Hybrid Combat Proving Ground 1 Quick Results


Here are the results from Hybrid Combat’s Proving Ground show in Gatineau, Quebec:

Kevin O’Hearn defeats Eric Girard via Unanimous Decision
Cindy Bertinato defeats Karine Villeneuve via Unanimous Decision
Mathias Bedard defeats Eric Nadon via Split Decision
Saul Chung defeats Gabriel Greatest via Unanimous Decision
Jordan Turner defeats Harley David O’Reilly via Split Decision
Mathieu Lemay submits Taylor Murray via Arm Bar @ 1:19 of Rd1
Jean-Maxim Chevrier submits Bilal Mobarak via Arm Bar @ 1:46 of Rd2
Mathieu Papineau defeats Ben Laporte via Unanimous Decision
Matt Long defeats Chuck Roberts via Unanimous Decision
Andrew Coupland defeats Eric Kayolo via Unanimous Decision
Rindi Piepers submits Georgy Fontaine via Arm Bar @ 1:59 or Rd1

3 Responses to “ Hybrid Combat Proving Ground 1 Quick Results ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Thought Nadon won. Cindy and Saul win! Yay to old people like me getting shit done. Another great event.
    Big Win, you walked right by me and I tried to holler….:(

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  2. Mongeon says:

    Good fight night guys! very nice shooooW!

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  3. Don Wilson says:

    Harry you know how loud those Hybrid shows are, next time just throw something at me :) Honestly though that sucks really looking forward to meet ya. Hopefully I’ll finally get to shake your hand at Wreck

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