Discussion and Poll: How to Rank Guys who Fight in Multiple Divisions?


Alright boys and girls… time for your help and hopefully some comments and discussion as well.

Top MMA News’ rankings have had the following unwritten rule and I would love some input from our community on this issue:

In the past, a fighter like Nick Denis fought in two weight divisions. He fought in Sengoku at 145 and fought in Canada at 135. Top MMA News ranked him in both the Feather and Bantamweight divisions as long as he fought in the past year in both. Was this policy right? Should a fighter be ranked in two divisions?

Suppose GSP moved up to fight Anderson Silva at Middleweight and won. Should he be the #1 Welterweight and #1 Middleweight in the world?

When Dan Henderson was the PRIDE Middleweight and Light-Heavyweight champ, should he be on both Top 10s?

The reason for bringing this up now is that we are debating whether Jordan Mein should be ranked as a Welterweight and Middleweight. Clearly, Mein is a Welterweight and that is where his future lies, but over the past year, he has beaten Joe Riggs, Andrew Buckland, and the #10 ranked Chase Degenhardt at Middleweight.  Should he be evaluated in both divisions?

As always, we appreciate the comments and feelings of the most knowledgeable MMA fans in Canada – the Top MMA News’ readers.

If fighters fight in two weight divisions, should they be ranked in two weight divisions?

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13 Responses to “ Discussion and Poll: How to Rank Guys who Fight in Multiple Divisions? ”

  1. Jason says:

    I think if it follows the policy of having fought in the past year then yes. Assuming of course that only fights at that weight class are taken in consideration…

    What do you do about catchweight fights though? ;)

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  2. Catchweights…if a guy usually fights at 170 and has one 175 catchweight, we rank him at 170.

    With Mein having 2 MW fights and one catchweight at 180 where his opponent showed up heavy for, I think that is three MW fights.

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  3. jon do says:

    nah, rank Mein as a WW, that’s his natural weight class, he fought riggs at catchweight and riggs was gonna fight at 170 in the bellator tournament, so might as well rank Mein as WW

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  4. hawkes says:

    I think it depends on the situation… If the fighter actively fighting in both divisions suck as nick denis then yes, two rankings are appropriate. If the fighter is predominantly fighting in one division and takes the odd “superfight” in a heavier division for extra competition(mein vs. Chase) then no, two rankings are not appropriate. Mein should be given extra props in his welterweight ranking for his activity in both divisions though.

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  5. Gerry says:

    Gerry Viens
    I feel fighters should pic a wieght class and stick to it. If you fight for ringside you only fight for ringside and are ranked acourdingly. If you fight for 2 orginizations, you should be ranked in both but for the same wieght class. World ranking are a little bite harder to calculate, there for in my oppinion… 1 fighter 1 ranking..

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m with Hawkes, a fighter has to be active in both weight classes.

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  7. Hawkes, Locke – so is 3 fights in a year at Middleweight for Mein active enough for him to be ranked there as well?

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    Yup, I say active is 2 fights in a weight division in a year…

    One a year could work, as long as it is for more two years or more. The odd step up should not be concidered in that weight class, but should be concidered in their normal weight class.

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  9. mmafan says:

    Rank in both

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  10. Bc says:

    Obviously both if mein wins are mw n not a catch weight how can u give him a higher ww ranking for that fight maybe the result would be diff Aka the weightcut having a neg effect on one or both fighters

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  11. Bc says:

    Also u have to for one a year but who’s Gona rank a top ten or even top 20 with one fight a year so in most cases it won’t matter

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  12. Bc says:

    As for catchweight it should be the fighters normalweight class or the class the had prevously fighting Franklin vs belfort a catchweight fight lead to a number one contender spot for belfort at 185

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  13. Mein says:

    Rank Mein in every division.

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