Enoch Cree Nation Commission Officially Replaces River Cree


(April 19, 2011: Enoch, Alberta, Canada). Enoch Cree Nation announces a new combative sports commission to replace “River Cree Combative Sports Commission”.

The new commission is called “Enoch Cree Nation Combative Sports Commission” (ECNCSC) will be administered by a newly formed board that will include one of Alberta’s leading Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors, black belt Kyle Cardinal, himself a Cree Aboriginal from Enoch. This new Commission will also include President – Cody Hodgson and Secretary – Cheri Jubinville who are all Enoch Cree Nation members.

“It is an exciting day for the combative sports industry in Alberta,” said Kyle Cardinal. The new commission will sanction professional mixed martial arts, boxing, Muay Thai and wrestling events at Enoch”.

“River Cree Combative Sports Commission” which consisted of Dale Kliparchuk and Al MacKechnie who were representing Enoch Cree Nation off of Enoch Lands will cease. Keep in mind, this process of Enoch people wishing to engage in the combative sports industry; is with the intent to exercise their desire to self govern themselves. Therefore, to exercise their “inherent right” as First Nation People, on sovereign land.

Enoch is geographically located just outside the Edmonton City boundary and is not to be confused with the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission. “Edmonton has its own combative sports commission” said Cardinal. “We are the next door neighbor here at Enoch. We will share many of the same top quality event officials, so promoters and fighters can be assured of excellent officiating at events held at Enoch.”

The ECNCSC will apply for immediate renewal of membership with the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC).

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  1. BigBoi says:

    Best of luck! Will be interesting to see how they handle the conflict of interest issues that will arise from Kyle’s background as a coach, ref etc…

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  2. In this sport, lots of conflicts arise due to the small community. Its easy for Kyle to say, “I’m stepping out of this decision,” and leaving it for Hodgson to take care of.

    eg. if Lewis wanted to appeal loss to Jimmo and try to make it a ‘No Contest’. We know Cardinal/Munduruca work with Bowman’s gym in Fort Mac, so Kyle could step aside from that decision. NHL does it with Colin Campbell and Boston where his son plays. No reason Enoch can’t do it either.

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  3. Sandy Bowman says:

    There is never a situation that cannot be delt with properly when you have honest people trying to do something good.

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  4. BigBoi says:

    I 100% agree. I’m just looking forward to how they’ll deal with it.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Well said Sandy Bowman.

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  6. This worries me,
    im a promotor out of Cranbrook B.C. my city asked for our first event that we would bring in a commission to run the event then following up from the event depending on how well it does we would create one in Cranbrook, We have had “trail” “Vernon” and “pg” fall through for us and now we have been talking to “river Cree” an they sounded very possible in coming down to run the event AND NOW I FOUND THIS BLOG!, not really sure on what we should do?Ive been dealing with Dale this hole time.. if anyone could help me with this problem email me or call me

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  7. Oh dear. This could get interesting.

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  8. alandale says:

    That’s their scam, commission for rent.

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  9. Pat says:


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