TUF 13: Lesnar vs Dos Santos – Episode 2 Recap


In the last episode, Shamar Bailey advanced in the tournament for Team Dos Santos.  Who will advance today?

Keon Caldwell is lacking mentally according to the coaches who are trying to build up his confidence.  Caldwell says his mind is where his family is.  He says “its hard in isolation.”

Lesnar says he expected to lose the first fight as it was his last pick.  He hopes to turn things around in the next fight.  Brock is focusing on wrestling for his team as he feels its their weakness.  Charlie Rader says, “If we don’t win this next fight, Brock will pretty much kill us.”

Back to Caldwell who is saying that he wants to leave and “go to his daughter.”  Dos Santos tells him to be strong and stay.  Dana White comes to practise to talk to Keon.  White tells him to focus on training and Caldwell tells him he wants to stay.

Fight Announcement: Javier Torres (Team JDS) vs Chris Cope (Team Brock)

Cope knows he is going against one of Dos Santos’ toughest guys.  Cope was shaking during the stare down.  Team Dos Santos is very positive on the fight as Cope has a lot of weaknesses.  If Torres does not follow their game script, he will be like a ‘B actor making soft porn.”  Dos Santos says Torres will be Cope ‘easy’.

Once again, Keon Caldwell says he wants to leave after a tough training session with Lew Polley.  Dos Santos says its time to leave.

Cope knows that Lew Polley knows all about him.  He has an eight hour job and does not train as much.  He has no quit and ‘is a grinder.’  Lesnar hopes Cope shows up on fight day and ‘wows us’.  Lesnar gives a speech and tells his crew that “on any given Sunday, anyone can win.”  The team thinks Cope has a lot of nervous energy and will probably lose.

Torres is going to fight for his family – especially his pregnant wife.

Javier Torres (Team JDS) vs Chris Cope (Team Brock)

Fights starts and the two clinch. Torres pushes Cope against the cage.  The two trade knees.  Javier keeps pushing him and lands more knees.  Cope works his way out and lands a combo.   Throw by Torres, but Cope quickly gets to his feet.   The two break and Cope lands a kick and then a couple punches.   Elbow by Torres but Cope reverses and lands a knee and elbow strike of his own.  Another elbow by Cope who has landed more strikes with 40 seconds left.  Torres pushes him against the cage again and lands a knee that draws blood under Cope’s eye.  Close round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cope

Cope starts with a straight left and pushes Torres against the cage.  Torres breaks but lands two strikes doing so.  Body kick by Torres and Cope follows up with a right high kick that is mostly blocked.  The two clinch against the cage and trade knees.  Elbow by Cope and its pretty even at the three minute mark. Superman punch/leg kick lands by Torres and the two trade leg kicks.  The two clinch and break.  Cope lands some punches and pushes Torres against the cage.  A couple of reversals and Torres lands an uppercut.  Good leg kick by Torres but Cope lands a strong right.  Cope with his back against the cage and the two wrestle for position. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Torres

Its a draw.  Sudden victory. Cope looks fresher in round 3 and Cope starts off with some kicks.  Leg kick by Cope and a left by Torres and the two clinch and fight for position against the cage.  Cope gets Torres down but they return to their feet.  Cope more active and a low blow by Cope stops action.  Quick restart and Cope lands a couple strikes.  Torres with back against cage and the two stay locked up.  Torres misses two punches during a break from clinch.  Cope lands some leg kicks and they clinch.  Cope is the busier fighter in the clinch.   Leg kick by Cope and Torres kicks to his body.  Clinch up again.   Cope lands a few knees in the clinch again and lands a nice uppercut. Torres can only hold on to the body lock.  Cope is finishing strong. Left by Torres connects and the two finish the round locking up. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cope.

Judges gave the decision to Chris Cope.

Lesnar says the two fighters “orchestrated a waltz for two rounds. It was not fancy or pretty, but he showed perseverance and heart and I was wowed by that.”

Lew Polley is upset and is annoyed with Team Dos Santos. ” It should eat you up until you are ready to fight again.”

Next episode: Lew Polley takes training too far and Team Dos Santos gets a replacement fighter.



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