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Kent vs LeBlanc

Extreme Cage Combat held there 12th event, titled Rage, last night to a packed house at Palooka’s Boxing Club in Halifax. There were four exhibition Muay Thai bouts to start the evening followed by seven mixed martial bouts to top the night. Here is a rundown of the night’s events.

185-Mike Kent vs. Breton LeBlanc
Round 1
Leblanc starts the match with a leg kick. He then charges in and ties Kent along the ropes. Kent uses his strength and drops him down with side control. Kent moves position and gets on top. Kent goes for a punch and misses but gets LeBlanc’s back for a rear naked choke. Kent slips off and they stand back up. Both clinch again and Leblanc gets a takedown. Leblanc goes for some body shots to gain an advantage. Both move around trying to gain control. Leblanc goes for a punch and Kent gets a triangle. They almost fall out of the ring so the ref moves him to the center. The ref messes up and puts Leblanc in side control instead of top. It doesn’t matter as Kent moves and gets on top. Kent throws some bombs on LeBlanc. He tries to get on his back and does. He gets the rear naked choke but it breaks. He is able to slip it back on again and wins the fight.
Mike Kent submits Breton Leblanc via Rear Naked Choke @ 4:09 of Rd1

265-Robbie Colbourne vs. Matt Acorn
Round 1
Colbourne right away is trying for the takedown. Colbourne has Acorn on the ropes, Acorn tries to push him off but Colbourne continues to work at it. Colbourne is getting the odd knee while Acorn tries for a punch in the face. The referee breaks it up and restarts the fight. Acorn is using leg kicks to keep Colborune at bay. Colbourne tries for another takedown but has Acorn along the ropes. Colbourne tries some knee shot to get him down. The ref breaks them up again and restarts the fight. Colbourne goes for a right and blocks a head kick by Acorn. Acorn then goes for lower kicks and Colbourne charges for a takedown again but is just tangled against the ropes. Colbourne goes for the sweep but can’t get it. Colbourne gets him the corner and goes for more knee strikes. Acorn throws some punches and gets Colbourne in the corner to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 for Colbourne.

Round 2
Colbourne throws some rights and charges Acorn to the corner. Both continue to throw the odd strike but little is happening. The ref breaks it up. Acorn tries to go in for a strike but eats the end of a right hand. Acorn goes for the leg kick. Colbourne charges and tangles across the ring but Acorn reverses and gets control. Both fighters break free and Acorn continues with the leg kicks. Colbourne charges but Acorn pushes him aside. Acorn continues with the repeated leg kicks and Colbourne cringes in pain and the ref stops the fight.
Matt Acorn defeats Rob Colburne via TKO (Leg Kicks) @ 3:16 of Rd2

135-Justin Steele vs. Chris Keledas
Round 1
Keledas starts with a right and a leg kick. Steele answers back with some punches of his own. Both exchange and Keledas gets a clinch. Keledas cuts open Steele’s lip. The ref stops the fight to get Steele cleaned up. Fight continues with both exchanging with both guys connecting shots. Continue exchange with Steele clipping Keledas and pushes him down. Both get tied in a clinch. Steele is trying to squirm out. Keledas goes for a takedown but has nothing. Both get the shots in before Steele breaks it off. Keledas goes and gets on Steele back and takes him down. He is trying for a rear naked choke. Keledas gets some punches to break Steele’s hold on his arms. Keledas tries to turn but Steele gets back up. Both continue to slug it out with each other. Keledas gets a takedown to end the round
Top MMA news gives the round 10-9 to Keledas

Round 2
Keledas does some head movement and gets a right. Steele charges in and Keledas gets a body shot. Steele goes down and Keledas throws some knees to end the fight
Chris Keledas defeats Justin Steele via TKO @ :36 of Rd 2

185-Mark Grey vs. Todd Henry
Round 1

Grey vs Henry

Grey throws some haymakers to start. Both fighters go back and forth with punches and tangle in the corner. Nothing is happening. Henry is pushing him against the corner. Ref breaks it up and brings them to the middle. Henry gets leg kick and both exchange with Grey getting the better of it. Grey gets on his back and hits from top. Grey continues to work from the top of Henry’s back. Henry has no answer. Grey still on side control and lands elbows on the body. Henry gets his leg wrapped on Grey but he pushes him off. Grey goes north/south then atop his back and throws some more punches to the body to finish the round
Top MMA News gives the round 10-9 to Grey

Round 2
Both exchange rights to start the round. Henry goes for a takedown with Grey getting on his back. Henry switches and gets on top and goes for ground and pound. Grey gets a guillotine choke but can’t hold on. Henry then gets on his back for a rear naked choke but has trouble finishing it. Grey tries to get up but Henry gets on top position. Grey is cut again on both sides of his face. Henry starts doing ground and pound. Ref stops the fight and puts them in the middle. Henry is still on top but Grey turns his back and gets on top and close to the ropes. The ref moves them to the middle but the round ends
Top MMA News gives the round 10-9 to Henry

Round 3
Henry starts with a right. Grey goes in and they tangle along and Henry is walking trying to get out of the under hooks near the ropes. Grey throws a knee but Henry is walking him around. Henry gets a punch and Grey takes him down. Grey can’t get an opening and the ref stands them up. Henry goes with a front kick. Henry grabs him and gets some knees. Henry is walking around the ring trying to get out of Grey’s under hooks. Ref moves them to the middle were both exchange with fists. Grey pushes Henry to the corner and both tangle. Ref breaks it up. Henry with a right. Both exchange again. Henry pushes him against the ropes. Both exchange knees. Grey pushes him off and gets the takedown. He throws a fist from top position to end the round.
Top MMA news gives the round 10-9 to Grey
Mark Grey defeats Todd Henry via Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)

Black vs Bernava

155-Jason Bernava vs. Jeff Black
Round 1
Black looking to use his head kick to start off. Bernava goes for combination and both start slugging with each other. Both get the clinch and run around the ring. Both guys fall down with Bernava landing on top. Bernava is trying to tire Black out. Black is able to get him out and back up. He throws a flying knee that hits. Black then goes and gets a takedown and gets on Bernava’s back trying for a rear naked choke and he throws some punches. Still working on the submission, Black is taking his time for the right opportunity. Black tries to go back up but Bernava gets top position. Black pushes him off and tries for triangle choke but both fighters stand back up. Black hits another flying knee. Black tries for takedown and Bernava gets on top and starts throwing punches. Bernava can’t do much on top and Black pushes him off and the match continues on the feet. Black throws a head kick and gets the takedown.
Top MMA News gives the round 10-9 Black

Round 2
Bernava throws punches and Black holds him against the ropes and are now tangling around the ring. Black goes for takedown but Bernava reverses and gets on top. Bernava is more active and throwing some elbows and hammer fist and continues to try and tire him out. Bernava throws some left punches to the body. Black tries to turn over but no luck. Bernava stays on top and throws some more lefts to the head. The ref stands them back up due to little action happening. Black goes for another right knee and connects. Black tangles him against the ropes. Bernava takes his arm and gets another takedown. Bernava is lying on top while Black tries to escape. Bernava is throwing some elbows but little else is going on so the ref stands them back up. Black is warned by the ref for grabbing his head. Black gets another hit but Bernava gets the head and finishes the round with a takedown
Top MMA news gives the round 10-9 to Bernava

Round 3
Black starts off with kicks. Bernava counters with some punches. Black is still throwing right leg kicks and gets Bernava against the ropes but Bernava pushes him off. Black gets a right knee but Bernava gives one of his own. Black tangles again and gets him in the corner. Bernava pushes Black down and gets on top control. Bernava is picking his time for the right opening. Black turtles and Bernava gets some more punches. He then goes for body shots. Bernava is now throwing elbows from the top. Black tries to push him off but Bernava gets side control. Bernava is throwing some more punches on the top. Ref stands them back up. Black goes for a flurry of fists but Bernava throws some punches of his own and connects. Both are exchanging and Bernava gets a bloody nose. Black ends the round with some combinations.
Top MMA News gives the round 10-9 to Bernava
Jason Bernava defeats Jeff Black via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

140-Mike Malott vs. James Saunders
Round 1
The fight starts with Saunders running at Mallott but doesn’t find an opening to throw a punch. Saunders then goes for a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine choke. Saunders turns around and Mallot switches to an arm bar and gets the submission.
Mike Mallot submits James Saunders via Arm Bar @ :32 of Rd1

155-Gavin Tucker vs. Michael Waugh
Round 1
Tucker goes for head kick to start and then gets the takedown. Waugh gets a guillotine during the fall but can’t get a secure hold. Tucker is on top now trying to move and breaks free. Tucker gets his back and stands back up. Waugh then tries to run at Tucker but gets a punch and a slam for his work. Tucker is still on his back trying for a rear naked choke. Fight goes to the ropes, the ref stops and puts them back in the middle where the fight resumes. Tucker on Waugh back dropping left punches. Waugh is on his knees but Tucker takes him back down. Tucker then drops a knee in side control and on Waugh’s back again. Tucker tries for an arm bar but gets a triangle. Tucker can’t hold on so he gets on top of Waugh and starting using his ground and pound. The ref stops the fight.
Gavin Tucker defeats Michael Waugh via TKO (GnP) @ 3:02 of Rd1

Fight of the Night – Mark Grey vs. Todd Henry
Knockout of the Night – Chris Keledas
Submission of the Night – Mike Mallott

*** Photos by Martin Blais

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    Bobby mac from q104 was the ring announcer and he did say that the next show is in July

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