Pierson Gets New Opponent at UFC 129


After a brain hemorrhage has forced Brian Foster out of his bout with rising Canadian welterweight prospect Sean Pierson. Jake Ellenberger will step in on just two weeks notice to take on Pierson in hostile territory in front of 55,000 Canadian fans at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

This will be Pierson’s second outing in the UFC after a Unanimous Decison win over former Ultimate Fighter competitior Matt Riddle at UFC 124 in Montreal. A contest which Dana White called “the real fight of the night”

Ellenberger brings a 3-1 record in the Octagon into this bout and is coming off three straight wins over Mike Pyle, John Howard and Carlos Eduardo Rocha respectively following a loss to former WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit in his UFC debut.

11 Responses to “ Pierson Gets New Opponent at UFC 129 ”

  1. The Dude says:

    Tough fight for Pierson.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    $20 on Pierson.

    Pierson is in crazy shape and supersharp. Shitty time for an Ellenberger to face him right now.

    Advantage: Pierson.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    You cannot underestimate the difference in preparedness between an athlete with an 8 week training camp at Tristar and an athlete who’s been hanging out coaching students.

    Sean takes over in the 2nd round and controls till the end.

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  4. The Dude says:

    I agree Robin and I did take that into consideration.

    My guess is Ellenberger wouldn’t have taken the fight if he didn’t think he was in shape.

    I didn’t say Pierson wouldn’t win. I just think it’s a tougher fight than Foster.

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  5. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Ellenberger will be a tougher test but pierson is tougher, just looking at him you would be scared to meet him in a alley. He is a super nice dude

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  6. Bc says:

    Pierson is in trouble zero advantage too Pierson I don’t see his hype Jake is better in all fields let’s not become blind bc he’s canadian

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  7. Zach B says:

    Robin ill take that bet! Ellenberger is an amazing wrestler, wins by decision! bad fight for anyone !

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  8. Robin Black says:

    Ok Zack $20 fake money, redeemable in beers at fights.

    Bc, not blind. Informed.

    Pierson is at Tristar completing an 8 week camp training with GSP, Rory MacDonald, Denis Kang, Nordin Taleb, and other monsters.
    He’s at Jon Chaimerg’s doing a crazy 8 week prep physically.

    Even if Ellenberger is training steady, he hasn’t been preparing at anywhere near that level.

    And, at the top levels, the difference in preparation is a dramatic factor.

    Sean takes over in round 2.

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  9. Bc says:

    Pierson is at a great gym he will be in shape but 8 weeks won’t change him enough who has pierson fought as far a higherlevel guys or I should say beat? Look at Jakes record and guys he has fought n won! 8-10 times Jake wins maybe 9-10. I have in the past trained with guys who go too train with tri star and do they comeback better ya but it dosent change years of harder fights n way way higher comp. It’s only 8 weeks n he needs years too beat Jake. Hell robin haven’t u trained at tri star? Look at u. Made u better sure it did but didn’t turn u into a superstar

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  10. Bc says:

    Only way pierson wins is if Jake gasses!

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  11. Bc says:

    Also I allready knew he was at tri star it’s all over tv robin on the ufc primetime

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