Canadian Rumour Mill – April 26


Hey boys….sorry about being one day late with this week’s rumours. Us girls are never on time, right?

  • Hearing things coming out of Edmonton that Ryan Ford will face Nick Hinchliffe at the next Aggression.  Of course, the Real Deal must be healthy after his fight with Karo Parisyan.
  • Crazier rumour from my commission friend is that MFC and Aggression will go head to head on June 10th in Edmonton.
  • Will Armageddon FC partner up with Cage Fighting Manitoba and hold a show in Winnipeg?
  • Speaking of CFM, still no card announcement from Cage Fighting Manitoba on their upcoming show.  C’mon guys….two weeks away.
  • Is Pure FC going to have a commission this upcoming show? They used to use River Cree, now what???
  • Assassin Fight Wear seems to be holding a show in Calgary at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre on July 8th.
  • Sean Quinn will be making his return to the cage on Throwdown in Y-Town, June 25th.
  • The June 10 Score Fight Series will be very strong.  Fights I’ve heard of are Joe Doerksen will be fighting Luigi Fioravanti, Antonio Carvalho fights Doug Evans, Aggression champ Josh Hill will face Roland Delorme, and Will Romero will battle it out with Tristan Johnson on the same card.
  • Is the old River Cree commission still around? I’m hearing some strange rumours that they are shopping themselves around to cities in BC and may even run an official’s course.
  • Are you guys reading my stuff or just looking at my pictures?  Not getting too much email from you guys.  Email me with comments, marriage proposals, and Canadian MMA scoops to


NOTE:  These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen.  If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email


28 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – April 26 ”

  1. Jeff says:

    Lots of interesting stuff.

    Can you elaborate on The Score Fighting Series? Who is running that promotion? What got The Score to decide that they should get into the fight promotion business and do they have plans to promote regularly?

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    That Score Card is going to be insane!!
    And, i dont know what you are talking about with regards to me fighting June 25th. Maybe you needs to do some more research.

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  3. Bigtoe says:

    Where is Jason Day????

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  4. Sean Quinn says:

    Day is in BC workin on his new gym. Dont think he will be fighting any time soon. Could be wrong though.

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  5. Mitch Clarke says:

    ^^I heard he started a new MMA team in Vancouver and is working on that. Just a rumor I heard though

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  6. Mitch Clarke says:

    Well Played Sean Quinn

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  7. Sean Quinn says:

    I win!

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  8. You need to keep up on your Top MMA News.

    Jason Day headlining –

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  9. Big Jake says:

    I co-manage Jason Day with Lee Mein and Lee has him booked for a fight June 7th. Stay tuned!

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  10. 17th you mean? :)

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  11. freeque says:

    Brashear vs Laraque. Make it happen.

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  12. Bigtoe says:

    Thanks for the update on J-Day! I’m looking forward to seeing him back in action.


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  13. Sean McManus says:

    pfft…Jason Day.

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  14. Original says:

    How much of this stuff is true? Do the rumours usually come true?

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  15. I am going to be at the CFM card, (not fighting, just helping a corner and spectating) I really wish they could get some fights announced as well. And Joe vs Luigi should be a hell of a scrap! Can’t wait to see that!

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    To “Original” about the accuracy of Gossip Queen’s rumours.
    They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time it’s right, every time.

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  17. mmafan says:

    WTF!! Ford kills Hinchliffe This must be a Rumour

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  18. kendall says:

    hinchliffe is going to be one of those tougher fights for ford! im glad this is happening, fan of both guys! great fight for fans.

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  19. Bobby Karimi says:

    I read on Facebook that Devan Garnon will fight Ryan Hunter on the Assassin card in Calgary.

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  20. Bobby Karimi says:

    Also the Assassin show is called “AX Combat: Execution”

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  21. Sean Quinn says:

    I punched Ari Taub in the gut lastnight. He seems like a nice enough guy.
    This is relevant cuz he also holds shows in Calgary. I know how you dont like me going all off topic, BKB.

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  22. Bobby Karimi says:

    That’s right! :)

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  23. Sean Quinn says:

    Romero v Johnson will be awesome. This fight was supposed to happen last year.
    Purple monkey dishwasher.

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  24. happydaystoday says:

    bobby karimi is the gossip queen

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  25. I will fight anyone says:

    i think its big jake or robin

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  26. Bobby Karimi says:


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  27. Bobby Karimi says:

    I have a full time job that keeps me busy beyond full time, then I do some other things that take up the rest of my time, as well as have some family issues I’m dealing with.

    Have I e-mailed some tips in before, sure I have, but me being the Gossip Queen is ridiculous.

    Me = Not the Gossip Queen.

    Please take your conspiracy theories elsewhere.

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  28. Definitely not the gossip queen…you would have way more juicier shit! Haha…joking, the gossip queen seems to get a lot of stuff right. If I were though, I’d be throwing the real behind the scenes dirt out there and a lot of it is shit you would seriously be surprised about.

    Contracts, who’s made what kind of paydays, who’s said what about someone else, what fighter has turned down another fighter or has refused to fight them and their reasons. Hell, I’d probably release some juicy snippets of emails I’ve received over the years. What big name UFC star once asked me if we could get him a Japan deal so he could openly use steroids, that kinda shit. I’ll be the Jak-lian Assange MMA WikiLeaks guy.

    On another note, my client Ryan Hunter will be fighting Devan Garnon at Steve Fader’s Ax Combat in Calgary. This will be one fight card, you will not want to miss. Steve (and crew) have worked very hard to make this show come to fruition. Can’t wait to see it!

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