Top MMA Radio – CCF PRIDE Rules Discussed with Lino Santoro


Lino Santoro

Top MMA Radio is back for its weekly show with Keith Grienke and Don Wilson. This episode features Pasqualino “Lino” Santoro, President of Colloseo Championship Fighting. Lino come on the show to discuss his July 23rd CCF Bushido show and the PRIDE rules that the CCF fights will utilize.


Check it out:

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20 Responses to “ Top MMA Radio – CCF PRIDE Rules Discussed with Lino Santoro ”

  1. Dean Panas says:

    Great interview with Lino. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Lino may have given away more info then he wanted when he made the comment about the “Fallen Four” charity. The fallen four is in respect for four RCMP officers who lost their lives in 2005. It is in a town called Mayerthorpe that is about an hour northwest of Edmonton. I assume the fight is there, or in Whitecourt which is just down the road. I have heard of other people talking about puttin on shows in Whitecourt.

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  2. harry balls says:

    Dunno if this is gonna fly; Lino seemed a tad evasive. Props to him for agreeing to be interviewed. New drinking game: starting with the Santoro interview, take a shot of JD every time someone says ‘ya know’.

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  3. pay up says:

    cmon lino.. i am all for the sport and helping athletes get thier shot but this guys track record of lies / decpetions and outright sketchy moves makes his a terrible person to carry the flag for any changes or modifications to the sport..

    PAY the people you owe from the last CCF show
    SIDNEY SILVA is a good person to start with in that department…

    PAY the promised bonus monies to fighters who competed/worked with for you in the past.. and your poor camera crew did you atleast pay the photo lady that worked so hard for you…??

    the people who put thier credit cards down for room incidentals in which you incidentally didnt pay the hotel and they got charged for the rooms rentals GOD .. LINO fly straight for once..

    and the rest of you DO not take this guys word for anything

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  4. I will fight anyone says:

    how bad is this

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  5. Sidney Silva did not fight on the last show. I thought he was a corner man for Bill Fraser.

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  6. Lino is doing Fallen Four because he has two brothers that are police officers.

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  7. Jay Pagliaro says:

    The Winnipeg NHL team is gonna be called the Manitoba Moose. Also, it’s gonna be the Thrashers moving up there, not the Coyotes. But don’t say I told ya :).

    Lino is a great guy and a good friend. Can’t wait to see him put this show on the ground and prove all the critics wrong!

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  8. pay up says:

    do not beleive anything this man says im not sure he doesnt have brothers that are officers but i do know that he would try to attach himself to any cause in an effort to get his newest hustle over on people.

    sidney silva did not fight and neither did the guy he came up to corner and neither was paid and sidney ended up covering the rooms when lino skipped town on the hotel bill.

    people need to speka up about these shaddy movements so these guys cant keep doing them if everyone stays quiet hopping they get thier piece eventually the show just goes on. i wish to see mma under all rules flourish but to know lino is to know he cant and shouldnt be trusted with the task

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  9. Richie says:

    I heard he might have UFC vet Mike Ciesnolevicz on this show? Is there any truth to that rumor??

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  10. No. Sounds like Mike C will be at Prestige.

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  11. pay up says:

    there are no critics just people that know not to trust him.

    where are those finishing bonuses from ccf 1-3??

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  12. kendall says:

    Lino Santoro! I applaud his willingness to go against all odds but, after all the negative shit ive heard on this fella, i cannot believe he is still trying to run a show and that people are actually thinking about fighting for him.

    Sure fight for him, maybe dont get paid, maybe have some serious trouble with some of his bed fellows? Either way just think before you act…..

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  13. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Thanks for throwing me under the bus guys. making fun of my head size and making me look a creppy guy haha. Finally is not a french beret it is a Kangol hat which is also known as the Samuel L Jackson hat although people keep saying that I look like Kevin James. I did not rock the hat at the event but did for my video interviews with Ricky Goodall and TJ Grant so you will get your fix Don haha

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  14. Mitch Clarke says:

    I’m more concerned about what’s going to happen to the fighters? Will they be suspended indefinitely, will the fight not be on their record. Will they have to redo all their medicals, etc?

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  15. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m in with the “ya know” drinking game…


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  16. Almost sounds like he was afraid to say my name.

    What an elusive guy. Can’t name the city of his show, unclear about the rules.

    But i’m glad to hear you can’t stomp a guy if you know he is knocked out.

    How does this not concern anybody else?

    Talking bout the calibre of his fighters? He has had some decent guys, but overall one of the lowest end fight cards in the area. And there are some bottom feeder shows over there.

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  17. MMA Noob says:

    Really look forward to the radio show. Is it Machine because of Homenick? Big One is a better name.

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  18. Phil Baroni says:

    pride rules is the best..ufc rules limits the things u can do and doesnt simulate a real fight as much as pride rules do

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  19. pay up says:

    lino is not beign evasive he just does nto honestly have any set plans in action yet as with all his events which is why he is running into trouble. im faily certain if asked what the rules were in detail he wouldnt know.. ie pride vs dream vs unified

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  20. Dean Panas says:

    Looks like I was right about Whitecourt.

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