wish both of them the best.

    Theres is a typo in this press release. This Event will not happen at the JLC this is a 100% Fact

    The best to both fighters in the future!!!

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  11. Marty says:

    Gotta go with Clements. Fought tougher opponents. Beat Goulet and was getting the better of both Alessio and Bongfeldt till he made a mistake and got caught in a choke. Briere ground is not at the level of Alessio or Bongfeldt. Should be a good scrap tho.

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  12. Tony Lee says:

    Thanks for removing the JLC Post

    Best to all!!!

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  13. Paul Ebejer says:

    That was my bad on the JBL sorry guys! It will be a tough fight for Travis but he is mentally and physically ready. As you have all seen before Travis can recover and regain his exsposure like the best of them! I’m so pumped for this fight,card and we will see you all July 16th.

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  14. Mort says:

    Just met Clements in the Rogers centre hotel elevator. Nice dude. He confirmed this fight!

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  15. Tony Lee says:

    Chris is a stand up guy with a bright future. UFC contender for sure!!!

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  16. Paul Ebejer says:

    Both very nice guys and both very humble! Couldn’t ask for to nicer guys to get into te cage and tear shit up. I’m so pumped for this event and it’s got a stacked card!

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  17. joe says:

    This event will kick ass, two title holders fighting each other, that is sick. Is this event at the JLC too and Does Tony Lee have something to do with this show? he seems to care a lot about it.

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