Mein to Face DREAM Champion in Mississauga


Top MMA News has learned that Jordan Mein will be taking on DREAM Welterweight champion Marius Zaromskis on June 10th in Mississauga.  The fight, on the Score Fighting Series card, will join an impressive card that already features a bout with Roger Hollett against Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.

Jordan Mein has been on an impressive run in 2010.  First he TKO’d Joe Riggs at WRECK MMA, then he quickly submitted rising prospect Keto Allen, and in his last fight he defeated veteran UFCer Josh Burkman.  Now he will take on a fighter who currently owns the DREAM Welterweight title.

Coincidentally, Zaromskis won his DREAM title after winning the DREAM Welterweight Grand Prix against Jason High – the last man to defeat Jordan Mein.  Mein fared well against the wrestling prowess of High but lost a three round decision.  Zaromskis, a deadly striker, tore through the DREAM Grand Prix in 2009 and defeated notable fighters such as High and Hayato Sakurai with highlight reel head kicks.  Zaromskis defeated the legendary Kazushi Sakuraba in his last fight where he successfully defended his title.

This is an amazing opportunity for Jordan Mein and amazing fight for the Mississauga fans of the Score Fighting Series.

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  1. konrad says:

    sick fight

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  2. One hell of a fight…but I don’t like the match up for Jordan. He’s most likely one more fight away from the UFC and this guy could put him back another 6 months if he loses.

    And this has nothing to do with Jordan not taking a tough fight. He wouldn’t be fighting a Champ for his debut in the UFC.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Jordan isn’t one of these guys being all precious about being close to the UFC. That’s for guys who barely belong there.

    Jordan will get there now, later, next year, or whenever. He knows he’s got the skills and the mental ability, and he knows he belongs there.

    So, rather than wait, Jordan fights top tier fights. Fights at the top level. Fights cuz he’s a fighter.


    Let’s compare him to any other 170 who thinks he’s close.
    Let’s say Cory MacDonald.
    (I don’t know Cory, but he’s a great fighter and I hear a great guy. No disrespect.)
    I always hear McDonald’s people feel he’s close to the UFC and wants to be selective about his fights. (Just because I hear that it doesn’t make it true. NOT a knock on McDonald.)
    He’s fought twice in the last 2 years, against 6-21 Chester Post and 3-8 Chris Vorano.
    He could win 2 or 3 fights against better guys and he still is behind Jordan.
    Or let’s even take Ryan Ford, a fighter I put near the top and think he has the sizzle to get there.
    He’s fought 7 times in 2 years, which is great, and won 6. But his toughest opponent was Pete Spratt, and Jordan has fought THREE guys a notch above Spratt.

    Mein, in the last 2 years, has fought 12 times (10 wins 2 losses), including losses to Mike Ricci and Jason High, and wins over Joe Riggs, young hyped hotshot Keto Allen, and Josh Burkman.

    If he loses to Zaromskis, would he really tumble down your list of great young fighters (if you are UFC brass) or would he stay lingering at the top? Would you stop looking at this awesome kid who would then be 10-3 over the last 2 years with losses to top flight guys and wins over vets, and look instead at someone else? No, you wouldn’t.

    Guys, its not 2007. You can’t build a 10-0 record against no ones (not saying my examples above did that- they did not and are great fighters) and get in the UFC any more. There are 100 guys with 15-0 records in America who will never see the UFC.

    You must fight top guys. YOU MUST TAKE RISKS. You must compete at the highest level. You can’t get to the next level with illusion records anymore.

    Jordan doesn’t see it as some game strategy to “play the right cards” to end up there. He’s a fighter. He fights. He keeps improving. He knows he’ll fight there at some point. These fights are about his evolution. He doesn’t want to get in the UFC and make some money and get laid. HE WANTS TO BE UFC CHAMPION.

    For anyone who I work with, or asks my advice (whatever that’s worth), I tell them to fight top guys. Fight tough fights. Take risks. Push yourself.

    People used to talk about “building guys” as some cagey boxing strategy to create an illusion of a top guy.
    That will not work any more. There are too many guys who have done that. People see through it now.
    Guys should of course take bite-sized challenges when they start but, by fight 3 or 4, guys have to get in the mind set of fighting and competing and dealing with risk.

    Jordan is doing everything right. He’s already competing at the UFC level, and doing great. He’s fearless and he’s already dealing with risks and challenges and dangers and facing down the consequences of failure.

    Good for you man. Cheering for you.

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  4. Big Jake says:

    Although I agree with you on principal Robin and think your post was spot on, unfortunately that’s not the reality of the fight game.

    I know how Joe Silva thinks because I’ve pitched, sold and currently manage UFC fighters. I’ve personally been told “he needs a few more wins” or “if he just lost to this guy and he’s not UFC caliber, we can’t take him”.

    I know because I dealt with it on guys like Brett Cooper, Jesse Juarez and Jason High. And yes it is unfortunate that promotions will look at it like that, but they don’t always look at the quality of the opponents you’ve lost to.

    I 100% believe Jordan Mein is capable of beating Zaromskis, but the fact is that it could set him back if he loses. I’m a huge supporter of Jordan and would love to see him take that next step, but the truth is that historically, fighters have gotten there for their winning records and not always the quality of their opponents.

    I’m not for one second suggesting that proletariat build a record off bums. I’m just not going to sugar coat shit like I have been for so long. I’ve put my time in this game and have successfully managed a hell of a lot of fighters. And quite frankly I’m getting tired of so called managers, agents and trainers who have never even dealt with these promotions act like they know what they’re fuckin talking about. (and this isn’t directed at you Robin, you know I’ve got love for ya).

    I’m on my way out of this fight game soon and it’s been pretty damn refreshing being able to speak the truth without fear of losing clients.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    The truth is good Jake. Enjoy it.

    And the game changes every day, just like the film business and the music business and the toothpaste business.

    When I see the ENORMOUS glut of talented fighters coming up, see the UFC accepting fighter applications online, see the level of talent at the TUF trials, and see the level of new guys out there I, as an analyst and 24-7 fight guy, can confidently stand by my post. As the landscape changes, competition accelerates, the skill level of new guys leaves behind the old, only the guys who compete at the highest level will be able to be considered.
    I believe that fully. Its a math and evolution game.
    There CAN’T be room for selective guys. If that’s not yet true it will be true in minutes.

    You know I love you too Big friend.

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  6. Sean Quinn says:

    Get a room. Youre gushing ghey all over this forum.
    p.s Mein can absolutely beat Zaromskis and this is the perfect kind of risk as long as he is healthy again. A loss to Zaromskis wont damage him that badly, but a win could certainly pay off big.
    Risk v Reward…Im all about the risk. That’s how you love life.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    BTW my friend, why are ya leaving the fight game? New pastures?
    So many people will miss you. Including me. :)

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  8. Sean Quinn says:

    Serially, you should be chatting in the matbattle forum.
    This is a place for learned mma enthusiasts.

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  9. Dean Panas says:

    Even though they have different opinions, I a free with both Robin and Jake. I think Jordan is taking a very hard road to get to be where he wants to be. He could definitely be taking some easier fights and pad his record. The kid is also fighting a tonne!!!!! It seems like he is on every big card.
    I do feel that it is the proper road to where he wants to be. I don’t think he is happy with just getting to the UFC….I think he wants to get to the UFC and be successful!!! By fighting as tough as he is now, when he gets to the UFC things won’t be much different.

    I know I have said it to you many times Jake…but thanks for everything!!!! You are a class act and you will be missed!!!!

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Ya Jake is a good man. And fun as hell to drink tequila with.

    Where are you going sir?

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  11. Big Jake says:

    Thanks Robin and Dean, your words mean a lot to me. I made the decision awhile back not to take on any more new clients for day to day managing. As you know, I got back into law enforcement down here in Houston and my time has been super limited to traveling around the state and being a full time Dad to my daughter. My focus has shifted toward the sponsorship end of things and I leave the managing part to our in house agent Kurtis Loth and my partner Steve Rusich.

    I found myself getting frustrated with the game and management end of things on a personal level as well. Words like loyalty, honor and appreciation went out the window long ago and I find that the group of guys I committed to in the beginning are the same ones that are with me today.

    Over the past ten years, I’ve enjoyed the cornering, training and using the small commissions to buy the drinks at the after party…lol. Since, moving over to the sponsorship side of things, I believe I’ve found my niche in the game. Last year alone, we wrote over 750,000 dollars in sponsorship cheques and I have the pleasure of calling some top tier fighters, our clients.

    The part in which leaves a bad taste in my mouth are a lot of fly by night agents and managers that will straight up lie to a fighter with promises of huge sponsorship money, only to end up screwing them in the end. I have always been transparent with percentages and honest about telling fighters how much they would realistically make on a fight card. But for example, on the last MFC card, I had three seperate fighters lined up with deals in hand only for some piece of shit broker to step in and promise them double the money. I personally got phone calls from two of the three apologizing and asking to do business again because the guy took more than what he said he would and didn’t come through on the amount he promised.

    I waited my turn. I ate shit. But perhaps because I wasn’t more cut throat or took more than I was supposed to, I’m not “Bob Sugar”. I believe in the Jerry Maguire’s “personal relationships” idea. All the guys I manage know me personally. They know my family. We’ve drank beers together. I’ve taken phone calls at 3 in the morning from guys in jail and I’ve also made breakfast for fighters sleeping on my couch because they got kicked out of the house. Either way, this game has always been about having fun and being a part of something great. When it became about fucking people over is when I started losing interest. And the biggest part of that is because I started not liking the sport and that was bad for me. I came in as a fan and want to stay a fan forever.

    I only regret ruining one relationship in this fight game and that was with Jay Whitford. We were like brothers and because of mistakes on my part, I lost that friendship. It won’t happen again. I lost sight of the friendship aspect and became focused on the lime light and money.

    Anyways, I’m way off topic. Perhaps, my post earlier was off sided and a bit bitter. Not my intention…lol. My apologies. You’re right Robin, Dean and you little bastard, Tink. Jordan takes big risks because he deserves big rewards.

    Funny, but 5 years ago, I would of told my client the same thing…

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  12. Robin Black says:

    Jake you are a fucking inspiration.

    In a world full of liars and cheats and scumbags, one has to believe that being an honorable person should make you stand out. You are proof of that.

    By being honest, a guy might lose out on a bit of money here or a tantalizing deal there. But he can take pride in his work and in his life.

    I hope you are proud of who you are, what you’ve done, and how you’ve done it.

    Best of luck in your career and with your family and with the small group of family-like business relationships that it’s obvious you will never be able to get rid of, because you love them so much.

    You sir lead by example. Thanks so much.

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  13. Gunner says:

    from; Robin Black: “and he is very snuggly and likes to be on the bottom.”

    i just use Jake for all the burritos no one ever told me he was supposed to get me money??

    but i for one will agree Jake has done wonders for many guys involved with this sport both on the fighter side and the promotions side. He is considered to be part of our little TBay family. Always working hard even for us small time chaps.

    on a serious note….. jake i will not leave my wife and daughter to run away with you on a deserted island with lots of 9″ banana’s

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  14. Gunner says:

    and on a second serious note,,,, Mein is what the term “FIGHTER” is based on. If your a fighter you fight you don’t wait for a lucky break or beat up tapout wearing arm chair fighters to try to get where you wanna be. GO and take it. sorry just trying to get this post back on topic.. (Jake is still fruity border line line Robin fruity)

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  15. jon doe says:

    tough fight for Mein, but regardless of the outcome, it’s a huge step up and even if he loses, he’ll be fine, the ufc is calling lol

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  16. Jamie Locke says:

    Jake Hirsch is my idol!

    Tough fight ofr Mein, I believe he can win it! I’ll be watching!

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  17. Big Jake says:

    Hey thanks a million Robin, you made my day buddy. And of course Gunner, you are who I speak of when I say that my original crew is with me to this day. You and the boys from TBay are what keeps me grounded. And last but not least, Jamie, you are what I am hopeful for the future of management in MMA. You are a consumate professional and ALWAYS look out for the best interest of the fighters. It’s managers like you and now Robin, that make me feel great that fighters will be well taken care of in the future.

    Sorry to Jordan for hijacking this thread…not my intention. You should be the focus of it. Best of luck in the upcoming fight brother!

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  18. Fred says:

    Mein will rassle out a decision win. Big win, boring fight.

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  19. justin says:

    The link in the article is incorrect, its linking to a article for a MFC event, this is not MFC.

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