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What’s up everyone, Ryan McGillivray back here for another inside recap of TUF season 13. Well another week has gone by and episode 2 is in the books. As we all know a certain event captured most of the attention of episode 2 which we will go over. Also the second preliminary fight happened as well.

We start this week with a training session with Team Dos Santos. The fighters arrive to the training centre first followed shortly by the coaches. Immediately, the coaches walk into Keon at the front door, and some unsettling news “we have to talk”. At this point, no one really knows what’s going through Keon’s mind. For me, it was apparent that Keon had been struggling with the training as well as the absence of his family. At first, he made it seem as though his daughter was sick. He was saying when he left she was in the car crying and “squawking”. Perhaps a culture difference or just a misunderstanding on my part in assuming that meant she was sick. Later we had more talks and it came right down to him just having a hard time dealing with the distance of his family.

Since I have a daughter of my own that I left behind I did have some empathy. I felt his pain of being without our kids. It was something for me I hadn’t anticipated being so hard. When he decided to leave, it was only roughly a week into us being there, which is in my opinion the shocking part. I can understand what he was going through, but could not see how he could use it as a weakness. I have my daughters hand tattooed on my right bicep as a symbol of her being my strength. I won’t lie and say it was easy, because it was far from it. Though I saw this as an opportunity to improve my daughter’s (Peighton) life. She was why I was in that house giving my heart and soul to my dream. So for me using that as a reason to go home was not even close to a thought in my mind. I think he will regret his decision every day of his life and just hope he finds success in his life for this reason. Like Dana said at least it happened early and gives another true fighter a chance at his dream.

We move to our team holding the fight pick. In the gym, Javier seemed to be one of our most skilled and well rounded guys. A brown belt in Judo, brown belt in BJJ, an amateur Muay Thai back round, as well as a size advantage being a natural 185 lbs. fighter. Coach Lew had trained with Chris Cope in the past and was very convincing in telling us that he was one of their weaker guys. Given my impression on Javier’s skills and my thoughts derived from coach Lew I thought we were wasting our pick. We all thought Javi was going to run through Cope. I was really eager to get into the cage at this point, and this may have something to do with my outlook on this week’s pick.

The fight started with some tentative stand up exchanges which foreshadowed much of the fight. Javi seemed unwilling to let his strikes go and started to force the clinch and cage work. Javi got a takedown in the first but could not control Cope and they were back to the feet. They both landed a few solid strikes, one which opened a small cut below Cope’s left eye. I thought it was a close round but Javi landing a little bit more and landing a takedown took a very close first round.

The second round was much the same as the first, with some subtle differences. Javi seemed to back off a little and Cope was gaining momentum. Chris seemed to gain some confidence and was pushing forward more. This seemed to hinder much of any affective striking from Javi this round. I gave this close round to Chris for his aggression and slightly more effective striking.

The third round was once again much the same. I was disappointed that Javier did not see that the fight was slipping away and did not seem to have any urgency to change his plan or finish the fight. For me I saw so much potential in him and he just could not put it together. Once again, Chris built some momentum and pushed Javi back and landed some more effective strikes and countered a hip toss into a takedown of his own. A fairly close round again, but I thought Chris took the deciding round 10-9.

This fight was our first taste of defeat as a team. I thought that we all handled it well, a few minutes of being down and then refocused on our ultimate goal. We lost control as well after the fight which changes things.

I really underestimated how much fight control meant. Instead of knowing who on your team is up next, the whole team has to be close to weight and ready to go. Granted we should all be ready to go at all times but it adds a certain stress factor which I didn’t anticipate. I went home that night and dreamt all night that they would pick me to fight next!

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8 Responses to “ Ryan McGillivray’s The Ultimate Fighter 13 Blog – Episode 2 ”

  1. Dean Panas says:

    Great write up Ryan!!!! I never really thought about the weight situation and how important it is to have the “fight pick”. Not sure if you can answer this….but how many days (in real time) between fights?

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  2. Fredrick says:

    Hey Ryan, good comments. I just wish you all had a better understanding of what is clearly an anxiety disorder for Keon. That would make it a medical problem similar to blowing out your knee.

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  3. Jinkies says:

    Fredrick do you know Keon personally? Because I didn’t see anything on the show that suggested he was experiencing overwhelming anxiety, just overwhelming homesickness. If he’d never been away from home before he may not have expected it to hit him so hard. I know I didn’t expect it to hit me so hard when I went to summer camp when I was 10. It’s good to get that kind of experience in your life early on…

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  4. Fredrick says:

    Of course I don’t know Keon personally– why would you say that? This has nothing to do with “character” or “being a man”. My comments are based on many years of observation and study of anxiety disorders. Simplifying the issue a quite a bit if Ryan and Keon had swapped adrenal glands Ryan’s behaviour would have been identical to Keon’s. Additionally, since this happened under the auspices of the UFC they should pony up and offer to help Keon out.
    I can hardly wait to see Ryan fight!

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  5. Sean Quinn says:

    Get a room you two.

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    Fred, so you think since the UFC just offered this guy the opportunity of his life and he originally accepted to be a part of the show for the alloted time, then decided that he’d rather pass up and spend the time with his family (after some tough workouts where he wasn’t keeping up with the rest of the team), the UFC should now help him out? What should they do? Should they give him a bunch of money?

    I think is the problem was his kid is sick, that’s different and I am pretty sure DW would help out if that were the case. The way it appears on the show, and this is after seeing alot of quitters (been in the army for over 10 years), this guy couldn’t keep up, missed his family, and decided that he’d be a hppier camper if he was sleeping in his own bed.

    I don’t think he deserves any compensation for ditching on the show and possibly the chance of a lifetime.

    There are hundreds of fighters out there that would have paid the UFC for this spot on the show. There’s no room for guys who can’t keep up or have other priorities…

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  7. Fredrick says:

    So long fools! Good luck Ryan…

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  8. Dean: I believe it was mentioned on the show 3 days? Not sure if that was a fight on every 3rd day or 3 days in between… or even if I just heard wrong ;)

    There’s what? 7 fights then semis then quarter finals… so 9 fight nights all together? They’d need at least 30 days to do that based on every 3rd day or 40 days if it’s 3 days between. And I understand they are in the house for 6 weeks?

    I never was that good at math ;)

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