Top MMA News – Canadian Welterweight Rankings – April 2011


The big story with Welterweights in 2011 can be found in Lethbridge, Alberta and his name is Jordan Mein.  Since the last rankings, Mein has beaten Josh Burkman, Keto Allen, and Joe Riggs – quite a 2011.

Elsewhere in the 170 division, Jonathan Goulet retires and Fabio Holanda is moved off due to inactivity.  Who fills their spots?  Two Ringside fighters – Chris Clements and Alex Garcia.

With GSP, Patrick, MacDonald, Pierson, and Garcia all fighting in April, these rankings will change again in a hurry.  Oh well, here is where we stand now.

Top Canadian Welterweight Rankings
1. Georges St-Pierre (21-2) – Previous Rank (1) – Canada’s top fighter did not lose a round to Josh Koscheck at UFC 124 in his last title defence.  Now, the pound for pound world champion will defend his title in against Jake Shields at UFC 129. Next fight: vs Jake Shields at UFC 129 on April 30.

2. Claude Patrick (13-1) – Previous Rank (6) – Prince Claude took on James Wills at UFC 120 and dominated with strong top positioning in one of the few fights that Patrick has not finished. Next fight: vs Daniel Roberts at UFC 129 on April 30.

3. John Alessio (31-14) – Previous Rank (3) – Alessio has had a lot happen to him since the last rankings. First he beat Sergey Golyaev and then he took out Phil Collins to win the Tachi Palace Fights title.  Unfortunately, he got KO’d in his last outing against Siyar Bahadurzada and had to turn down a UFC contract in late 2010 as well.  Lets get Alessio fighting in BC next.  Either at UFC Vancouver or at AFC or BFL.  Next fight:  TBD

4. TJ Grant (16-5) – Previous Rank (4) – TJ Grant went 1-1 since the last rankings.  First he beat Julio Paulino and then he lost to the recently retired Ricardo Almeida.  Surprisingly, one will not see TJ on the two upcoming UFC cards.  Let’s hope he gets in there soon. Next fight: TBD

5. Rory MacDonald (10-1) – Previous Rank (5) – Canada’s young wunderkind Rory MacDonald received his first loss against Carlos Condit at UFC Vancouver. He was scheduled to fight Matt Brown but had to pull out due to injury.  After recovering from surgery, Rory finds himself matched up with Nate Diaz in UFC Toronto.  Next Fight: vs Nate Diaz at UFC 129 on April 30.

6. Jordan Mein (21-7) – Previous Rank (9) – Mein moves up three spots after going 4-0 since the last rankings.  Mein reeled off quick wins over tough Canadians Keto Allen and Chase Degenhardt and knocked off UFC veterans Joe Riggs and Josh Burkman.  Mein looks ready for the UFC.  How about UFC Vancouver against TJ Grant in a East vs West Canadian matchup.  Next fight: TBD.

7. Sean Pierson (11-4) – Previous Rank (8) – Pierson defeated Ricky Goodall at W1 and then found himself in the big show.  Pierson impressed many with his debut victory over the previously unbeaten Matt Riddle.  Pierson moves a step up our rankings and then Pierson takes another step up the ladder with a battle against Brian Foster at UFC 129.  Next fight: vs Brian Foster at UFC 129 on April 30.

8. Ryan Ford (14-3) – Previous Rank (7) – The Real Deal went 2-1 since the last rankings, but gets leap frogged by Jordan Mein and Sean Pierson.  Since last rankings, Ford lost to future MFC champ Doug Lima, but then reeled off two in a row against Pete Spratt and Johnny Davis.  The aggressive fighter now takes on a big challenge in former UFC title contender Karo Parisyan at MMA Live.  Could the UFC be next?  Next fight: vs Karo Parisyan at MMA Live 1 on May 19.

9. Chris Clements (8-4) – Previous Rank (NR) – The Menace debuts on the Top 10 after knocking out the formerly #6 ranked Jonathan Goulet at Ringside 9.  Clements was scheduled to defend his Ringside belt against Alex Garcia but pulled out due to injury.  He was also rumored to be fighting Karo Parisyan in May but Ford got that tilt.  Who knows what’s next for the man with stone hands?  Lets hope we see him in the cage soon.  Next fight: vs TBD

10. Alex Garcia (6-0) – Previous Rank (NR) – A quick win over tough journeyman TNT Jackson is enough to squeak Garcia into the Top 10.  Some may say he is too inexperienced to crack this list, but this fighter is going places.  The Ringside Interim Welterweight title is next on Garcia’s sights. The sky is the limit for Garcia.  Next fight: vs Seth Baczynski at Ringside 10 on April 9.

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – Fabio Holanda (dropped due to inactivity), Jonathan Goulet (retirement)

Just out of Top 10 (in no order):
Matt MacGrath (10-5)
Nathan Gunn (7-2) – Next fight vs: Lindsey Hawkes at WRECK on May 6
Sheldon Westcott (4-1-1)
Martin Grandmont (11-5)
Travis Briere (8-1) – Next fight: vs TBA at Evolution 9 on May 14
Cory MacDonald (12-2) – MacDonald returns from the inactive list.
Ryan McGillivray (11-4-1) – Next fight: TUF 13

45 Responses to “ Top MMA News – Canadian Welterweight Rankings – April 2011 ”

  1. Darren Owen says:

    Derek Medler should be just outside top 10. IMO

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  2. Winner of Milko/Medler was under serious consideration and Medler, who won, would be in my top 20.

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  3. Darren Owen says:

    Milko is really talented too and I’m sure he’ll have a very successful career ahead of him.

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  4. Milko best win is against a 5-16 tough journeyman. He still has to show us something. Looked good against Medler though.

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  5. Phil Baroni says:

    TJ grant should be above allesio..allesio fights bum while grant fights the best in the ufc

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  6. Jer from MTL says:

    Although i really like both guys on a personal level and would love/hate to see what these guys would do to eachother in a cage, Garcia vs Mein would be sick! Would be a good test to see how Garcia’s “inexperience” according to some would stack up against Jordans experience!
    Looking forward to Ringside this weekend in MTL and UFC 129!

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  7. Mort says:

    Garcia’s gonna be somebody. Just watch him.

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  8. Dave says:

    How is Pierson ranked 7th? The guy is fighting in the biggest show on the planet and he is 7th in Canada? I like Mein and Alessio but you have to rank the UFC fighters higher then the non-UFC fighters. Mein is probably on his way there for his next fight but until then Pierson has to be moved up in my opinion.

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  9. Dave… Thanks for the question.

    The Top MMA News’ rankings are based on who you have beaten, not where you have fought.

    You may think that Pierson’s win since our last rankings are better than Mein’s wins and that is your subjective opinion.

    However, Top MMA News’ subjective opinion believes that four wins over Joe Riggs, Josh Burkman, Chase Degenhardt, and Keto Allen were worth more than a win over Matt Riddle so we moved Mein up 3 spots and Pierson up 1 spot from our last rankings.

    I have to ask. If Ryan McGillivray fights on The Ultimate Fighter finale, does he automatically get a higher spot than Alessio and Mein in your rankings? Does his opponent even matter? Does he have to win or just fight in the UFC?

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  10. Bc says:

    Keith ur points are much more valid than daves

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  11. Dave says:

    Again I am not disputing Mein’s talent or that he is on the list nor am I arguing Alessio being on the list. I am simply stating that Pierson in my opinion could easily be ranked higher having defeated Holanda and Riddle in less then a 12 month span. I do not discount the wins for Jordan over Riggs or Burkman as I was in attendance for each and was pulling for him. I also firmly believe he should be in the UFC for his next fight. However if we are discussing wins both Riggs and Burkman have been cut from the big show. With Burkman dropping 3 consequtively before being cut and since then fighting less then stellar opposition. Riggs himself since being cut from the UFC roster hasn’t really faced a who’s who of competitors either. Most of Rigg’s competition since being cut from the UFC have been against fighter’s flirting with the 500 mark. Again this is not a knock on Mein I love the kids fighting style. He is entertaining and is very deserved of being in the top 10. I am probably some what bias as I am a fan of Pierson and also believe that the UFC brass must have seen something in him to bring him to the show. Perhaps topmmanews knows more then Joe Silva, Dana White etc I don’t know but I find it hard to discount the importance of a win or two in the UFC in my ranking of fighters. Your question about McGillvray doesn’t really apply as he is fighting guys attempting to get to the show. Perhaps once he is there and has beaten or at least faced proven UFC calibar fighters I would consider him for your list.

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  12. Dean Panas says:

    Let me ask Dave and Keith this: Who wins the fight between Jordan Mein and Sean Pierson?

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  13. Dave says:

    In my opinion I would go with Pierson based upon wrestling ability being able to neutralize Jordan on the ground. Sean’s stand up has vastly improved since his days in the UCC/TKO promotion as well as evident in his matches against Riddle and Holanda. Jordan is an extremely tough kid with a solid skill set and is always improving and with his youth I fully expect him to be a force in the future. That is not to say that he isn’t already at a top tier level just expecting him to get better and better as time goes on.

    For the record I would have had ranked Macdonald higher as well.

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  14. First off… this is a great discussion.

    Second..we ranked last week and had Pierson higher than Mein. I didn’t do the write up in time and we had to rerank this week and felt Mein’s Burkman win pushed him ahead.

    Dave… so in late 2010, John Alessio was offered a UFC contract but had to turn it down due to a United Glory contract. Does that mean he is a better fighter than if he wasn’t offered the contract? (Maybe Joe Silva follows these rankings, j/k)

    What I don’t like is the argument that a guy is better just because he is in the UFC and he is worse before he joins and after he gets cut.

    As for Mein vs Pierson. No idea. Pierson has good wrestling but Mein showed he can do well against wrestlers with his showing against Jason High and Burkman. Both have good hands but Pierson had a great jab against Riddle. Mind you Riddle looked like a smiling robot in that fight.

    By the way… Alessio has beaten Pierson. It was way back and does not factor into our rankings. Past 2-3 years mean most to us as fighters can change so much.

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  15. Dave says:

    I am not stating that being in the UFC indicates the best fighters in general. There are many fighters that are not in the UFC that I beleive should be there. I am going based off win records, previous competition, over all strengths as well. However we can not discount the opinions of those individuals from the UFC brass that select the fighters to fight for the biggest organization in the world. I don’t think that you can argue the fact that per capita the best fighters in the world of MMA fight for the UFC. I am not saying that there are not some guys that deserve to be there that aren’t. I am simply saying that to a fighter the UFC has the highest level of competition. Again I am not bashing your list. I just don’t agree with the exact order. I do pretty much agree with everyone on the list and most of their positions. I would have ranked it as follows 1. GSP, 2. Rory MacDonald, 3. Claude Patrick, 4. TJ Grant, 5. Pierson, 6. Mein, 7. Alessio, 8. Ford, 9. Bongfeldt 10. Garcia.

    Yes I am aware of the fact that Bongfeldt beat Pierson. However I still rank them in this fashion. I will not say I am right but I will say I feel comfortable in my logic in doing so.

    Now is the time when everyone will ask how I rank MacDonald over Patrick, Grant and Alessio. I will let you think about it before I answer.

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  16. Dave says:

    Sorry, I won’t be able to reply for a bit. I have to teach a class. I will be back on around 9:30. Keith I agree this is an enjoyable debate and I fully respect your position on your ranking system. Again I am not saying I am right and you are wrong just that we differ in our thinking. Anyway think about the MacDonald thing.

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  17. Jamie Locke says:

    Keith Grienke is the man!

    I agree 100% that there is too much weight in having UFC on your record.

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  18. Its all good Dave. I think these discussions are what I love most about this site.

    Bongfeldt has not fought 170 since beating TJ Grant in 2009. I don’t think he should be on the list.

    I am guessing that you are ranking R. MacDonald so high because you are ranking on potential. While Rory is full of awesome, you can’t count his win over Guymon that highly because Guymon lost 3 out of 4 in the UFC and is out of the big show now. Using your arguments, that win should be considered similarly to beating Burkman.

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  19. BigBoi says:

    How is Ryan McG not on this list?

    How is The Menace not ranked over Ford?

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  20. Robin Black says:

    In the Pierson vs Mein discussion, take note that Pierson is (IMO) better than Burkman and MUCH better than Riggs is today.

    I also think Mein is tougher than Riddle.


    Mein is special and has crazy potential over the next 15 years. Pierson is more seasoned today and would be the toughest fight Jordan has ever had. I think Pierson would be a bit too much right now.

    But Jordan is as great a fighter as any out there and only getting better.

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  21. Bobby Karimi says:

    Mein #2

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  22. Dave says:

    Keith you are somewhat correct on my thinking with MacDonald but not entirely. I base a lot of my opinion on the fact that he beat Guymon but more so on the fact that for 95% of the Condit fight MacDonald handle Condit like he was a beginner. Unfortunately we all know what happened for that last 5% of that fight. I am one of the few guys that don’t necessarily feel that a loss in that fashion hurts his ranking. First off Condit has shown to be among the top of the Welter weight Division. I personally feel that even in a loss at that point of MacDonalds career to a guy like Condit elevated his stock in my opinion.

    To follow up on the Bongfeldt thing I agree that due to the fact that he isn’t fighting in the Welter Weight division pushes him down and quite possibly off the list thus the reason that I ranked him in the 9th position.

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  23. Bc says:

    Peirson would be in sum trouble if he tried to throw down with jorden he deff could not fight him like he did with Matt and if he did I think it may be a very short night for him

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  24. ccanadx says:

    Derek Medler is the man

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  25. Dave… I agree that while Rory lost the Condit fight, his performance was great (One of the few times I was out of my couch cheering a fighter last year) and elevated his stock and shows that he can hang with really good guys. However, he did not beat a really good guy, he lost to him.

    Claude Patrick and Alessio and TJ Grant have beaten those good guys and that is why we have to rank them ahead of Rory.

    Our rankings do not consider potential.

    By the way… Rory could lose to Nate Diaz, be 0-2 in his last two UFC fights and be released. Would he then drop down to #7 on your list because he is not in the UFC just like Alessio?

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  26. BKB…Mein #2? Spoken like a proud Albertan.

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  27. Bc says:

    Keith can u give some insight on prestige fc 2 in fortmac or start a page somewhere are they legit n what’s the fightcard can’t find shit on it, anything would help thx.

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  28. Gunner says:

    Don’t quote me on it but i do believe they are legit as i think that is teh show that Sandy Bowman & Dwayne Lewis are involved with. If they are involved you can assure it is a legit show and people will be treated properly by them

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  29. Marty says:

    Mien should be ranked way higher than Pierson. Pierson never beat anyone that is or ever was an A level fighter. Ya riddle was in the ufc but if it wasn’t for the TUF show he never would of been. And that was a super close fight. Holonda not even close nor Ricky goodall. None of these guys come close to Riggs or skill or rankings. Not to mention Iraj Hadin and Jacob McDonald R.I.P. Are lightweights with losing records.
    Pierson has skills and deserves to be on the list but Jordan earned that spot beating big names. Even Clements may not have the same record but his loses were from high level guys. And he koed goulet who was ranked higher than anyone Pierson beat. Jordan should be higher than Sean 100%

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  30. Dave says:

    Again Keith I am not basing my opinion solely on the fact someone is in the UFC that seems to be where we are losing focus. As I have said I believe there are guys that currently don’t fight in the UFC that deserve to be there and I would rank higher than many guys in the UFC. I am simply refering to the guys in the list. Rory would not drop down from my list below Alessio or Mein with a loss to Nate. On my list it may have him fall below Claude depending on the out come of the Patrick vs Roberts fight as well as the Pierson vs Foster match. I would still have him ranked above both Alessio and Mein.

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  31. Dave says:

    Marty I agree that Burkman has a good skill set. I think that was a huge win for Jordan in a very close fight. Kudos to him he fought great, I was lucky enough to have a close up view of that fight and he deserve the hard fought win. The Riggs comment is a little different. I personally don’t think Riggs is an A level competitor any longer. Once upon a time he could have been classified as and A or maybe B+ fighter but not recently. Who in his last 13 matches has Riggs beaten that you would classify as an A level fighter? The two guys Riggs fought at that level (Jordan and Jay Heiron) he lost to. The only wins of that are notable on Rigg’s resume to me are the win against Diaz which was razor close and the win again Dirty Joe Doerksen (because I am a fan of Joe’s and he is a solid fighter).

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  32. Bc says:

    @ gunner n keith pls. Well according to the last one I know no approved commission was there n that was from the mayors mouth n it was sent out that fighters may be penalized for fighting on the card. Maybe that’s why I can’t find a card for may just rumors of bobby k n mike c which is freakin crazy too me like someone will probly get hurt bad.

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  33. ccanadx says:

    ranking fighters is tuff. my take is to group the fighters- top 5, next 5, etc. but not takethe internal ranking in a group too serious.

    trying to rank a guy nummber 3 or 4 based on bad video is a mugs game but ranking has its place.

    If i was ranking, my vote would be–who would i most/least like to fight this month? – crude perhaps but has some merit imo.

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  34. Marty says:

    Ok Dave.
    Maybe Riggs isn’t at the same level he once was but still you can’t say that he isn’t a more notable win then Holonda. Goodall and Riddle. Pierson may have the skills you believe he has but until he beats a name he not deserving of the ranking you want him to have. IMO he shouldn’t of even got his shot in the ufc until he fought a real opponent.. He was very lucky he got that opportunity when he did

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  35. Marty says:

    Foster is out. Somebody should get Mien vs Pierson now

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  36. smash says:

    Pierson vs. Ellenberger is set!!!!! Wow

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  37. jim mac kenzie says:

    i think ryan ford should fight matt mcgrath. I think matt would beat him.

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  38. Phil Baroni says:

    pierson should be above mein and allesio

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  39. […] the 6th ranked welterweight in Canada is riding a five fight win streak including wins over current DREAM welterweight champion […]

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  40. Jamie Locke says:

    1- GSP
    2- Claud Patrick
    3- Rory MacDonald
    4- Jordan Mein
    5- John Alessio
    6- TJ Grant
    7- Sean Pierson
    8- Ryan Ford
    9- Chris Clements
    10- Derek Medler

    2 and 3 could and I believe will switch soon.

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  41. Robin Black says:

    Alessio dropping to 55

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  42. Jamie Locke says:

    Is the Spiritwolf fight at 55?

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  43. Edmonton MMA says:

    Blows my mind that 2 and 3 are not already switched. I think Mein will shortly be ahead of patrick as well, within a year I think

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  44. Jamie Locke says:

    Yeah, when Mein beats cyborg than IMO he will be ahead of Patrick.

    Who/when is Claude fighting next?

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  45. Robin Black says:

    Gotta assume Claude will be on the Toronto show. Pierson too.

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