EFC 8: Play by Play


Keith Grienke from Top MMA News was in Lloydminster to check out EFC 8 with approximately 1,000 other MMA fans. The eleven hour drive was worth it!

On the card, Team Hayabusa went 4-0 topped with a Middleweight title win by Allen Hope. Lloydminster favorite Greg Welsh sent the crowd home happy with his successful defense of his Featherweight belt.

Top MMA News awards:

Fight of the Night – Tyler Clemence vs Sean Gailer. A great opening bout between Gailer and Clemence.
KO of the Night – Allen Hope for his KO over Paul Grandbois to win the Middleweight title
Submission of the Night – Neal Anderson for his Triangle Choke over Myles Anderson

Tyler Clemence vs Sean Gailer – Welterweight
R1. Leg kick gailer followed by big right from Clemence. The two trade in the middle. Right by Gailer. Nice leg kick by Gailer. Left by Clemence answered by two leg kicks – the last of which knocks Clemence down. Scramble and Clemence on top.Clemence starts landing some lefts from full guard but nice reverse by Gailer and Gailer is in half guard looking to pull out his right leg to get side. Gailer working an arm triangle but cannot get out of half guard. Gailer gets his leg out and turns to sink in the triangle. Clapper sounds and Gailer gives up the sub to land some ground and pound as round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gailer.

R2. Strong rights by Clemence to start it up. Muay Thai plum and some knees land from Clemence. Gailer landing huge punches and Clemence answers back. Clemence with advantage and lands a head kick. Big right by Clemence stuns Gailer and a knee drops him. Ref Kyle Cardinal correctly steps in to end things as Clemence jumps in with the GNP. Good fight to start the night.
Tyler Clemence defeats Sean Gailer by TKO (strikes) in Round 2, 1:13

Desmond Johnson vs Jess Veltri – Featherweight
R1. The two Friendly Manitobans tap to start things off. Veltri shoots and is stuffed by Johnson and Johnson gets top position. From bottom, Veltri lands the harder shots and looks for subs from the rubber guard until Johnson lands some light body shots. Omoplata sweep by Veltri who gets north south position. Veltri drops back with a Guillotine and Johnson quickly taps out. The Demarce student records his first MMA win.
Jess Veltri submits Desmond Johnson by Guillotine in Round 1, 2:19

Neal Anderson vs Myles Anderson – Lightweight
R1. Bets are on Anderson to win the third fight that starts off with Neal shooting a double and getting a take down on Myles, who is a local but surprisingly unpopular with the crowd. Neal in half guard but gets reversed by Myles who gets caught in a Triangle. Myles tries to punch out and Neal sinks it in tighter as they roll around. Myles taps out and the crowd chants “Neal, Neal.”
Neal Anderson submits Myles Anderson by Triangle in Round 1, 1:34

Matt Arcand vs Drayton Angus – Light-Heavyweight
R1. The two debuting fighters start with a flurry and Arcand pushes Angus to the fence. Angus with a standing guillotine that is not tight and he eats hard knees to his thighs until one hits low. Time. Body kicks exchanged and then a flurry followed by a hard leg kick by Arcand. Angus with some strong left hooks and an uppercut. Angus with the plum but Arcand works the body and gets out. Hard knee to the body by Arcand and then some strikes and the two hit the ground with Angus on Arcand’s back. Two hooks in for Arcand. Side control fro Angus who lands some solid lefts. Full mount and Angus lands unanswered blows before being swept by Arcand. Some light ground and pound by Arcand who works to side control. Arcand has full mount but round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Angus in a close round.

R2. Arcand looks fresher to start round 2 and the two miss with kicks. Leg kick by Angus  lands and then another. Angus lands two knees, three knees, four knees, five knees but Arcand will not drop. A tired Angus pulls guard with a poorly executed guillotine and Arcand has full mount now. Arcand lands some ground and pound and the ref calls time to replace Angus’ mouth guard. Back in full mount Arcand is restarted. More ground and pound from Arcand who still has full mount. Rights thrown from full mount and round ends. How do you score it? 5 big knees vs 4 minutes of full mount? Top MMA News scores it 10-9 Arcand.

R3. Knees from Angus again to start activities off in the third. Arcand shoots a single and gets Angus on his back in side control and then full mount.After eating some elbows, Angus gives up his back and Arcand goes for the RNC. Angus escapes and drops bombs on the back of Arcand’s head. Fight stopped due to the foul. Restart. Rights and repeated knees by Angus again but then he tires and grabs Arcand’s neck. Right by Arcand lands and the two are exhausted. Combo by Angus and he attacks with knees from the plum. More punches and Arcand turns his back while standing and ref Vern Gorman stops this one. Nice stoppage. Not very technical, but a fun fight.
Drayton Angus defeats Matt Arcand by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in Round 3, 3:57

Phil Deschambault vs Mitch Edmonds – Featherweight
R1. Leg kick and front kick by Deschambault to start. The two tie up against the cage. Edmonds takes Deschambault down by Deschambault has a guillotine. Edmonds taps out and Deschambault records his first win.
Phil Deschambault submits Mitch Edmonds by Guillotine in Round 1, 1:17

Mitch “Danger Zone” Clarke (8-0) vs. Ed Rincon (4-5) – Lightweight
R1. Rincon lands first punch of the fight and it gives Clarke a mouse under his eye. Clarke looks to land the leg kicks. Clarke shoots the single and gets Rincon on his back. Clark moves him into his corner and proceeds to drops a couple rights and then three elbows. Still from full guard, Clarke lands a few more lefts and then repeated elbows find their mark. Clarke moves to side control and lands some right elbows. Rincon is not working from his back and Clarke is dominating from side. More elbows and rights land from
Clarke. More forearms from Clarke until bell sounds. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Mitch Clarke.

R2. The two circle until Clarke shoots a double and puts Rincon on his back. Clarke, immediately in side control, immediately throws more forearms. Elbows and punches by Clarke who then steps over for an arm but then heads back to side control. Not a fun night for Rincon so far who can’t get off his back and is eating elbows and forearms all night. More elbows from Mitch who looks to the ref to stop the fight. Dominating performance by Clarke who continues to throw elbows and left punches. Now left knees to the body by
Clarke and he finishes the round with forearms to Rincon’s mouth. Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Mitch Clarke.

R3. Leg kick by Clarke to start off the third and a couple more as they stand for a while. Both fighters throwing punches from out of range so nothing is landing until Rincon scores with a straight right. Left jab by Clarke followed by a slam and Clarke is back in side control throwing elbows. Big knees from side and elbows to the ribs of a prone Rincon. Who wants elbows? Not me, but that is what Rincon is getting. Once on his back, Rincon never left it the entire fight. Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Clarke.
Mitch Clarke defeats Ed Rincon by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Nick Heynen vs. Jon Cowan – Lightweight
R1.Leg kick by Heynen and the two tie up. Knee by Cowan who gets pushed against the fence. Knee by Heynen. Double underhooks by Heynen who eats two knees but gets a nice toss. Side control by Heynen who drops elbows. Kimura attempt by Heynan but Cowan escapes. Full mount by Heynen. Elbows being dropped by Heynen who now gets reversed. Cowan in full guard drops a couple lefts before time runs out. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Heynen

R2. The two clash legs in an exchange to start. Heynan land a combo and a knee to the body and two big knees to Cowan’s head. Cowan in trouble and the two hit the ground. Heynen on the bottom with Cowan in his full guard. Cowan lands a couple rights but is doing little from the top. Kimura sweep to full mount by Heynen. Heynen pins the left arm with his shin and drops two hard elbows and a right bomb. Heavy ground and pound by Heynen who finds himself in Cowan’s rubber guard. Heynen lets Cowan up. Heynen firing everything at Cowan. Cowan misses a head kick and Heynen finishes round with a straight left and right.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Heynen

R3.Cowan lands a right but eats a double jab from Heynen. Heynen feeding Cowan a ton of punches that drop Cowan. Cowan fed a couple of big elbows by Heynen and Cowan turtles and Kyle Cardinal stops the action.
Nick Heynen defeats Jon Cowan by TKO (Strikes) in Round 3, 1:07

Ben Stewart vs. Aaron Shymr – CW 160
R1. Stewart starts with the crisp jabs and Shymr retaliates with a couple leg kicks. The two clinch and Shymr is thrown by Stewart. Big right from Stewart on the ground and Stewart advances to side. Stewart pins Shymr’s right hand and attempts a crucifix but Shymr powers out and gets on top. Stewart escapes and gets side control on Shymr. Stewart on the side with an arm triangle. Shymr taps out. Stewart looked good.
Ben Stewart submits Aaron Shymr by Arm Triangle in Round 1, 2:35

Paul Grandbois vs. Allen Hope ***Middleweight Title Fight
R1. Grandbois with a right and then a leg kick to start things off. Grandbois likes to throw the big left hook and his leg kicks are damaging as well. Hard leg kick by Hope returned by Grandbois. Hope lands a hard right and KOs Grandbois. Hope has granite hands.
Allen Hope defeats Paul Grandbois by KO in Round 1, 1:41
*** Allen Hope wins Middleweight title

Greg Welsh vs Drew Weatherhead ***Featherweight Title Fight
R1. Weatherhead immediately goes for takedown but Welsh elbows him in the side and back before going down. Weatherhead shoots again but takes a lot of punishment for each shot. Weatherhead dives for a single but eats four or five shots but gets Welsh down. Welsh muscles back to his feet and drops elbows onto Weatherhead’s back again. Stoppage as Gorman warns Welsh for his infraction. Nice front kick by Weatherhead. Diving single but Welsh punishes him. Weatherhead dives again from knees and Welsh unloads with a soccer kick that just misses Weatherhead’s head. Weatherhead only shooting for takedowns and taking a lot of punches for his trouble. Another shot by Weatherhead but Welsh gets his head tied up in his legs and punishes Weatherhead’s side with punches. Weatherhead being outclassed and takes more damage before Gorman stops Welsh from inflicting more damage.
Greg Welsh defeats Drew Weatherhead by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1


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  1. Update: Desmond Johnson was announced Desmond Jackson at the show. I initially wrote the PBP using the Jackson name until I saw this morning he was Johnson on Facebook.

    Drayton Angus was announced Drayton Martell at the show. Changed him to Angus when I saw he was Angus on FB as well.

    Hope they are right. If not, let me know.

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  2. ANON says:

    NEAL! NEAL!! NEAL!!!!

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  3. Mike Davis says:

    Welsh is a massive 145er, guy is extremely powerful for weight class.

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  4. ben stewart says:

    Gregs my boy strength and gas for days trains like an animal

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  5. R.T. says:

    Mitch “Danger Zone” Clarke is a beast I’d love to see him in bellator or the UFC. He’s ready for a step up.

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  6. Welsh has a dirty, mean streak. I think he would bite your ear off for the win.

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    Not only did Hayabusa go 4-0 but they swept the Fight night awards too! Congrats guys!

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  8. Jesse says:

    I am a 10th Planet Jui Jitsu student. I follow this system for specifics like the lockdown half guard. Which got the sweep to his guard which eventually lead to the choke. Thanks

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  9. Ju Blo says:

    Go Mitch Clarke! Change that name to Danger Close! Those elbows are like artillery shells!

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  10. Johe says:

    Thanks for the play by play. I thought the two native guys were fight of the night.

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  11. Ellis says:

    Clark needs to finish if he wants me as a fan.

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