CEMMA 1 – Toronto – May 28


Date: May 28, 2011
Location: International Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Main Event
Shigeki Osawa (6-1-1) vs. TBA

Josh Powell (3-2) vs. TBA

Troy Sheridan (0-0) vs. Jorge Ramos (1-1)
Joel Powell (2-2) vs. Jarod Milko (3-1)
Derek Campos (4-1) vs. Douglas Edwards (1-5)
Jason Saggo (4-0) vs. Derek Boyle (6-3)
Jason Sampson (6-0) vs. TBA

59 Responses to “ CEMMA 1 – Toronto – May 28 ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Interesting… That’s going to be a busy night for MMA…

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  2. booboo says:

    very risky fight for wadsworth , was hoping to see him fight for the ringside belt next , great card and still want to see gagnon vs wadsworth , but if tim loses , i hope ringside makes the rematch EVERYONE is wanting too see. ( groulx vs gagnon )

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  3. While I would love to see the rematch of Groulx vs Gagnon, if I were Gagnon, I would not take it and would demand to face a higher level opponent (possibly a WEC vet).

    Gagnon beat Groulx, did not lose a round (although he was in trouble a couple times), and there was nothing controversial about the win (like bad judging).

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  4. Zach B says:

    Keith I would like to see the mw ranings !!! lol

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  5. booboo says:

    KEITH U R right , i personally think groulx is a very danger opponent and wouldnt b worth the risk for gagnon to fight him again , but groulx didnt lose that 1st round , the 2nd yes but almost tapped out at the end , hell he could hardly get to his corner and the kamura he put on him in the 3 rd was fuckn wicked , and contraversal ? maybe but im not winning , just would love to see that fight again . groulx broke his thumb in that fight early and hopefully he ll fight at the end of the year again . that was the toughest fight of his career , even though he lost to romero ,it didnt even come close to the canadian FIGHT OF THE YEAR ! OH YA THIS SITE ROCKS !!!!!!!!

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  6. You rock too booboo. You are a welcome addition to our MMA community. Love your comments!

    Groulx vs Gagnon was Fight of the Year in my book as well.

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  7. booboo says:

    ty so much keith and u guys at topmma r the best. love ur site and the people involved , im just an mma fanatic and love great fights . them 2 r destined to fight again and it will happen , hopefully in front of 55,ooo people like on sat.. lol great fight , great site and the best fighters i think outside the ufc , at that weight. ty again for lettn me b a part of this great site and i love all the comments from u and sebastion u guys rock !!!!!!!

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  8. Jason Porter says:

    Hey Guys, Jason Porter here, SVP of CEMMA. Mr. Wadsworth is not going to be at the event due to personal reasons.

    I do have an opponent for Oswawa, but will not be announcing his opponent until after UFC 129 and the fight is clear to sign our contract.

    This is going to be an amazing night…contact me directly with any questions comments or concerns.

    Tickets are for sale at eventbrite and ticketpicket.


    Jason Porter

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  9. UPDATE: Received updated card. Added to the card is former Top MMA News blogger Brent Fryia. Tim Wadsworth is not on the card.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Brent Fryia is not on this card. Keith, email me and tell me where you got this info.

    Everyone involved knows that Brent turned this down. Who told you this?

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  11. Apparently the promotion does not know this, Robin. That information is from a press release emailed to me 2 days ago from CEMMA.

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  12. Robin Black says:

    Well the CEMMA guys said they got this from their Dave and these “matchmakers” so I guess they’re the ones lying. No surprise. They know full well Brent is not fighting this guy.

    This same thing happened with Wooly, Carvalho, Fraser and Gagnon with these guys.

    I’m trying to stay out of conflict with these guys but they are making it really fucking hard. Every time I turn around they’re doing something dirty.

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  13. HAHA shitty bush-league MMA wannabe people are making Robin mad!!

    Don’t do it guys. You wouldn’t like him when he gets angry.

    WOW, who is putting this together? Is anybody even going to show up for this crap.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    I do hope these Brampton guys do well. Good to have good people working hard in the mma game.

    Hopefully they get a bit more in control of the people they have representing them with fighters and stuff.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    I don’t want people thinking I have conflict with the CEMMA guys. Good people with honorable goals.

    Its some of the people they made the mistake of trusting.

    Anyhoo, enough about that.

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  16. One thing is, the matchmaker may be new at this, but looks like a cheaper card to put together, which leaves lots of room for profit if they can sell tickets.

    My uneducated guess would put this card at around 20k including the TBAs

    And that’s bloating the number, knowing that Ontario is typically paying higher these days than anywhere else.

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  17. Robin Black says:

    LOL @ uneducated guess when you are considered by most to be one of the top matchmakers in the country

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  18. A. S. says:

    we’re hearing here that the matchmakers are charging the cemma guys $50 000 for this card plus a $10 000 matchmaker fee.

    we have a lot of highly respected matchmakers on this site and board evry day. guys like Darren Owen Harvy Panasar, Joey Benoit, Alex Capricci, Marc-Andre drolet, Bobby Karimi-Busheri.

    What would you guys say would be a reasonable cost for this card so far?

    Is this upstart matchmaker company (it takes FOUR guys to put this card together?) ripping off the cemma promoters?

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  19. Sean Quinn says:

    That seems like a bit of a rip. Card takes place in 4 weeks and there arent any “big” fights. What the hell else are they doing for $60 000?

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  20. Brent Fryia says:

    Just so that everyone is aware i turned this fight down because they severely undersold this guy to me and it sounded like a set-up. They said he was 4-0 with some college wrestling. A quick google search shows that he’s 7-0, a div.II All American as a wrestler, 2-0 as a pro boxer, has won the Pan-ams for Jiu jitsu and placed 2nd at the IBJJF Wolrd Championships. I’m not looking to duck anyone, I’m looking to fight guys with similar records and experience to my own. Doesn’t seem like an outrageous request does it?

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  21. A. S. says:

    I feel bad for these cemma guys they are probly just guys working hard to put on a show for fighters and fans and have no idea what they are getting into
    very very respected people don’t have anything good to say about this Dave Mair and his shadydealings. ask respected people like Justin Bruckman or Neil forester or robin black about this guy, or ask his old employers like extreme couture or grant bros. maybe they wouldn’t say anything publicly (although on this thread black seems pissed lol) but there’s a lot of people who don’t have anything good to say about the way this guy does business

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  22. Alex Caporicci says:

    It hasn’t been officially announced, but I think around here its been common knowledge that I’m working on the upcoming event for the Score Fighting Series. Its been a lot of work, but I think its going to turn out great. The one thing that is frustrating is that we’re working really hard to get approval of fights with the Ontario Commission, making sure we have all the paperwork done and making sure every fight is solid prior to announcing anything. There have been rumors, but none of that has come from us or been officially announced.

    Now again, we see fights being announced where not only it may not be approved by the commission, but not even accepted by the fighters themselves? How is that even possible? I’m sure the guys working on this show are busy, but if the numbers are true on what they are getting paid, then there should be no excuses (and I think I should get a raise.. lol)

    That being said.. I honestly don’t think its fair to me to comment on the merits of the card. I know some of the guys on the card and they’ve fought for me in the past and would use them in the future.

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  23. Joey Benoit says:

    This card for me cost max 20K and to be honest, any promotions in Canada can’t pay a matchmaker more then 5k per card, if they want to make money at the end of the show

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  24. Darren Owen says:

    The card as is should cost mid teens. And if anyone is offering 10k to a matchmaker feel free to get ahold of me.

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  25. Harvey says:

    Agreed with Darren! Wow. Any matchmaker to charge $50k for a card of this merit is just unbelievable. Actually for ANY card is ridiculous. Someone should ask Joe Silva what he makes per card…

    Why do these start ups just not contact an existing matchmaker at an already established promotion and ask them how much they would charge to put a card together. There are incredible minds and matchmakers right in Toronto and vicinity that would provide an immeasurable amount of knowledge for start ups. Guys like Marc Andre, who was amazing for us when we started out, just asking what he thought about potential match-ups was invaluable for our matchmaking. Others like Joey Benoit, Alex Caporicci and yes even you Robin Black!… they are right in your backyard.

    Don’t know how this card is gonna play out, but there definitely is some shadiness going on with charging that exorbitant amount of money. Sorry guys my two cents…

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  26. A. S. says:

    shit getting very real around here

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  27. Robin Black says:

    This thread is becoming very interesting.

    Thanks Harvey but you won’t see me working in that capacity, probably ever. I’ll leave it to the pros.

    I was pissed to see Fryia’s name used like that. But, after seeing where this is going, maybe good things will happen.

    The guys running CEMMA sound like good people. Hopefully the insight of experienced guys like Caporicci, Benoit, Harv and Darren help protect them from getting ripped off and help them and the fans get a great show in Brampton on May 28.

    Theres some dirty people in this business. But This is generally a good business with a lot of good people. When the good people come together good things happen.

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  28. Sean McManus says:

    A.S. mentioned Dave Mair…why does that name sound familiar? Not trying to start anything…just wondering where I know that name from is all…

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  29. Robin Black says:

    Sean, he’s a guy from the wrestling world who was a coach at Xtreme for awhile then Grant Bros for a bit.
    He’s got a solid handshake and calls you buddy and bro a lot.
    Now somehow he is involved in matchmaking this show, Rama, Mma live and trying to be involved in others.
    Not sure how one does that without conflict but that’s not my business.

    I am not a fan but its not my place to comment further.

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  30. i was introduced to him over email, and he told me “I am the technical lead on most of the approved events in Ontario”

    Still not sure what that means. Multiple promotions have hired him to match their shows.

    I’d fault whoever hires him more than anything.

    If I decided to get into a business I knew nothing about. Say Hats. And some guy told me i had to go through him to be able to sell them. I’d do my research and verify this.

    Personally i wouldn’t hire a matchmaker that was involved with another show so I knew his priorities were with me, but to each his own.

    The Ontario Athletic Commission doesn’t have a list of matchmakers that must be used. So not sure where the problem is and why they aren’t doing their homework better.

    10K to matchmake a card!! WOW. I’m speechless.

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  31. harry balls says:

    Wow i go out for a dog walk and shit gets real!
    I will be happy to matchmake for any cards free of charge. I will select guys based on their fist-pose pics on facebook….

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  32. BigBoi says:

    If anyone is interested Harold and I have just set up out own Match Making/Consulting Company for MMA. We can promise a number of things but first and foremost:

    1. We are the only people the ‘commission’ will use. Note: we don’t specify which commission cause that would limit the number of suckers…. I mean customers we could work with.

    2. We only charge a flat retainer fee of $10k. Considering you’re the only sucker…. I mean promoter we’ll be working with you can trust your 10k will go only to Jack and Cocaine…. I mean research and strippers… I mean research and contacts.

    3. Did I mention we only charge 10k?

    Anyone interested?


    PS – Dave, for you I’ll only charge you 20k.

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  33. BigBoi says:

    Oh Harold, we’re 95-5 split partners in this venture. By that I mean I take 95% and you pay me the other 5%.


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  34. harry balls says:

    This is exactly how i pictured my entree into the exciting world of MMA. Throw in a HeadRush shirt and it’s a deal…

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  35. BigBoi says:

    No HeadRush, we’ll be rocking my new line of shirts “DickHedz”. You first 10 shirts are in the mail. I’ll give you a discount on them though, only $95 a piece.

    PS – You owe me mail fees.

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  36. Sean McManus says:

    anyone have contact information for Jason Porter? From this thread it seems like he may be the guy to speak with? Cheers, thanks.

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  37. BigBoi you are one funny dude. Keep up the funny as shit posts man, always fun reading what you are thinking.

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  38. Jeffrey Sparks says:

    I spoke to Jason today….

    His email is Jasonporter@cemma.ca

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  39. Graham Weenk says:

    so what is the problem with this show? i have one of my fighters offered a good fight with good pay in this show but i am reading allot of bad press. The fight i’m referring to has not been offcially signed of announced yet, so i’m not gonna get into too much detail on the fight offer, but i’d like know What exactly is the problem? if we should be cautious about the offer.

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  40. Robin Black says:

    Be cautious alright Graham. Stay away from this matchmaker.

    The matchmaker is flying a 1-5 155 pounder who hasn’t fought in 2 years in from Puerto Rico to fight an absolute stud Derek Campos? Neither one is capable of selling a single ticket in Brampton, and their combined cost with flights will be 8 or 9 thousand or more. Who’s idea is this? He is employed by the promoters, but this clearly doesn’t help the promoters.

    They still have Brent Fryia, a guy who outright rejected an offer, listed on the card, despite the fact that he was never interested.


    At least they took Carvalho down as the main event.

    I feel so bad for promoters Willie Blackburn and Jason Porter. They seem like good people who just wanted to step up and do a show.

    Unfortunately, a matchmaker misrepresented himself and told them he was the only one who could get them licensed. Then he proceeded to take a $20 000 card with no local drawing names and somehow turn it into a $50 000 card. And carelessly and fraudulently damage the names of respected fighters like Carvalho and Fryia. Then, after burning these promoters, he charges them a $10 000 fee for their trouble.

    This stuff all looked like gross incompetence but now its all so ridiculous that it has to be something more sinister.

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  41. Graham Weenk says:

    thanks robin, i appreciate it! that is really good to know

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  42. Robin Black says:

    Having said that, when a fighter that usually makes $1500 plus a win bonus gets offered $5000 plus $2500 you have to at least consider it. (But you also have to ask yourself what’s really going on….)

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  43. BigBoi says:

    I got offered bus fair and a happy meal to punch Robin once.

    I should have done it.

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  44. Robin Black says:

    Did they put you on the website even tho you turned it down?

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  45. harry balls says:

    haha people are throwing heat today. lubz it….

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  46. Dean Panas says:

    Robin Black and Blue is ready to kick some ass!!! Spread your wings and fly Birdy!!!!!!!

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  47. Robin Black says:

    It just burns me up seeing people take something good, like MMA, and burning people with it.
    Its such a great sport and, when things are done just right, everyone benefits.
    If you find an evenly matched fight between 2 local guys, and put it on with no ulterior motives, something amazing happens: everyone wins.
    2 guys get the opportunity to compete in something they love. Their coaches and helpers get to help them try to succeed. They get to invite their friends and family for support. A great show takes place that entertains a lot of people. The promoter makes a small profit and can be proud that he gave opportunities for greatness to young athletes, and great entertainment to all of us fans.

    When you add greed, ulterior motives and opportunism unfortunately it turns this great beautiful thing that is good for everyone into something that feeds the greedy and harms everyone else.

    And that should piss off everyone.

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  48. Robin Black says:

    I’m starting to feel like a broken record here, but…

    CEMMA’s own matchmaker goes and puts both Powells on a card in alberta 15 days before this show?

    Honestly. This can’t be stupidity. Is he intentionally sabotaging the promoters?

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  49. When I saw that both Powells were fighting two weeks before at Pure, my immediate thought was ‘that CEMMA show must be canceled/postponed.’

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  50. Sean McManus says:

    very strange string of events…

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