WRECK is Unstoppable on May 6th

John Fraser

John Fraser

Wreck MMA is proud to announce additional details for Wreck MMA: Unstoppable on May 6th, 2011 at the Casino Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec. Presented by The Score, the event will be headlined by two of Canada’s top bantamweights who do battle for the Wreck Bantamweight Title. John ‘The Haggis Basher’ Fraser steps up to face Saskatoon’s undefeated prospect Eric Wilson. Fraser is on a four fight win streak and in his last fight he defeated the talented veteran Thierry Quenneville for a featherweight title. Wilson is coming off a win against rising star Roland Delorme that cemented him as one of the nation’s top bantamweights. A win against Fraser would put away any doubts whether Wilson is the real deal and firmly establish himself among the elite.

In the co-main event, Team Bushido’s Nabil ‘The Thrill’ Khatib returns to Wreck as he faces one of the bad boys of MMA, Markhaille ‘Showtime’ Wedderburn. Khatib’s last fight in Wreck ended controversially and Khatib is looking to leave no doubt with this one. Both fighters have shown a great deal of heart and expect this one to be a real test of will with the victor being the one who refuses to break. A win here by Khatib can put him in like for a title fight at the first ever event in Ottawa in September.

In the second title bout of the night, Jesse ‘The Ghost’ Gross returns to Wreck to face veteran Brad Cardinal for the Wreck Lightweight Title. This fight is Gross’ toughest challenge to date and will show where Gross stands among Canada’s top prospects. Cardinal has been around long enough to not be affected by the hype surrounding Gross and wants to leave Ottawa with some shiny new gold.

Gideon Ray

Wreck MMA is pleased to announce the addition of UFC Veteran Gideon Ray to the event in a featured bout of the evening. Ray has faced a who’s who of MMA veterans like David Loiseau, Mike Swick, John Alessio and Jason Macdonald. His opponent on this night is K1-Heros, Shooto and ZST veteran Sergej Juskevic. Making his Canadian debut, Juskevic (who lives in Toronto) is a former Lithuanian kickboxing champion with a solid ground game. After winning six of his last seven fights, Juskevic could potentially be the next breakout Canadian star.


Craig ‘Farmer’ Brown will step into the Wreck cage against the veteran Dan Chambers and Lindsey Hawkes will face Nathan ‘Gunner’ Gunn in a potential fight of the night candidate. Also scheduled to appear are OAMA standouts Jeff Harrison, Christopher St-Jean and Randy Turner alongside talented Ottawa based fighters. On the card are Tapout Gatineau’s Pablo Santos, RAMA’s Marc Lefebvre and Cedric Grenon, BTT Canada prospect and former member of the Canadian national judo team, Scott Edward.

Wreck MMA: Unstoppable is proud to be supporting the Ryan Williams Fund. The Ryan Williams Fund helps raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) to purchase new equipment. Wreck Promoter Nick Castiglia will also be returning to the MMA cage on this event and will be donating his purse to the Ryan Williams Fund. Tickets for this event are available via Ticketmaster.ca or by calling (613) 755-1111. Buy your tickets now as there are only 1500 seats available and this event will once again sell out!!

Date: May 6th, 2011
Venue: Casino Lac Leamy
Location: Gatineau, Quebec

Main Event for the Wreck Bantamweight Title
Eric Wilson (Outlaw MMA, Saskatoon) vs. John ‘The Haggis Basher’ Fraser (Supreme Martial Arts, Sarnia)

Co-Main Event
Markhaile ‘Showtime’ Wedderburn (Team Sufferaz, Toronto) vs. Nabil ‘The Thrill’ Khatib (Team Bushido, Ottawa)

For the Wreck Lightweight Title
Brad Cardinal (BDB Martial Arts, Calgary) vs. Jesse ‘The Ghost’ Gross (Adrenaline MMA, London)

Gideon Ray (MMA Masters / Uflacker Academy, Chicago) vs. Sergey Juskevic (Mecca MMA, Toronto)
Dan ‘Torture’ Chambers (CMAC, Lethbridge) vs. Craig ‘Farmer’ Brown (FIT MMA, Ottawa)
Lindsey Hawkes (WAMMA, Winnipeg) vs. Nathan ‘Gunner’ Gunn (Leading Edge Gym, Thunder Bay)
Mike Sledzion (Dragon’s Lair, Orillia) vs. Marc Lefebvre (RAMA, Rockland)
Joel Paquette (Supreme Martial Arts, Sarnia) vs. Pablo Santos (Tapout Gatineau, Gatineau)
Dave Regimbald (Speedy Gym, Granby) vs. Randy Turner (OAMA, Ottawa)
Blake Nash (Maximum Training Center, Windsor) vs. Scott Edward (BTT Canada, Montreal)
AJ Kellher (N1 Martial Arts, Belleville) vs. Chris St-Jean (OAMA, Ottawa)

TBA vs. Jeff Harrison (OAMA, Ottawa)
TBA vs. Cedric Grenon (RAMA, Rockland)
TBA vs. Nick Castiglia (OAMA, Ottawa)

18 Responses to “ WRECK is Unstoppable on May 6th ”

  1. The Dude says:

    wow, 14 fights

    Gonna be a loooooong night of fights fellas

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  2. I have been informed that Kelher (might be Kelleher) has only taken a couple lessons at N1 and does not represent the gym. Word is that might be all the training he has ever had.

    This was a press release. Top MMA News does not write or edit them.

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  3. Darren Owen says:

    What weight class is the Khatib fight at?

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  4. jon do says:

    Darren, the fight will be at 205 so each guy can actually come in underweight

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  5. harry balls says:

    Lol @ jon do. Khatib-Show is a catchweight of 175 from what i heard. guys: please make it this time.


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  6. jon doe says:

    175 just means they can come in at whatever weight they please

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  7. Adam Lorenz says:

    I mean no disrespect to them but is “Outlaw MMA, Saskatoon” correct? I train at and fight out of Saskatoon, which is a pretty small place, and I have never hear of this team.

    I am really looking forward to a few fights on this card. Go Brad!

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  8. Wilson is from Saskatoon and the Outlaw MMA fan page says its located in Saskatoon.

    I will be passing through Saskatoon tomorrow. Make sure you wave!

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  9. Adam Lorenz says:

    I will do that!
    Never thought to check for a fan page, it appears he is with the same gym but it changed names or something.

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  10. od says:

    Eric trained at “Way of the Dragon MMA” in Saskatoon. Ian McWalter and most of the coaches left the Dragon, and started a new club “Outlaw MMA” … location still to be determined, though we’re teaching two MMA classes on the weekend at the Y.

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  11. Ian McWalter says:

    Outlaw MMA is not functioning as a commercial club. It is now a team consisting of a couple of pro’s and some aspiring amateurs. We are training on the weekends at the YMCA and the rest of the week on my acreage north of S’Toon.

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  12. harry balls says:

    So khatib-showtying IS gonna be 185? nobody has confirmed this yet. TBAs cleared up?
    I’m there regardless.

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  13. Shawn says:

    Just for the update on AJ Kelleher.. He is a piece of shit from Belleville that is tough as nails, punched guys out every weekend at the bar up until a few months ago.. him and his sister beat a guy so bad he almost died.. he is now in prison for attempted murder where he belongs, please be aware if he ever gets out cause he is bad news! he has hurt a lot of my friends and finally it caught up with him.. just thought I would let everyone on here now he is Trouble.. He is the toughest guy ive ever met I will give him that but hopefully someone finishes him off inside..

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  14. sponcer says:

    Hope that’s not miller talking like that about kelleher. I’m sure his sister would run circles around you in a ring. And any one who beats a girl like that deserves to be left in a coma. He’s just lucky his friends left town when they did. So aj belong in the ring raw talent bud. Your comment belongs in a play ground kid. You should try him. Or u too lady like.

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  15. Obviously says:

    That dude got beat up in about 1 minute.. You both are retarded.

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  16. aj kelleher says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  17. Cody Saftic says:

    I remember that story! You were a tough guy with some hype and then apparently you and your older sister beat up a 50 year old and almost killed him.

    I heard this happened too after you got out:


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  18. PEDuser says:


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