MFC 29 Photo Gallery


Here are photos from Maximum Fighting Championship’s first foray outside of Ontario. The result was a packed house and an exciting card all documented in these photos.

* photos courtesy of Maximum Fighting Championship|taken by Charles Penner

6 Responses to “ MFC 29 Photo Gallery ”

  1. and by yours truly ;)

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  2. Sean McManus says:

    great shots – don’t take this the wrong way but where’d Bouwmeester go?

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  3. Wow says:

    At least I watched the jimmo fight n he admits his ass is boring to watch almost as bad as the robot n that he thinks he’s funny

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  4. harry balls says:

    pic 12 of Taverne is really something. It says it all…..

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  5. elliot says:

    About time you guys have new MFC pictures on this site.

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  6. Still here Sean… this is from Ontario event. Wish I could shoot all the Canadian events! Unfortunately we haven’t been given access to shoot MFC lately.

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