TUF 13: Lesnar vs Dos Santos – Episode 3 Recap


Last episode, Chris Cope won and Keon Caldwell left the TUF house.  On to this week…

A lot of fighters are pissed off that Lesnar called them ‘chicken shit’ after the last fight.  Brock explains that they were ‘chicken shit’ but now they are on the show they are ‘chicken salad’ and can win the show.

Team JDS has a good dynamic says Zach Davis and they do not want a newcomer to spoil the team.  Justin Edwards is the guy who replaces Keon and he looks like a young Randy Couture.

Lew Polley says that JDS is being way too nice and Lew is going to take over the training and making it harder.  They show Lew putting the guys through the paces hard and Shamar Bailey gets cut.  Junior Dos Santos says he does not like training that way, but he let Lew take over the training today after Javier Torres lost.  JDS tells McGillivray that they need to be nice.  Ryan responds, “I am Canadian.  I am always nice.”  JDS pats him on the leg and agrees, “You are, you are.”

Lesnar’s fight pick: Ryan McGillivray vs Len Bentley

Dos Santos says that Ryan has heavier hands and the fight should go his way.

Team Lesnar does not trust Chris Cope as he makes friends with the Team Dos Santos and hangs out with them.  They think Cope is playing both sides.

Bentley has a  Karate background.  Bentley, who finished Kurt Southern at Aggression MMA and lost to Cody McKenzie by Guillotine, says this is the biggest opportunity that he ever had.  Bentley tells Lesnar to not talk strategy in front of Cope.

JDS thinks that Lew pushes the guys too much.  Ryan McGillivray should be taking it easier because he is fighting.  JDS puts Lew Polley into his place and reminds him that he is the coach and we are a team.

McGillivray says his daughter is his strength and he is doing it for her.  Ryan thinks its a good style matchup.  If he takes out their #1 guy, it will be a huge boost for Team JDS.  Ryan needs to cut ten pounds and he is the heaviest one in the house.  Ryan laughs, “Maybe I am a fatter kid.” He also gets his cornermen to bring the picture of his daughter to his corner.

Weighins – Bentley is 170.  McGillivray is 170.

Lesnar will not be at the fight due to personal issues.

Bentley admits to being nervous.  He went to the gym and went over his game plan alone with the coaches with no one else from the team there.

Ryan will be fighting on his daughter’s second birthday.

Len Bentley vs Ryan McGillivray
Round 1.
The two engage immediately trading strikes and Bentley quickly lands a left that drops Ryan. Bentley is in full mount, then turns to give his back and eats some punches while he gets back to half guard. Bentley drops left elbows and McGillivray gets back to full guard. Bentley backs up and the two are standing. Ryan lands a left and Bentley lands some kicks. McGillivary lands a hard right that stuns Bentley and then drops him with a left. Ryan jumps on the downed Bentley and is in Len’s full guard. McGillivray drags him to the cage but Bentley goes for an arm bar that is close. McGillivray in north south position but does not have the choke. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bentley as they dropped each other but Bentley also had the solid sub attempt.

Round 2.
The two trade left jabs and a leg kick from Bentley. Strong jab from McGillivray and a kick to the body from Len. Stiff jabs landed by both fighters and another kick to the body from Len. Strong jab from Bentley and a leg kick. Two jabs land by Ryan and Len misses a spinning back fist. McGillivray pouring it on with a combo and pushes Bentley to the cage. Ryan gets a takedown but Len pops back up. McGillivray’s back to the cage and Bentley lands strong knees. Uppercut lands on Bentley who looks exhausted now. Cross lands returned by Ryan’s stiff jabs. Ryan pouring it on in the end wins the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 McGillivray.
Ryan McGillivray defeats Len Bentley by Majority Decision(19-19, 18-20, 18-20)

White says it was “an impressive fight” with two even rounds. White tells the fighters that “it was an awesome fight…and he should be proud.”

Ryan gets emotional in the dressing room. This was a clip shown very briefly earlier where I thought Ryan lost. Be sure to read Ryan’s blog right here at Top MMA News tomorrow.

Next episode: Does Ramsey Nijem know he is here to fight? Matt Hughes is brought into Lesnar’s camp?

6 Responses to “ TUF 13: Lesnar vs Dos Santos – Episode 3 Recap ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Was everyoe else sitting on the edge of their couch for the dicision saying “Ryan, fucking Ryan!”?

    I was, and then I said “Yesssssss”…

    That fight was great and totally could have gone another round. I think Ryan couold have let his hands go alot more, especially in the second roud where it looked like Len had had enough.

    Great fight, right now Len should have the wild card.

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  2. I was shocked that he won. At the end of episode 1, they showed a clip of him after a ight and he looked all dejected. I thought “That’s McGillivray” because you could tell by his back tattoos. Turns out it was him being emotional after a hard victory.

    Great fight and agree Len has wild card right now.

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    I though the same thing Keith… Awesome fight for Ryan over a tough guy! Can’t wait to see him in the semis!

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  4. harry balls says:

    Round 1 was one of the best rounds I’ve seen on that show. The teases are getting a little old (I know they are trying to stir up viewers) but the fights have been really solid so far.

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  5. Vince says:

    I think Bentley won both rounds

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  6. beerhunter says:

    Very, very good fight. I will only say that Ryan was given a gift and he should make the best of it.

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