TUF 13: Lesnar vs Dos Santos – Episode 5 Recap


Show starts with Lesnar calling his team “chickenshit” again.  Bentley takes exception because he fought his heart out and, even worse, Lesnar was not even at Bentley’s fight.  Lesnar says that Lenny has a “chip on his shoulder.”

Lesnar said he was responsible for his loss against Velasquez, not his team.  He tells his three guys who have yet to fight to take the opportunity in front of them.  “Kill or be killed.”

Fight Announcement – Mick Bowman vs Clay Harvison

Junior Dos Santos is saying that Polley was only brought in for wrestling but is teaching his team to fight in every area.

Bowman is very good in BJJ and standup, according to JDS. Bowman says he will break Harvison first.

Harvison thinks Bowman will come in like crazy, but he will use his jab to keep him away. Harvison also says his teammate Cope is a “narc.” Someone writes “Chris Cope Double Agent” in the sand. The team gathers around the fire and discuss it. Cope says he is not telling Team Dos Santos any strategies.

Team Lesnar starts thinking that if Team Dos Santos wrote the message in the sand, they must know Cope is a double agent. Cope accuses Tony Ferguson of writing it. Tony is pissed that he is accused. Turns out Mick Bowman wrote it. Bowman says that Cope “is always there like a bad smell.”

Bowman, like McGillivray, is motivated by his daughter to fight.

Mick Bowman vs Clay Harvison
R1. Harvison comes out swinging landing a series of rights. The two trade leg kicks. Bowman shoots, is stuffed and is on his back. Clay punishes Mick who is on his back. Clay jumps into guard and almost gets arm barred. The two stand and exchange looping rights. Harvison with a hard combo that hurts Bowman and then does it again. Now, Bowman working with back to cage and Harvison lands two more rights. Harvison goes straight ahead and lands a couple. The two grapple against the cage. Harvison lands a couple leg kicks and is starting to find range on his jab. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Harvison.

R2. Harvison comes out swinging again. Landing big shots and a hard right kick to the body. Bowman lands a hard right after breaking from a clinch. Double jabs and leg kicks by Bowman who looks to be gaining momentum. Harvison with the leg kicks now. More jabs from Bowman and an overhand right by Harvison. Bowman starts throwing kick punch combinations. Straight right by Harvison. More leg kicks from the two fighters. Minute left and its anyone’s round. The two exchange positions against the cage. Right by Harvison at the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Harvison in a close round.
Clay Harvison defeats Mick Bowman by Unanimous Decision

JDS tells Mick, who is very upset, to keep his head up because he is a fighter. Harvison dedicates the win to his deceased father and brother. Harvison also has a compound fracture on his pinky finger and is out of the competition.

Next episode: Injuries plague Brock’s fighters, Lew and JDS have more conflict, and wildcard is announced.

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  1. harry balls says:

    Either he was having a bad day, or Bowman’s stand-up is not professional calibre.

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    I was thinking the same thing HB. He was moving straight backwards the entire time, no lateral movement. His guard looked sloppy, most of Clay’s jabs and straight rights were making it through (although that is what they showed him practising, “the launch pad”)

    Not a good day for Mick at all.

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