Ringside 10 Play-By-Play – Cote Tops Starnes


A crowd of approximately 3,500 were in the Bell Centre to watch Ringide MMA’s biggest show to date. The left very happy as fan favorite Patrick Cote won his first fight since 2008 against former UFCer Kalib Starnes. In other action, Seth Baczynski stunned the crowd with his upset win over the previously undefeated Alex Garcia and Mitch Gagnon and Rejean Groulx raised the roof with a sizzling performance that saw Gagnon retain his Featherweight title.

Top MMA News awards:

  • Fight of the Night – The Featherweight title fight between Gagnon and Groulx was the best fight in Canada so far in 2011.
  • Knockout of the Night – 280+ lb Lenard Terrance shocked the crowd with his highlight reel head kick KO

Patrick Cote vs Kalib Starnes
Rd. 1: Right leg kick by Cote but he’s taken down by Starnes early in the fight. Starnes mounts him effortlessly and is now looking for the rear naked choke as he transitions to back control. Cote tries to spin into Starnes but is unsuccessful at it. The fighters roll around the cage but nothing ever comes of it. Starnes switches to an armbar attempt with seconds left to the round but doesn’t come close.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Starnes

Rd. 2: Cote throws a some looping punches that have Starnes peddling back. Another right hook by Cote catches Starnes’ kick and pushes Starnes who falls on his rump. Starnes stands back up and the fighters clinch with Cote’s back against the cage. Cote breaks free and lands some more bolos. Left, right, left hook three punch combo mostly blocked by Starnes but he’s not looking good in the standup department. Starnes shoots in for a double but Cote gets his underhooks to defend..Cote pushes Starnes onto the ground and finds himself in the black belt’s guard. Cote lands some elbows and short punches.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Cote

Rd. 3: Starnes rushes Cote and is desperate for a takedown. His attempt at it betrays him as Cote falls in Starnes’ guard. Cote with some overhand right shots and then manages to get half guard on Starnes who easily improves to butterfly guard. Cote gets half guard again followed by some short punches to Starnes for good measure. He gets side control on Starns but Starnes scrambles to his feet where both fighters clinch and disengage. Starnes gets a high crotch to take Cote down but Cote defends. Cote lands a double body shot combination followed by a kick. Starnes pulls guard with seconds left but the round ends before he can mount any offense.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Cote
The judges score it 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 for Patrick Cote who wins by Unanimous Decision.

Seth Baczynski vs Alex Garcia
Rd. 1 : Baczynski goes for a knee but Garcia times it with a double leg takedown. Garcia has side control and maintaining position. Baczynski gets half guard. Baczynski using the wall to get back up but Garcia muscles him back down. Baczynski gets up for good this time. Both fighters lock up and clinch. Baczynski lands a decent right cross. Garcia goes for a takedown but Baczynski locks a guillotine. Garcia falls and Baczynski takes Garcia’s back looking for the choke. Baczynski has a body triangle to boot but switches to regular hooks. Garcia defends until the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Baczynski

Rd. 2: Baczynski attempts a spinning back fist bout misses. Both fighters slugging. Garcia takes Baczynski down but Baczynski gets back up. The fight ends up on the ground again and into Garcia’s guard. Baczynski landing some ground and pound . One of the hammer fists finds its marks and is followed by two more knocking Garcia out. Baczynski silences the crowd by beating the fan favorite.
Seth Baczynski defeats Alex Garcia by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 2, 2:44
*** Baczynski wins Ringside Interim Featherweight title

Michel Gagnon vs Rejean Groulx
Rd. 1: Both fighters exchanging early with bad intentions. Successive leg kicks by Gagnon land but he eats an overhand right. Gagnon gets the thai plumb and forces his opponent against the cage. Groulx gets taken down, stands back with a guillotine attempt but is slammed back on the mattress. Gagnon takes Groulx’s back and has both hooks in.Groulx escapes through the back door and fighters are back on their feet. Groulx lands a front kick to Gagnon’s face followed by an overhand right and Gagnon answers with a hook of his own. These scrappy dudes are here to put on a show! Groulx goes for a single leg but Gagnon locks in a guillotine. It’s tight but Groulx escapes and they’re now in Gagnon’s guard who immediately looks for an armbar. Groulx is defending. Groulx lands a knee to Gagnon’s face while he attempted to get back to his feet just as the horn is blown for the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-10

Rd. 2: Groulx with a superman punch that doesn’t land flush. Gagnon eats another right hand to the chin but takes Groulx down shortly after. They are now in Groulx’s half guard while Groulx looks for a kimura. Both fighters get back to their feet. Gagnon has a single leg and takes Groulx down again. Gagnon suplexes Groulx down, takes his back and looks for the rear naked choke. The second attempt at the choke is deep but Groulx once again reaches in his pocket for another miracle. Gagnon is close for a third try but defends and spins into Gagnon and turns the tables on him. He passes Gagnon’s guard but Gagnon sweeeps Groulx. Fighters are back on their feet and Gagnon looks for the takedown as Groulx focuses on the guillotine. The takedown is successful and Gagnon is in side control. He softens up his opponent before looking for the back. He slips back onto the ground and it is Groulx who winds up taking Gagnon’s back and nearly gets the choke but the round ends. Spectacular fight!
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Gagnon

Rd 3: Gagnon throws a flurry and charges in for a single. Groulx against the cage but is taken down. Gagnon gets side control and the back again after a scramble. Gagnon attacking relentlessly with the choke complete with hooks sunk in. Groulx stands up and has Gagnon fall on his feet but Gagnon dives in for a double leg. Groulx has a kimura. It’s tight! Gagnon manages to defend and passes to side control. Groulx stands up again but Gagnon right back on him for the takedown. History repeats itself as Gagnon looks to take Groulx’s back. The fight gets back to standing position but Gagnon has the grips for a supplex. He finishes the supplex and Groulx lands awkwardly on his head. Groulx taps immediately after he falls. The replay shows Groulx landing on his neck which is why he tapped.
Michel Gagnon defeats Rejean Groulx by TKO (Slam) in Round 3, 3:47
*** Gagnon retains Ringside Featherweight title

Hollett KOs Desilets

Roger Hollett vs Martin Desilets
Rd. 1: Inside leg kick by Desilets and both fighters lock up. Hollet takes Desilets down and they’re in his half guard. Hollett working the pass and gets side control but Desilets gets back up. Fighters going back and forth with some toe to toe action. Desilets presses Hollet against the cage but he takes Desilets down once again with a body lock and into side control. Hollett is searching for an americana but Desilets defends successfully. Hollett is content with holding Desilets down as the round comes to an end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Hollett

Rd. 2: Jab by Desilets and Hollett answers with an inside leg kick. Hollett with another inside leg kick. Left hook by Hollett has Desilets weak in the knees. Hollett follows that one up with a knee to the chin and a right hook that knocks Desilets out. Desilets pushes referee Yves Lavigne in disgust over what he thought was an early stoppage but it was legit.
Roger Hollett defeats Martin Désilets by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 1:39

Iraj Hadin vs. Derek Gauthier
Rd. 1: Both fighters clinch against the cage with Hadin having his back against it. Gauthier dropping for a high crotch but gives it up. Fighters switch positions and Hadin lands an overhand elbow. Gauthier trying to muscle Hadin to the ground and finally gets it after his second attempt but Hadin bounces back up. Gauthier relentless for the takedown but can’t keep Hadin down. Hadin eats some punches on his way up but returns the favor with a hook that has Gauthier stumbling. The fight gows to the ground and in Gauthier’s guard and he immediately locks up a triangle but it’s loose and Hadin escapes. Hadin goes to side control after defending but Gauthier scrambles to his hands and knees. Hadin throws some punches to soften up Gauthier.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Hadin

Rd. 2: Hadin thrusts forward with a hook and clinches his opponent up against the cage. He goes for a knee to his opponent but nowhere near flush. Hadin gets a double leg takedown and they are in Gauthier’s half guard. Gauthier finds his way back to his feet and takes Hadin down with a single. Iraj makes his way bacl to the cage and wall walks back up. Gauthier’s back now against the wall. Hadin lands a left hook shortly after they disengange. Fighters end up in the clinch again with Hadin throwing a few knees. Both fighters are losing steam. Gauthier tries a head kick as the round ends but it’s too little to late to follow it up.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Hadin

Rd. 3: Gauthier attempts a sloppy double leg and eats an uppercut for his petty attempt, He recovers and gets a body lock on Hadin before pressing him against the cage. It is Hadin, however, who gets the best of the situation as he forces Gauthier down to his hands and knees with Gauthier holding onto a leg. Both fighters are looking to capitalize off of their position but Hadin gets the better of it. Gauthier gets back up but has lost all his bounce. Hadin pops Gauthier with a jab. Both fighters trying to pour it on near the end with punches and elbows but, once again, too little to late.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Hadin
Iraj Hadin defeats Derek Gauthier by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)

Mike Ricci vs Jesse Ronson
Rd. 1: Side kick by Ricci pushes his opponent back. Ricci goes for an ankle pick on Ronson and takes him down. Ricci with an elbow and gets half guard. Ronson’s head is pushed into the cage. Ricci goes for a kimura but uses it as a ploy to get mount. He is relentless with his ground and pound. Ricci switches to using elbows that seals the deal as the referee intervenes for the stoppage. Dominating win for Ricci.
Mike Ricci defeats Jesse Ronson by TKO (Strikes from Mount) in Round 1, 3:12

Keven Morin vs Guillaume Lamarche
Rd. 1: Fighters circling each other and throwing the occasional jab and kick to find their range. Right hand by Morin has Lamarche backing up. Cross to the body by Morin has Lamarche backing up again. Lamarche throws a leg kick but Morin times it with a double leg takedown. Morin in side control looking to pass. Lamarche regains guard and attempts and armbar but is defended and eats some hammer fists for his troubles. Morin stands up and throws some overhand rights on Lamarche. Back in Lamarche’s half guard now. Morin stands up and tries a superman punch in Lamarche’s guard that grazes. Round comes to an end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Morin

Rd. 2: Overhand right by Morin but blocked by Lamarche. Morin dashes towards Lamarche with a flurry of punches but fails to land anything significant. Morin attempts another overhand right but Lamarche counters with a right hook. Lamarche attempts a kick but it is caught by Morin and he bullies Lamarche to the canvas and into Lamarche’s guard but Lamarche is hunting for a Kimura. Lamarche lets go as Morin passes into half guard. Lamarche finds his way back to his feet and gets a double leg of his own and passes to sidemount but gets reversed in the process. Lamarche looking for his patented triangle right away but lets go in favor of a kimura from half guard but the round ends before he can secure it.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Morin

Rd. 3: Fighters circling with few exchanges early in the round. Lamarch attempts a kick that is once again caught by Morin. Morin holds onto his opponent’s foot and throws 2 looping punches before forcing Lamarche to the ground and into his guard. Morin playing the ground and pound from standing game. Morin is turning it up but Lamarche is doing a good job at avoiding most of it even though his head is pressed against the cage. Lamarche is just just taking the hits without attempting to get up. The round ends with Morin standing in Lamarche’s as such was the story of most of the third round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Morin
Keven Morin defeats Guillaume Lamarche by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-26,30-27)

Lenard Terrance vs Robert Masson
Rd. 1: left leg kick by LT and an overhand right has Masson backing up. Jab thrown by LT hurts Masson and a another inside leg kick as well. LT lands a crushing right high kick to Masson’s button that knocks him flat out cold. Masson is lying down centre cage and still out after a few minutes. LT the Native Cro Cop.
Lenard Terrance defeats Robert Masson by KO (Head Kick) in Round 1, 1:32
Terrance announces he broke his foot with the kick

Valerie Letourneau vs Julie Malenfant
Rd. 1: Fighters tentative on their feet and paw at each other to find their range. Inside leg kick by Malenfant. Both fighters tentative to commit. Letourneau attempts a two punch high kick combo but hits nothing but air. Outside leg kick for Letourneau lands followed by a body kick. Overand right from Letourneau grazes Malenfant. Leg kick by Malenfant but Letourneau returns with a stiff right cross.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Letourneau

Rd. 2 Fighters circle and Letourneau forces Malenfant against the cage. She pumps a few body shots on Malenfant followed by right elbow that has Malenfant stunned. Fighters disengage and and estimate their range. Letourneau throws a liver kick that folds Malenfant in half and follows it up with a stiff right cross to the noggin that knocks her opponent out.
Valerie Letourneau defeats Julie Malenfant by TKO (Body Kick) in Round 2, 2:15

46 Responses to “ Ringside 10 Play-By-Play – Cote Tops Starnes ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good win for Hadin.

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  2. Brian says:

    Hadin is the next one to watch out for!War Hadin …

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Brutal both Hollett and Desilets are gassed 2.5min into 1st rd.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Big hits by Hollett!

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  5. Brian says:

    Sebastien Chenier is doing a great job!!!

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Great first round! Michel Gagnon vs. Rejean Groulx

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    CRAZY 2nd rd!

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:


    What a great fight by both guys!

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  9. booboo says:

    what a fuckn fight . fight of he night for sure AND BOTH fighhters r the real deal so watch out 145rs

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    GO PAT!

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  11. Bobby Karimi says:

    Yea was Canadian fight of the year so far that I’ve seen.

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  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good job on the mic Robin

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  13. Gagnon and Groulx was awesome. Gagnon just poured it on but almost lost it there a few times.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Thanks Bobby you sweet bastard!

    GOOD times!! Great fights!!

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  15. I enjoyed Ramdeen and Black’s job on the mic tonight as well. You two have developed a chemistry. I gotta ask though. Do you find it easier to call live than on tape? I like your live work much better.

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  16. booboo says:

    big props for groulx ,awsome figh that has rematch all over it . who won fight of the night ? this 1 for sure

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Gagnon vs Groulx was Fight of The Night, Week, Month and maybe Year.

    Those 2 tough bastards really went for it. Awesome.

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  18. Robin Black says:

    Thanks Keith!!

    Ya, last night felt great. There’s something about calling it live. There’s a certain…. urgency to it.

    When that 280 pound demon landed that head kick KO I think that set the tone.

    Man I can’t tell you what incredible fun it s to call fights that are THAT good with Rammer. We have a ridiculous amount of fun.

    I’m really glad to hear that comes across.

    Huge Congrats to all the fighters, especially Pat Cote and Kalib Starnes and Mitch and Rejean. Privileged to watch you guys perform.

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  19. booboo says:

    congrates to mitch ,much love , but a rematch would b SICK !!! GLAD GROULX IS FINALLY GETTN SOME RECOGNITION ! GREAT NIGHT OF FIGHTS BUT THIS 1 WAS THE SHIT!

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  20. Robin Black says:

    Booboo speaks the truth.

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  21. booboo says:


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  22. Sébastien Chénier says:

    The fights were off the hook. The air was a little thinner up in the Bell Center’s press gallery for sure. Doing the play-by-play was an amazing experience and I counted suffering at least three separate aneurysms during the Groulx-Gagnon fight. My eyes were bone dry because I couldn’t even blink! I pray to God those two rematch one day.

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  23. Robin Black says:

    How fast do you have to type that PBP Sebastien?

    Very nice job. It reads just the way I remember it.

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  24. Sébastien Chénier says:

    hehe it’s funny you ask because I only did a handful of PBP’s before this one and I decided to try doing it live. I told Don Wilson I was going to make an attempt at it and he said it was a ballsy move.

    I just zoned in and tried to quickly polish my writing in between rounds or when there was little going on. Big props to Don telling me something if I missed it.

    The wifi went out a few times and I had to reboot my laptop like 5 times throughout the night. So that made it difficult to send Keith the updates as they were happening. All in all it was a crazy experience and I would do it again in a new york minute.

    I didn’t get to hear your commentary Robin but I’m set on finding out how I can listen to it. Sounds like you did a good job and had a blast doing it.

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  25. harry balls says:

    so bummed i missed this waah. Congrats to erryone involved in this event.

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  26. Phil Baroni says:


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  27. JYD says:

    Robin/Ramdeen commentary was top knotch.

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  28. Grasshopper says:

    Gagnon -Groulx was an awesome fight! I think it is a bit awkward to ask for a re-match after a tapout, don’t you think? This wasn’t by decision remember. It was two Warriors of the highest caliber who will meet again in the future, probably in UFC. But his camp stating that a re-match in June is guaranteed is very odd…

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  29. Robin Black says:

    Yeah awesome fight, would be great to see again sometime in the future. But Mitch deserves a new challenge for that clean win.
    It was a clean finish in a fight he was winning.

    Great fight tho. Both guys should be very proud.

    It was a pleasure to watch. Watch for the replay on The Fight Network in the next couple weeks.

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  30. Grasshopper says:

    I totally agree! They will battle again! Much much respect for the in-ring performance but the goings-on by Groulx’s camp since that clean and decisive win — pretty sad! And frankly disrespectful of Gagnon not to mention whiny and seriously unworthy of the great fighter that Groulx is. He’s the real deal guys, act accordingly! No shame in that loss. Be graceful and humble in defeat. Show some character for crying out loud!

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  31. harry balls says:

    How big of a deal was Desilets push of Lavigne? Suspension big? I hope not….

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  32. doug mac donald says:

    what are these going ons you speak of?

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  33. Grasshopper says:

    The trainer/coach was seen arguing with the ref and then with the Commission that the slam was illegal. They said no it was not! Upon reviewing the video with Champoux he went on about it again and again Champoux said it was clean and legal! Now in French newspaper in Drummondville he re-iterates it’s an illegal move. Practically demands a re-match because he states categorically that Gagnon should have been disqualified! Puhlease!!! You don’t get to demand a re-match when you tapout, in my opinion. A questionable decision victory or controversial stoppage, for sure. In a tapout, nope…. sorry!

    As Robin Black states “clean finish in a fight he was winning”!

    Any and all complaints from that camp here on forward is just silly!

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  34. Grasshopper says:

    I hate to see a fighter suspended but I think that, on principle, you pretty much have to have some sort of consequence as a deterence for others. It can’t be open season on the refs when you are not happy. Of course, post-concussion behavior can be the result of poor judgment but it would be less goal-directed and context-specific.

    What would be an appropriate consequence? Fine, suspension or both?? Technically, criminal assault charges could apply I suppose but it would be over the top!

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  35. Wow says:

    DES is a dirty fighter a punk watch the valimaki fights he’s a born bitch ass loser no class f him n his bs

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  36. booboo says:

    Lets get something right , gagnon won this fight ,yes , an unfotunate incident that was not as clean , but unintentional , as some may have seen . and how can any 1 say a rematch is not worthy on a fight of the YEAR contest every 1 and their fuckn grandma is talkn about . and as far as for rejean in defeat , he is a very class act and very much a champion in every aspect of the sport . and as far as the score card went it was 1 to 1 in EVERY ONES card and both fighters could of won either way , clean tap out yes , props to mitch , but gettn dumped on ur head mmmm that is illeagal but i seen it not as clean as mr black did but only a rematch would settle what the FANS WANT TO SEE . ANOTHER FIGHT OF THE YEAR BY 2 GREAT FIGHTERS.

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  37. Grasshopper says:

    A fight in the future, for sure! Both are destined to great careers. I totally agree that Rejean has not said a word and is a class act. I said that his camp has been whining since! It was a clean move, everybody that’s neutral says so (referee, Commission, Ringside, Black).

    I can’t see a rematch in June after tapping out.

    What do you think of Desilets’ push?

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  38. booboo says:

    desilets a punk , and got what he deserves by gettn ko d , but back to the groulx fight , june is probably not going to happen , groulx spent the night in the hospital cause he broke his thimb , and is haveing tests on his neck , now i know gettn dumped on ur head is ILLEGAL , BUT UNFORUNATE FOR GROULX CAUSE THAT WAS A GREAT FIGHT THAT COULDVE GONE EITHER WAY , IF HE DIDNT LAND ON HIS FUCKN HEAD !!!!!!!!!!!

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  39. Grasshopper says:

    Sorry to Groulx is hurt. However, the Judges on review the replay. Ringside’s Champoux on reviewing the replay. All agreed he landed on his shoulder then tapped out.

    Your yelling isn’t bringing any valuable information. It just shows lack of respect for differing opinions. Gagnon will defend his title but not against someone who tapped out against him. Just can’t see that happen. Nothing in it for his career.

    I’m sure a Gagnon-Groulx fight will happen again and Gagnon might even slam him again or vice-versa. It will again be a clean win.

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  40. booboo says:

    Im sorry for any disrespect , clean win YES , even in my book , we have to remember 1 thing fighter safety , and as I understand from a VERY good source Rejean tucked his neck from being spiked and landed on the back of his neck ,not shoulder and the video shows that also , and i saw the fight live also , but regardless to any contaversy , great win for gagnon , but i think GROULX ,GAINED MORE RESRPECT AND FANS FROM THIS FIGHT , and i hope he recovers soon so we can see them BOTH in the cage again ! As far as gagnon having nothn to prove , hell your right but i thought fighters put on fights that fans WANT to see , and this fight here has EVERYONE talkn about it lol !

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  41. Grasshopper says:

    We are a passionate bunch aren’t we? Greatest sport on earth because of this passion.

    Groulx was phenomenal and how could they not meet again? The fans will see them fight as a natural course of events! Like I said in my first post, I’m convinced it will happen in the UFC. Montreal or Toronto? Not sure but maybe Gagnon should have “Home” advantage this time, if such a thing exists.

    Either way, I will be there front and center because it will be another fantastic show for the fans.

    I hate it when someone get hurt and I hope Rejean gets well soon. He’s destined for greatness, for sure!!

    Btw, I hope Dana White saw this fight and brings these 2 up to the big leagues fast.

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  42. booboo says:

    It was my pleasure and ty so much for the opportunity to discuss such a fantastic sport with passionate fans as we always see on this site . grasshopper u r a true fan of this sport and im sorry for any disrespect . I bet u DANA saw this fight , hell my grandma saw this fight and you r right they will meet again and boy mma fans get ready for another fight of the year like performance from both fighers ! GREAT WIN MITCH AND BOTH FIGHTERS R DESTINED FOR THE UFC , DANA ?

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  43. Grasshopper says:

    You, my friend, are a class act!

    Now if I can only get as passionate about the elections, (yawn).

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  44. jubes says:

    Cheap and no class! Heard Ringside wanted to give Gagnon’s belt to Groulx if he would have lost. Make another one! He worked hard for the first one and deserves to keep it! Is this standard practice in UFC?

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  45. jubes says:

    Grasshopper. Words of Wisdom!

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