Michel Gagnon Recounts Ringside Title Defense


photo by Eric Gaudreault

Michel Gagnon made his first title defense at Ringside 10 and he recounts his Fight of the Night victory over Rejean Groulx with Top MMA News’ Don Wilson. Gagnon talks about his the fight and some of the mistakes he thinks he made. Gagnon also discusses his contract status.

24 Responses to “ Michel Gagnon Recounts Ringside Title Defense ”

  1. mmalover says:

    wow he s gettn cocky , lucky he even got past groulx , great fight but i expected more respect from the so called champ ( dump the next guy on his head to u cocky fuck )

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  2. rick says:

    Uh, I thought he was very respectful. Did we watch different interviews?

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  3. How was that cocky? So mmalover? Are you claiming this throw was illegal?

    Because if that’s what you are suggested that is wrong.

    The throw was completely legal.

    The guy tapped. No dispute at all.

    GREAT fight and Rejean is hell on wheels. This guy has a big future. But not this night against Mitch.

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  4. Very respectful. Even says he is not in a position to call anyone out.

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  5. Sean Quinn says:

    Well ya, but did you see the way he had his shoulders up high and back and his chest puffed out a bit. Thats pure cockiness, imo.

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  6. Bc says:

    How in the hell kuld someone even think that was cocky? Yes he was talking a bit funny it’s called French canadian English!

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  7. Sean Quinn says:

    I forgot to mention the accent. Shit! The accent is very cocky as well.

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  8. Big Win Dwarfs him. The guy could only be so cocky.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Big Win dwarfs all. He’s not “Small Win”.

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  10. Hank902 says:

    Not to mention the finger point!! Like a WWE promo. No respect!!!

    Great interview, seems like a kid to keep an eye one for sure.

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  11. jubes says:

    mmalover-get your facts right! Throw was legal and Groulx taped out! Gagnon showed no signs of cockiness and plenty of respect for his opponent. Two gentlemen warriors and Gagnon won fair and square!

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  12. Sean Quinn says:

    Fairly squarely, imo.

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  13. booboo says:

    here we go again ! fights over guys gagnon was the winner , cogrates to him , but to say rejean wasnt even in the same ramkings as him , to me is a little disrespectful , #5 and #6 featherweights in canada on other rankings ( fight matrix ) at the time of the fight . if he wants better ranked competition , he might want to worry who RINGSIDE has next for him . ( WADSWORTH ) THE best wrestler in that div 5 0 . GAGNON S needs to train his strikes b 4 this 1 cause , WADSWORTH has the wrestling to beat gagnon ! ( yes i thought he was a little cocky myself , but im a wuss and im not gettn in the cage with that dude !

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  14. booboo says:

    HEY ROBIN , how can u call that a small win , after the brilliant commentating on the fight ! bullshit huge win !

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  15. Bc says:

    Booboo ur on crack robin is not even talking about the fight he’s talking about the interveiwers nickname n his body size dude get ahold of urself now u just look like a dumbass

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Thanks so much for saying the commentary was good booboo.

    Yeah, I was referring to Don Wilson’s name “Big Win”.

    The fight was awesome and it definitely was a HUGE fight and a great big win.

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  17. booboo says:

    robin ur the best and my fault for the misuderstanding ! and bc ya im smoking crack with ur mom !

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  18. Robin Black says:

    no you’re the best.

    extra points for bringin moms into it.

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  19. booboo says:


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  20. Bc says:

    Guess that’s better than what ur mom let me do too her last night booboo her ass did taste like shit tho… N I liiikkee it alotttt “dumb n dumber”

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  21. Grasshopper says:

    Gagnon vs Wadsworth!

    That would be sick!!!

    I haven’t been trackIng Wadsworth’s career in a while. What’s it been like lately? Anybody know?

    I can’t wait to see that fight!

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  22. Demolition says:

    They got someone for Gagnon…he would kill Wadsworth.

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  23. booboo says:

    who ? they got next for gagnon , cause he sure the hell aint gonna walk on wadsworth , his wrestlings needs work if he gonna beat tim , might have to learn how to strike , too cause his wrestlings the ONLY thing thet beat GROULX. hell every 1 thought he was going to walk over rejean also , great fight . but wadsworth will beat him .

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  24. Laj says:

    Anyone have any updates on this? Is Gagnon vs. Wadsworth happening?

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