Ringside 10: Cote vs Starnes – Live Results – Cote Bests Starnes


If you are not in Montreal or watching on PPV around North America, Top MMA News is your place for Ringside 10 live coverage.  You can also read a live play-by-play by clicking here.

Keep hitting refresh to get live results from this event. Here are the results:

Main Event
Patrick Cote defeats Kalib Starnes by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Seth Baczynski defeats Alex Garcia by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 2, 2:44
*** Baczynski wins Ringside Interim Featherweight title

Baczynski will fight Chris Clements to unify the titles in June

Michel Gagnon defeats Rejean Groulx by TKO (Slam) in Round 3, 3:47
*** Gagnon retains Ringside Featherweight title

Roger Hollett defeats Martin Désilets by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 1:39
Iraj Hadin defeats Derek Gauthier by Unanimous Decision (30-27,29-28,30-27)

Mike Ricci defeats Jesse Ronson by TKO (Strikes from Mount) in Round 1, 3:12
Keven Morin defeats Guillaume Lamarche by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-26,30-27)
Lenard Terrance defeats Robert Masson by KO (Head Kick) in Round 1, 1:32
Valerie Letourneau defeats Julie Malenfant by TKO (Body Kick) in Round 2, 2:15

11 Responses to “ Ringside 10: Cote vs Starnes – Live Results – Cote Bests Starnes ”

  1. Can watch it on Internet PPV here if you cannot find it on your Cable provider: http://www.gfl.tv/Events/Fight/MMA/RingSide_10_Cote_vs_Starnes/1001/?refCode=GFLA82

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  2. WOW. 280+ lb Lenard Terrance Head Kick KO.

    good call by Robin Black – Masson “gets hit by a truck swung on the end of a massive tree”

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  3. Mort says:

    Wow man. I can’t believe Garcia lost. I did not see that coming.

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  4. doug mac donald says:

    who are the leading contentders for the feather weight tite ?

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  5. booboo says:


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  6. Robin Black says:

    Although I’d love to see a rematch my friend, Mitch won that one clean and, despite how awesome a rematch would be, Mitch deserves a new challenge and the next guy deserves a shot.

    Groulx can go and beat another tough guy and maybe rematch in the future.

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  7. doug mac donald says:

    who would be some of the contenders

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  8. booboo says:

    TIM WADSWORTH ,is 5 ,0 and probably the best wrestler in the featherweight div ,and a beast , so i do agree with mitch gettn another fighter ,, but come on ,i know im not alone when i say that the fans DESERVE , to see this fight again fight of the year so far and no rematch hell i bet DANA WHITE , THE BEST IN THE SPORT WOULDNT EVEN THINK TWICE ABOUT THIS 1 ,REMEMBER THE UFC HAS SURVIVED ON MAKING FIGHTS THAT R EXCITING AND COMPETITVE AND WHAT THE FANS WANT TO SEE . I LOVE THIS SITE

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  9. Booboo… Dana White would make that rematch in a second. I think he plays the rematch card much too quickly….but, hey, I run this site and he runs the UFC so what do I know.

    If I were Gagnon, I would want to fight an ex-WEC fighter like John Franchi, who he was scheduled to fight last year, or a an ex-Bellator fighter like William Romero to avenge his only loss

    If I were Ringside, I would want to match him up with a Canadian who could sell some tickets if they won the title. (Franchi or Baczynski do not sell tickets to local shows.) Quenneville is my guess, then Wadsworth or a Romero.

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  10. Booboo, thanks for the love for the site. Pleased to have you here.

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  11. booboo says:


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