Drysdale Looks to go 3-0 at AFC 6


Drysdale finishes off Huveneers with an Arm Triangle

Robert Drysdale will be returning to fight in Victoria for Armageddon Fighting Championship.  The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, who is 2-0 in his MMA career, will be looking to stay unbeaten on June 18.  After beating Bastien Huveneers and Clay Davidson at AFC 3 and 4, the Abu Dhabi champion will be taking a step up to fight UFC veteran Mike Nickels at AFC 6.

Nickels (9-4) is also a BJJ black belt.  Mike won his last fight against Kyle Seals and is 1-1 in the UFC where he has faced Stephan Bonnar and Wes Combs. Fans will also remember Nickels for his MFC Fight of the Year performance against David Heath at MFC 22.  Nickels will be a good test for Xtreme Couture’s Robert Drysdale at AFC.

Once again, the AFC is looking to bring a packed card to Victoria with Kalib Starnes looking to defend his Middleweight title and top prospects Nick Driedger and Justin Shaw also on the card.

4 Responses to “ Drysdale Looks to go 3-0 at AFC 6 ”

  1. BC Moe says:

    This is a good third fight for Drysdale. He will win but nice progression for his career.

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  2. Chris J says:

    Wicked fight, great matchmaking at AFC!

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  3. Ruffian says:

    I’m ready to see two of AFC’s chosen guys matched up against each other.

    Starnes vs Drysdale

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  4. anonymous says:

    “Who is the bigger hero? He who takes a fight he’s not supposed to win against bigger odds but gives 100% to win, or he who takes fight’s they’re 100% sure they will win with no opposition?” – Mike Nickels

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