TUF 13: Lesnar vs Dos Santos – Episode 4 Recap


Last episode, Canada’s Ryan McGillivary won his first round fight over Len Bentley. Here’s what is up this week:

Lew Polley says everyone is excited to fight. He thinks Lesnar does not care and Team JDS really helps. He thinks “Team Lesnar is going to get rolled over.”

Lesnar returns and says they are down to the four horsemen now. Lesnar thinks Clay Harvison will be picked next. Lesnar’s team’s practise does not seem as high intensity as Team JDS.

Charlie Rader and Chuck O’Neil let off some steam. Chucky also helps Charlie stay on weight.

Fight Announcement: Team JDS picks Ramsey Nijem vs Charlie Rader.

JDS likes the fight because Nijem is his best wrestler. Team Lesnar says its a great matchup for them as Rader is a high school state champ wrestler and they think they will win control back.

Everyone is giving Nijem are hard time because he watches Glee and has his nails done. They call him “Stripper” Ramsey and he is shown dancing naked. Ramsey is the team clown. He even fake humps Junior Dos Santos. Team Lesnar thinks he is there just for TV.

Former UFC Welterweight champion Matt Hughes shows up with Lesnar for training.

Both fighters weigh in at 170.

Lesnar says it will be a disgrace if you lose to a guy with painted toe nails.

Ramsey Nijem vs Charlie Rader
R1. Ramsey comes out throwing and presses Rader against the cage. Rader lands some knees and then the two trade knees. Rader still with back to the cage lands some more knees. Nijem throws some knees and one hits low. Back to fighting and the two trade and Ramsey pushes Rader against the cage again and lands a few knees of his own. More knees to Rader’s thigh by Nijem in this slow fight. Nijem takes down Rader with a single but Rader gets back up quickly only to be taken back down. Nijem lands some punches on the ground to win the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Nijem and Lesnar reminds Rader that “this is for real!” as Rader looked listless out there.

R2. Nijem takes Rader down immediately and Rader bounces back to his feet. Nijem gets Rader down and gets Rader’s back. Nijem punches Rader’s head, gets the Rear Naked Choke and Rader taps out.
Ramsey Nijem submits Charlie Rader by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2

Lesnar says that Rader lost as soon as he entered the cage. He allowed Ramsey to control the fight.

Dana White says that Rader “gave up, laid there, and tapped as quick as you can tap.”

Lesnar is frustrated and says that “these guys do not want to even be here.” He calls them “chickenshit”. Bentley is upset and says he worked his ass off out there.

Nijem agrees and says that Rader “wanted out.”

Next episode: Is Chris Cope a double agent? Bentley vents about Lesnar.

2 Responses to “ TUF 13: Lesnar vs Dos Santos – Episode 4 Recap ”

  1. jovent says:

    I’m a Brock fan, but even if your team losses, you don’t have the right to call any of your fighter a chicken sht. That’s just wrong. It only fuels the negativity in your team and it may result to more losses. He should gather his team and ask what areas they need to improve. I’d like to ask Brock this “How would you like if I were to call you chicken sht because you danced your way to avoid punches from someone who is smaller than you?!”

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  2. Jason says:

    I know it’s a show and heavily edited but there definitely seems to be a huge difference in coaching and attitude between the two teams…

    I agree jovent (not about the Brock fan lol) but a lot of his comments seem to be more disparaging towards the fighters on his team.

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