AM Ford Fight Night 2011 Weigh-In Results


Here are the results from the AM Ford Fight Night weigh-ins held last night in Trail, BC.

Del Melnyk (185.25) vs Stephan Frictra (185.5)
Mark Aparicio (155.75) vs Wesley Neil (158)
Curtis Blackmore (154) vs Jordan Knippelberg (155.75)
River Jones (131) vs Cheryl Chan (128)
Steve Gilkes (154.25) vs CJ Bagg (155)
Peter Neufeld (154.5) vs Ronny Forry(156.75)
Noah Ali (144.5) vs Chris Leuning (145.75)
Sukh Gill (143) vs Curtis Ready (144) Muay Thai
Nathan Johre (152.75) vs Jeff Blackmore (156.25) Amateur MMA
Alison Clarkson (132.5) vs Chelsea Bronaugh (129.75) Muay Thai
Scott Hebert (139) vs Sandy Bagg (144.25) Amateur MMA
Ian Odland (136) vs Billy Cameron (136.25) Amateur MMA
Callum Ross (168) vs Sheldon Doll (171.25) Amateur MMA

10 Responses to “ AM Ford Fight Night 2011 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. David Letourneau says:

    wheres the main event?

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  2. David Letourneau, there was an injury and the fight was pulled.

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  3. why isnt sheldon doll on that list?, isnt he fighting?

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  4. Sheldon is fighting. We missed the first three weigh-in results. Thanks to for the updates for those three.

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  5. Isaac Hockley says:

    I would choke that little puke out. WAR HOCKLEY!!!!

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  6. Bodysnatcher says:

    Keith I am the main event ya dork Hahaha. I weighed in at 154.75 and brad causey weighed in at 155 even.the fight is on and its for a title

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  7. Jesse ya dork. I know. These are the weigh-in results from 2011.

    We could not get a guy to the weigh-ins this year. He will be at the fights though. Still trying to get weigh-in results from the promotion.

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:


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  9. Idolmaker says:

    Haha this has made my week…

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  10. FYI… got the official weigh-in results for AM Ford Fight Night 2012! They are posted here:

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